Monday, April 2, 2018

Yesterlands II

 ** Final UPDATE up **

Back in the beginning of this blog I created a Yesterlands concept plan as a repository for extinct attractions, restaurants, shops, entertainment and other features from all the worldwide Dis parks.   In the subsequent years, some of my favorite attractions have unfortunately been sent off to Yesterland, as a have a number of things I won't miss as much.  So I decided to try a new Yesterland park from scratch.  

In this imagining, as in the first version, the pieces aren't always exact facsimiles copied & pasted into a new master plan: I gave myself the freedom to make some alterations to allow for an idealized theme park.   

This will be a slow reveal, so check back regularly.

THE GREAT OUTDOORS: This entry land is an amalgam of the extinct Bear Country (DL) and Camp Minnie-Mickey (AK).  It is a National Parks-Adirondack-North Woods version of AK's The Oasis.   This provided a nice change-up from my first Yesterlands park which had a typical Main Street but with lost features.  

Like The Oasis, this land is dominated by nature, such as the stream from Camp Minnie Mickey and a pine forest environment, with only a few built structures in the craftsman-Adirondack style seen below.  There are four CMM gazebos for meeting the characters off on side paths.  

Reaching the inner ring, the Country Bears (extinct at DL) host the major off-hub restaurant - this park's equivalent of Plaza Inn or Crystal Palace.  The AA bears would perform numbers intermittently on several stages around the large dining hall.


THE HUB: This area is a version of the original Central Plaza of the MK.  It is a rolling, manicured Old World park.  The notable features are the extinct Swan Boats, park benches, Rose Garden path and large shade trees.


HOLLYWOOD: The approach to this land is marked by the full elephant gateway once found at DCA (below).   On the other side is a fountain plaza and at both ends of boulevards are marquee theaters.  At the southern point is the Chinese Theater marking The Great Movie Ride - in its original, magnificent incarnation (1989 script, costumes, finale montage).  

At the eastern point is WDSP's extinct Cinemagique.  While that attraction had a great film, it had a lackluster physical build.  Here at Ideal Buildout budget is never an issue, so the attraction is given a lavish period facade, queue and theater.  Its neighbor, Muppet-Vision 3D, is now gone from DCA, and I included the Kermit hot air balloon which was removed from the DHS version.  

Superstar Limo, one of the most vilified attractions, is here but with a new exterior which maintains the Classic Hollywood look of the entire land.   The streets are lined with palm trees and Art Deco/Art Moderne building fronts.

Little needs to be said about DCA's former Tower of Terror, but one inclusion I had forgotten ever existed is DCA's short-lived Soap Opera Bistro & Bar...  it's a fun dining idea where the staff of servers/actors re-create the cheesy drama of soap operas and include you.  Finally, the Sid Cahuenga One-of-a-Kind bungalow, once a unique shopping experience at DHS and now an info kiosk, finds a home in this land.

A BUG'S LAND: This area is on the cusp of extinction at DCA and so here it is, re-arranged and expanded.   I included the extinct Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playzone on the Hollywood border, as I think it's a decent enough fit.  

FANTASYLAND: In what, to me, is the most fascinating and unique project currently underway in the world of theme parks, Hong Kong's castle is being transmogrified into a grand new towering centerpiece.  Although it appears the existing castle will remain mostly intact as it is assimilated, the change is enough to qualify for Yesterland-status, meaning HK's Sleeping Beauty Castle is featured here.

Two extinct features that once existed inside castles also make the park: Tokyo's Castle Mystery Tour, featuring the Horned King, a dragon's lair, etc., and King Stefan's Banquet Hall.   Since Sleeping Beauty Castle's is far too small to house these, each is given its own dedicated building.

A central lagoon is inspired by Anaheim's original land, with the Jolly Roger (aka Chicken of the Sea) and Skull Rock.   Centrally located are King Triton's Carousel of the Sea which is integrated with Triton's Gardens, extinct from DCA and DL, respectively.  The two traditional dark rides - MK's original Scary Adventures of Snow White and its souped-up version of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride - both get a New Fantasyland-style storybook exterior and queues in place of their original 'fiberglass tournament' facades and switchbacks.

A new, dedicated theater is created for MGM's Hunchback of Notre Dame musical show

At first, Maelstrom from World Showcase may seem like a stretch, but considering most of its on-ride scenes (and its exterior) qualify for Fantasyland status (even featuring a glimpse of a fairy castle during the backward portion), I think it works.   It would require a little reworking, such as the boarding mural and finale scene (no more North Sea oil rig), removing the post-ride film for additional ride or queue space.  

FRONTIERLAND: Whereas the entry land is populated with fanciful characters in a National Park setting, this area sticks closely to the original "live-action" spirit of Frontierland, featuring historical edutainment, cowboys & Indians, prospectors, outlaws, gunslingers and a lot of untamed wilderness.  The town part of the land is anchored by the lively Diamond Horseshoe Saloon, featuring an Old West Vaudeville revue - something universally extinct at the actual parks, where if any shows still exist, they are character-based.  Authentic or interesting retail returns here in the form of the Old World Antiques and Pendleton Mills, and dining options include Aunt Jemima's Pancake House and Mile Long Bar.  I don't know if the miniature train museum ever actually existed in early Frontierland or was an unbuilt concept, but if the former, there is space here for it.

The western approach to the land is through the extinct Fort Wilderness of Anaheim.  Keelboats ply the rivers.  Tom Sawyer Island - extinct in its original form in Anaheim - is here, with a treehouse that can still be accessed.  Paris' lost Critter Corral is present.  So is Anaheim's Indian Village featuring War Canoes (extinct in Paris and MK), teepees and a Native American show.  The canoes travel the circuit of the river beyond the bridges, where the taller keelboats cannot venture.

 Nature's Wonderland, with its mountains, valleys and deserts, comprises a lot of the land and three separate attractions - Pack Mules, Mine Train and Stagecoach - wind through it.  The Stagecoach gets its own dedicated path and unique scenes.  One of those scenes is a Mexican-Californian Mission and village where the extinct Zorro street stunt show could be brought back.  I also added a flooded canyon where banditos could threaten to hold up stagecoaches.   The burning settlers cabin is back, replete with the arrow-riddled corpse.    

FUTURE WORLD: As you might expect - considering the drastic changes it has experienced - Future World is the final land.  It incorporates the real-world, optimistic, techno-futurism of the original Tomorrowlands as well.   DisneySea's lone contribution to this park appears here, also.  

 Approaching from the Hub, the entry is marked by MK's lost waterfall pylons.   The Inner Area contains most of the Tomorrowland content, with a Circlevision theater, 2nd level Peoplemover, Adventures Thru Inner Space and some dining & retail options.  Along the main axis is the 70ft tall TWA Moonliner and beyond, in the land's center, the Rocket Jets platform.

Because the Outer Area is ringed by very large & iconic pavilions, I wanted its center to be
uncluttered with buildings.  It is a lush park, filled with trees, flowerbeds and lagoons.   This allows all the pavilions to be visible from the Peoplemover and Rocket Jets and emphasizes the importance of Nature in any worthwhile future.
The Living Seas adds TDS's StormRider simulator, accessible from Sea Base Alpha - an easy fit.  Energy, Wonders of Life, Horizons and Imagination are all in their original forms.  World of Motion sees two adjunct attractions added to it, with access on its wings: Hong Kong's Autopia and MK's If You Had Wings/Delta Dreamflight - take your pick.


As some have requested, I did concurrently draft a Neverlands II park map around the same time I did this one. If individuals are interested in co-sponsoring that map, feel free to email me (under About Me at left) if you would like participate crowd-funding campaign that could result in Neverlands II being posted expediently. 

The idea is like Kickstarter, but cutting out the middle-man (actual Kickstarter).  Email me what you think a Neverlands Map post is worth to you (e.g., you can pledge ($5 (minimum), $10, $100, etc.).  Your pledge is never called in until & unless the Pledge Goal (fair value for the hours required to make the map) is met (at which point I will return everyone's email with my Paypal link).  Again, if the Pledge Goal isn't met, no payment by you - but no Map gets posted:(.  If the goal is met, slow-reveal here and somewhat higher-res versions emailed to the patrons as a reward.  

You could get more maps, faster, with zero risk.  I get a little recompense for my efforts.  Win-win.