Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Parallel HKDL

   Here is a What-If concept plan for Hong Kong that incorporates some logos I made for the new lands.  

   HKDL has - beyond all initial expectations - morphed into the Castle Park I'm most positive about.   While the other parks, developed over decades, have included many big steps forward, there have also been many big steps backward, in my view.  But HKDL started out with so little, that its forward progress has eclipsed any back-steps.   

   The park greatly benefits from its insulating forested Berm - something Shanghai desperately needed and all parks should have.  The visual storytelling element of the Great Green Beyond (a forest/wilderness backdrop) is a concept that reinforces and helps sell every aspect it touches in a theme park.   HKDL's vegetation growth has been exceptionally lush: I'm a big fan of trees in general and their benefit to the parks, particularly as they get older.  HKDL also has the mountains in the background, which add so much to the wide vistas.   And it has the series of mini-lands outside the railroad which give it a unique layout that is fun to plan - swapping mini-lands here and there.


The addition here is a walkthrough Ghost House inspired by the original concept for Haunted Mansion (below).



   Marvel is moved to its own mini-land.   The new non-IP DreamFlight ride has a facade that builds on the wavy canopy motif of the existing TL buildings.


   I've added the new castle.  All the current fiberglass tournament facades are replaced by themed architecture, as in the 1983 Re-do of Anaheim's FL.


   The only change here is the removal of the Moana stage... I prefer the area uncluttered, with just paths, stream and vegetation.  


   This land is set in the American Southwest (a fitting neighbor for Grizzly Gulch).   There is a log flume E-ticket and a Soarin ride over and through a Prehistoric Earth of 100 million years ago (photo-realistic CGI).

Art by Damir Martin



This area is a translation of the Favilli Studio proposal for the mini-land, which you can find online, with dueling spinner and mountain coaster.



   An alternate choice to the Frozen area being built.   The left-hand side is based on the cancelled area for the Magic Kingom (see below).




   This mini-land has the Iron Man ride and an interactive game/exhibit area called Banner Labs, in addition to a Quick Service dining option.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for this alternate HKDL. I would love to see a park entirely consisting of mythical kingdoms, like Neverland here, but fully fleshed out with 2-3 attractions. Basically a full-scale buildout of the upcoming Fantasy Springs at TDS, where they're already doing Neverland, Arendelle and Corona - in addition to the existing Atlantica (Mermaid Lagoon) and Agrabah - well, technically Arabian Coast, but two of its four attractions (Jasmine's Flying Carpets and the Magic Lamp theatre) are based on Aladdin- if they'd made Aladdin the main character of the Sindbad ride it would be a complete Agrabah. They also have a complete Beauty and the Beast land across in TDL. Add an Alice's Wonderland (teacups, dark ride and a maze) and you would have 7 lands. Of course, I'd like to see some new lands like Snow White's kingdom (the dark ride plus the mine coaster), Sleeping Beauty's kingdom (a dark ride and a spinner), Dunbroch from Brave (an archery shooter and a forest coaster)...

Jake.S said...

What happened to your other posts?!?! They’re used to be more. Like Disney’s America or the spires park. All that was really interesting

Jake.S said...


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