Friday, March 18, 2016

Concept Elevation: Tangled Retail

Here is a concept elevation I drew to explore the transition from the original Fantasyland architecture (inspired by places like Rothenburg) to the new, more theatrical Storybook style.  

In this imagined version of the MK (which you can see a couple posts down), Tangled has a dedicated sub-area that replaces IASW.  It begins with the famous bathrooms, goes into the hidden vale for the major ride, continues with dining at the Snuggly Duckling (with large artificial tree growing out of it) and bookends with what you see above: a small village area containing a shop or two. 

The tower on the right is the existing one between Village Haus and IASW (with a re-worked base).  My thinking is that the more geometrical half-timbering on the new nearest to the tower along with the background castle wall and towers help ease the transition to the more bulbous, thatch-roofed-style village (with Corona banners waving).