Saturday, September 22, 2012

Illustrated Attraction Plan

Here is an example of one of my illustrated attraction plans.  I did this one for a reader, based on his written description:

The concept is for an E-ticket attraction with a larger scope than Hunny Hunt.  The scenes are familiar to a degree, but the ride system is new.  It is a suspended 'hot air' balloon that has the ability to rotate as well as raise and lower with fluidity.  This allows for vehicle movement that replicates flying through the air, bouncing on the ground, riding a raging river and plummeting down a waterfall. 

Below is the description that was sent to me and I drew from:  I tried to put a number of the written details into the illustration, so hopefully everyone can follow along (I added the scene breaks).  The original description had the ride moving from a suspended track to a ground track to a water ride.  This didn't seem very feasible to me, which is why I came up with the articulated overhead system that could simulate ground and water movement in addition to flying:

SCENE I   Once guests board, they pass by a storybook page which displays a clip of Christopher Robin giving Pooh a balloon.  The narrator says "One day in the 100 Acre Wood, a little bear named Winnie the Pooh set off in search for honey."

SCENE II   Then, we enter the Hundred Acre Wood during the Blustery Day. The first scene we pass by is Pooh sailing towards the Honey Tree on a balloon as he says "Time for food!" In the process, he accidentally knocks down Eeyore's house as Eeyore says "If you ask me, he's probably never gonna get to that tree." Then, we sail past Gopher, who pops out of his hole and wishes us a Happy Winds-day. Then, we sail around Owl's house, with Owl blabbing on and on and on about his relatives.  Then, we pass by Piglet, who spins round and round on his broom, calling for help. Nearby him is Kanga and Roo's house and Kanga and Roo themselves can be seen, Roo sailing on a kite, with Kanga at the helm. She calls "Hang on tightly, Roo!" to which Roo replys "Look, Mama, I'm a kite!" Then, we swerve across the river to Rabbit's house. Rabbit stands guard at his wheelbarrow as Pooh sails past, sending Rabbit's carrots into a wheelbarrow. "Thank you, Pooh!" Rabbit calls. And then, we land back on the ground and head past a bush with Tigger hopping up and down behind it. As he hops, Tigger says "Come on, everyone, let's bounce together!"

SCENE III   We then enter Tigger's Bouncy Forest. Our vehicle joins him in bouncing. We pass by Tigger tons of times as "The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers" plays. As we exit the room, we pass by two trees. Tigger pops up upside-down as he says "Whew! I almost bounced right outta the ride!"

SCENE IV   We then see Pooh and Tigger in front of Mr. Sanders as Tigger tells him "Watch out for Heffalumps and Woozles. They steal honey." "Steal honey?" Pooh asks in worry.

SCENE V   Then, we enter Mr. Sanders as we see Pooh with a popgun in tow as he says "Oh, hello, everybody. I'm so glad you're here. Now, you'll go this way and I'll go that way. Did you see anything yet? No, I didn't either".

SCENE VI   Then, things get a bit ominous as we hear the narrator say "Pooh kept his vigil hour after hour after hour, until at last, Pooh fell fast asleep and began to dream." We pass by Pooh fast asleep, with the balloon nearby him. The balloon turns into a Heffalump's head, the room turns into a starfield, and Pooh begins to float as Tigger says "Heffalumps and Woozles...Heffalumps and Woozles steal honey...Beware...Beware!"

SCENE VII   We follow Pooh through the starfield.  Honey magically begins to drip from the walls as we pass under 2 Woozle-in-the-Boxes and into the acid sequence known as "Pooh's Dream World". This time, many of Pooh's friends are here. All throughout the room, Heffabees and little balloons soar across the sky.

The first thing we pass by are 4 singing honey pots that warn us of the Heffalumps and Woozles. We pass underneath a Heffalump with a checkered shirt and see our first visual gag--Piglet watching as a transparent Heffalump sucks the honey of a pot, and explodes from gorging too much.  Then, we pass by Rabbit, pounced by a multicolor Tigger. Rabbit exclaims "Ah! My worst nightmare!" The REAL Tigger just happens to be drenched with honey, poured onto him by none other than Stan and Heff from "The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh". Tigger exclaims "Yuck! You know Tiggers don't like this stuff." Then, we pass by two Heffalumps waltzing around in honey as they are serenaded by a Heffalump who uses her trunk for a harp, a snake-charming Woozle and two Heffalumps who use their trunks like accordions.

Then, we see Pooh hanging on the ledge of a Heffalump balloon towards a Heffalump tree. As he reaches it, a flash comes out of the hole, sending Pooh and the balloon hurdling backwards. The flash is actually a camera, and our picture has been taken. All of a sudden, we stop in front of a woozle ready to light the spark of a Heffalump cannon. The blast from it sends us towards a two evil watering cans that pour water down onto us.  Another starfield. We hear Pooh's friends calling for him to wake up.  At this point, our balloon seems to float on a water trough.

SCENE VIII    We find ourselves back in Pooh's house, where he discovers that his house is filled with water!

SCENE IX    We sail out of Pooh's house and into the now-flooded 100 Acre Wood.  We sail past Piglet, who is sailing on a chair and bailing out water as he says "Oh, d-d-dear! What a mess!" Then, we sail past Owl's fallen house, and Owl is still blabbing about his relatives. Then, we sail under a tree branch that Pooh and 10 honey pots sit upon. Pooh says "Oh, no, I must rescue my supper!" Then, we pass by Eeyore, who is standing on his stick house, stating "First the wind, and now this." He is being towed by Rabbit, Gopher (who spits out water), Kanga, Roo (who says "This is fun!") and Tigger, who are all riding in an umbrella boat.

SCENE X   Then, things get more dramatic as the music changes and things get a bit darker. We see Pooh spinning about head-first in a honey pot canoe. Then, we see Tigger on a log, reaching out to Piglet on a chair. "Don't worry, Piglet", Tigger says, "we'll save you!" "Hurry, Tigger!" cries Piglet in worry. "There's a very big waterfall up ahead!" And quick as you can say "Did you just say waterfall?"

SCENE XI    We plummet down a drop and get spritzed a bit by hidden sprinklers.

SCENE XII    Then, the skies clear up and we pass underneath a rainbow as we hear the narrator say "At last, the rain went away, and everyone gathered together to say..." "Hooray!" the gang yells, finishing the narrator's sentence. We are in the Hero Party scene of the ride, where everyone celebrates. "Hooray for Pooh, too!" pipes up Piglet. "Speaking of which," asks Tigger, "where is that silly old bear?"

SCENE XIII    Well, we find out when we enter into "Hunny Moon Caverns", where we see Pooh eating his fill of honey. "Start the party without me", says Pooh as he begins to sing "Rumbly in My Tumbly".

We head back into the loading dock and into the Pooh Corner gift shop.

And that's Winnie the Pooh's Most Grand Adventure!


Sounds like fun even if I don't know what a Woozle is.  A note regarding the drop.  Since the showbuilding would need to be fairly tall  (to accommodate flying over trees+the balloons + the pneumatic mechanism), in order to gain the height necessary for a drop, the 'ground' in the flooded forest scenes would subtly rise so that when vehicles go over the edge of the waterfall, they are well above showbuilding grade (halfway up).  The bottom of the falls would be slightly below grade, giving enough elevation change for a mildly thrilling drop on single-level ride. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thieves Dominion

This is a park design I did for Brian K. back in early 2012.  He calls it 'Thieves Dominion'.  It draws from Islands of Adventure, MK, Kings Dominion, MGM among other parks and re-arranges their features into a unique amalgam park.  Here is Brian’s initial conceptual layout:

And the illustrative conceptual site plan I created for it:


 The park is entered through an area very similar to IoA’s Port of Entry – a personal favorite among themed environments – but with an ancient windmill at the park gate (rather than the lighthouse).  The second overhead bridge is an elevated station platform for the Bandit Railway.  The dilapidated train features an indoor sfx (AA) sequence involving the Bandits’ loot cavern and underground HQ (at the north edge of the park).


Moving clockwise, the park’s Adventureland is set in an Asian/Indian/Pacific Island tropical forest covered in crumbling temples, statues, etc.  The Machine is a suspended top spin, heavily themed to a ruined ancient stone device and featuring fire and water effects (i.e. Raging Spirits environment).  Tree House Village is several Swiss Family-style treehouses(original backstory) connected with aerial bridges, featuring slides, climbing nets and makeshift contraptions.   The Crypt is an indoor Intamin Twisted Impulse Coaster set in a narrow passage. Upon launching, it appears the train will slam into pointed stalagmites. At the last second, it pulls up and spins through a vertical tunnel before plummeting back down backwards, gaining speed each time and performing one back-and-forth trip in pitch black darkness.  The Adventure River Cruise is a cousin of the Jungle Cruise, but as it travels past the castle environs, it's narration accommodates the wider story of the park.

This cityscape features IOA’s Spiderman ride, a differently-named Storm Force spinner and a mega coaster.   Ride-wise this follows IOA’s Superhero Island closely, however, I imagined the buildings and facades rendered in a realistic fashion rather than the simple, stylized comic book facades of IOA.   The Daredevil coaster passes over the harbor and through designated (no pedestrian access) city blocks.


Like the MK, the heart of the park is marked by a soaring fantasy castle ( a grittier version befitting a park called Thieves Dominion).  The castle is set in rockwork which helps conceal the Be Our Guest restaurant.   To the east of the Castle Court is The Armory: a knight-themed eatery.  To the west are the Royal Docks, where a medieval sailing ship is moored.  The forested, rural parts of the land contain a selection of FL staples, including the original MK dual version of Mr. Toad, and Tokyo’s Hunny Hunt.   The big draw of the land (and one of the big ones of the park) is 'Battle Fantasmic', a ride (EMV-like) version of the night-time show (amassed Villains).  It's exterior is a burned caldera (home to a Dragon?) with a perspective Yen Sid's tower built into its upper ridge.


This land is centered around a new version of PoTC and themed as a Caribbean port from the early 1700s.  Captain Jack’s Splash Battle – a slow outdoor boat ride for all ages - uses a system similar to the one created by Mack Rides (boats fitted with water cannons).  People on land (within the fort and battlements) can shoot water cannons at the boats as well.  Pirates Lair is an adventure/explore zone that would include elements from the DL TSI layover (e.g. Dead Man's Grotto).


 The environment here is generally representative of Golden Age (1940s) Hollywood.  Dominating the horizon of this land (beyond the RR tracks)  is an Art Deco skyscraper (scale similar to TOT).  This is Project: CLOVERFIELD: an original free-fall E-ticket, involving the rampaging monster.  As Brian describes: “The system is an Intamin gyro-drop with a 360 degree ring of seats around the base.  Visitors begin in the  hotel lobby where a TV tuned in to a news channel document the mass exodus currently happening in New York, where a mysterious creature is seen terrorizing the city.  Visitors are then led into “elevators” (which, of course, only simulate movement to make guests feel that they’re starting even higher up than they are) to take them to the hotel’s “rooftop” where a helicopter (the circular gondola of the drop tower) is waiting to get them out of the city.  Guests board the ring as scrolling scrims of skyscrapers (like Spiderman) simulate even faster ascension.  At the very top of the tower, the ring breaks through a layer of fog and into a domed Omnimax screen constructed in the top of the tower, simulating a flight over New York on a helicopter with the mysterious creature below, as in the film’s finale.  At once, the creature leaps upward and is seen just inches from the riders as the gondola free-falls back to the base.”


Top Secret government Alien Sciences & Technology base (Outer Limits area) alongside a spaceport where ships and characters of the Star Wars universe are found.  Outer Limits coaster show building is aligned and dressed to represent a classic city skyline (when viewed from Hollywood), spreading & layering the vertical impact of the Cloverfield Building.

Commentary, discussion welcome.