Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Illustrative - Park formerly known as WDSP

About a year ago I shared a plan for re-working WDSP into a unique, non-Studio park: here

This is my illustrative version of that plan:

I also took the opportunity today to illustrate how I think the Paris version of Tower of Terror could have some changes/additions made to its exterior to improve its visual impact on this park.

WDW's Tower of Terror - a contender for best attraction ever built - featured two drop shafts.  This fact, along with the roof cupolas and the long approach down Sunset Blvd, gave the attraction a soaring verticality.  It was an awe-inspiring sight:
However, when subsequent towers were designed for Anaheim, Tokyo & Paris, a third elevator shaft was added.  While this improved capacity, it also made the younger towers much wider and block-ier.  In addition, the new style invented for the California and Paris towers (some kind of Aztec/Moorish-deco)did away with the spires, chimneys & parapets (and much of the ornamentation) of the original, further reducing verticality - leaving the 'tower' looking more like a squat, blocky mid-rise:

Since general park-wide visuals/aesthetics are of paramount importance in my design philosophy, for this new park, I imagined a large crown segment being added to the Tower (along with some additional towers, chimneys and ornament) in order to greatly increase its vertical impact from all points within the park.   Also by adding a Mayan-deco crown, a style being applied to skyscrapers during the pre-War period, the very tall attraction would more easily blend in if seen from the Adventure Bay area, or even from Big Thunder Mtn.  

Alright, here is the "improved" Tower for this park (based off an elevation found on the excellent site):

This side-by-side shows the impact of the crown and adornments to what is currently there:

Monday, June 11, 2012

Re-visiting DTD

 I'm in the process of converting a number of plans to the more illustrative landcover plans, as they communicate the intended look of the parks a little better. 

This project (converting DTD into WDW's 5th Gate) was originally posted here.  In this version you can get a better idea of the nature of the proposed rockwork & landscaping.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Illustrative Site Plan - Disneyland 2025

Many of us have an ideal vision of the parks, whether it be from the past, or something that exists only in our minds.  At IdealBuildout, I try to put those visions to paper.   I’ve shared a couple of site plans for "Alternate Universe" DLs, but this time I’d like to share illustrative conceptual plan of a slightly more realistic vision of Disneyland in 2025.  This is the first full park plan I’ve posted that features landcover & topography: 

Since the trend in recent years has emphasized the infusion of characters & pre-branded IP, in my version, the pendulum swings in the other direction, with the vast majority of additions featuring original content created exclusively for the theme park.
The various changes that can be seen in the above illustration are as follows:

MAIN STREET: I added an eastern street to alleviate crowds on the main boulevard.  It would be themed to a Victorian take on Chinatown with a Lucky Dragon restaurant (as conceptualized for Disneyland by WED/WDI).

ADVENTURELAND: My core philosophy & M.O. when drawing these park plans is “The park is the E-ticket”.  This means the inclusion of numerous small “inbetween” areas that exist for no other reason than unexpected exploration, discovery & delight.  With this in mind, I converted the shuttered Aladdin’s Oasis to an Ali Baba (40 theives) cavern.  It would be a small exploratory area in the veign of the Dragon’s Lair in Disneyland Paris.  Open sesame.

NEW ORLEANS SQUARE: No signifitcant physical alterations.

CRITTER COUNTRY: I replaced Pooh with a larger family LPS dark ride (same scale as Tokyo’s Hunny Hunt).  The entrance would be through granite boulder caves (as illustrated).  The ride itself could feature scenes from North American Disney animation (Fox & Hound, Bambi, Brother Bear) or feature original environments & characters.

FRONTIERLAND: Continuing with the idea of small, off-the-beaten-path areas, I added a wilderness trail that would be a nod to the old Nature’s Wonderland train (passes through Rainbow Caverns).  In place of the Festival Arena (and backstage animal paddocks), I added a huge new E-ticket – the biggest ride in the park.  The queue for this ride passes through a ruined Spanish colonial fortress and then moves underground, passing under the RR berm to the main showbuilding (IJA North).  The EMV-boat hybrid (recently patented) ride system follows an original storyline involving supernatural elements, cowboys, outlaws, Indians, with adventurers using rifles throughout (POTC meets Men in Black).

FANTASYLAND: I included the under construction Fantasy Faire replacing the Carnation Plaza.   The old Fantasyland Theater is redone as a sunken amphitheater (fairytale Redrocks). 

TOONTOWN: No significant alterations.

PORT DISCOVERY: This new land, replacing Autopia and part of the Monorail track, serves as the bridge between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.  It applies the steampunk, retro-futurist themes of Paris’ Discoveryland & DisneySea’s Mysterious Island (Vernes, HG Wells, etc).   Aquatopia (DisneySea) is put in place over the old Motorboat area and Finding Nemo gives way to Captain Nemo (using subs of a similar design to those of the original Magic Kingdom).   The Time Machine would be a variable scoop dark ride (akin to Transformers).  The Inventors Club would be a new take on the Adventurers Club.  20,000 Leagues queue building would be a Nemo-style base (riveted steel, oxidized copper).  The steam train station (DL RR) would fit naturally in this land.

TOMORROWLAND: Astro Orbitor goes back to its pedestal as the central elevated landmark of the land.  A new landscape/water area is covered by a bridge to separate TL from the hub.  Rather than try to resurrect the real-world techno-optimism of the 1967 Tomorrowland (final nail long since placed in that coffin), I went with the current grain of a Sci-Fi City.  A new Peoplemover track is put in, opening up the central boulevard, with new facades resembling a diverse, lived-in future (sci-fi) city.  I modeled the Innoventions replacment on the Robot Battle Arena attraction set in a giant, landed starship, as conceived by Eddie Sotto & WDI.   I created an altered exterior approach to Space Mountain with less concrete and more landscaping & rockwork.   The monorail, peoplemover & Astro Orbitor all are of a design that bridge the styles of Tomorrowland & Port Discovery.

Thoughts?  Your idealized DL?  Your predictions for 2025?