Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The New Shape of TDS

At the beginning stages of theme park mega-projects such as the forthcoming expansion of TDS - when years lie ahead before we see what it will actually look like - I try to visualize based on the early hints released to the public.

What I've drawn is likely quite different from what is actually planned, but I had fun imagining the possibilities for this unexpected 8th port.  I didn't pay too close attention to the info that's on the net about facility square footage, expansion acreage or number of buildings.  Instead, I took the basic ingredients (the announced attractions and other features), the artwork, and the land available and I sketched a layout.

You'll note the current TDS expansion pads are filled in, and I dedicated them to original, non-IP attractions to counterbalance the huge injection of animation IP that's coming.  Lost River Delta gets a Central American jungle jaguar rapids ride.  Med Harbor gets Soarin' as it will soon open in 2019.  Finally, if the Central Energy Plant is relocated and opens up a plot in Arabian Coast, I added a less-kid-friendly '40 Thieves' darkride (C- or D- ticket spook house) to diversify the land's content.  The new area would reflect the more flat-topped kasbah's of North Africa than the Persian influence onion-domes and minarets of the current port. 

Fantasy Springs
I used the key artwork above as a major influence in my plan.  I imagine this view coming from a hotel room, looking down into the land towards TDS proper.

 Above  is a view you'd have with your back toward the Neverland Area and look southward (in the plan) towards the Tangled area.  

Neverland area, looking across Lagoon:

I imagined an extensive garden-like Springs area with lots of rocks and water feature on the parkside approach to the Hotel, not unlike the gardens in front of the DLP hotel (see artwork below).

Some design notes:

-Since access from the park to the expansive new area is a bottleneck, I created dual paths around a flowing stream, underwhich passes the backstage access road.  This came at the expense of the Jasmin carpets, but will help ease congestion.

-The showbuildings and their mountain fronts form a visual berm to insulate the land from outside intrusions.  Paths wind to maxmize visual impact/reveal of major landmarks.

-The hotel gets a footbridge to access the existing Resort Line station.

- Possibility of connecting the land to TDL (if Toontown is replaced with more Fantasyland) in the space northeast of the Arendelle castle (south of Frozen Mountain).  

- Snuggly Duckling and Arendelle restaurants could share some kitchen facilities.

It will be interesting to see what actually comes to be in the end and just how far off this is.