Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Design-a-Park Workshop: EPCOT-style

An appealing aspect of the Castle Park Template is the variation among the six built and the countless imagined versions.  Much rarer is the conceptualization of variants on the other successful Tier I park templates, such as IOA, Animal Kingdom, TDS and, in this case, EPCOT Center.  The only official replication of the EPCOT idea that we've seen in detail is WestCOT, which was a more distinct and distant cousin of the Original than what I am proposing here:

 As the Castle Parks do, I wanted this EPCOT Concept drawing to feel like a sibling of the original EPCOT Center, with both overlapping and unique features.  This version is a little more walkable than the original park, as the visitor is able to quickly access either of the two facets of the park at entry, as opposed to WDW, where one needs to travel some distance through one area to get to the other.  The north, upper part is Future World and the lower part is World Showcase.  The central hourglass lagoon would be used for park-wide programs such as IllumNations and boat transport.

The park build-out calls for seven Future World pavilions and eleven World Showcase countries.  I've gotten the ball rolling by creating the entry, hub and first three pavilions for each side.  Just as a distinct castle is the icon of each Castle Park, a variant of SPACESHIP EARTH will be the centerpiece of EPCOT II.  This time, the familiar geosphere sits atop a large, multi-level pavilion that houses exhibits, services, retail and waterfront restaurants.  The ominmover ride itself is a similar experience (on Communication or Civilization) with some unique elements, scenes and script.  I wouldn't draw a version of EPCOT Center without its own versions of WORLD OF MOTION and HORIZONS as they are the equivalent of Pirates and Haunted Mansion for this type of theme park: Experience-Defining Masterpieces.  For forthcoming pavilions, one thought is Land and Sea might be combined into an original Ecology/Natural Resources attraction. 

On the World Showcase side, I began by including one extinct favorite of mine (NORWAY, in its original form) and two never-built countries: SWITZERLAND with its Matterhorn-on-steroids indoor coaster and GABON (or GHANA) (the "Equatorial Africa" as proposed for EPCOT), featuring a Congo River Expedition-type main attraction.

Moving forward, with only 8 pads remaining, I think the countries should tend to be variants or not-yet-used concepts.  Europe would get only two more spots, with Northern and Central represented, maybe one more country from Southern (Spain?) and one from the West (Ireland or UK?).  North and South America should each get some representation, as well as South Asia, East Asia and Middle East.


 The additions in this update include a JOURNEY INTO IMAGINATION pavilion for Future World.  I've added a third "great" glass pyramid to the iconic building and created a new approach featuring the Leapfrog Fountains and reverse waterfall.   A larger ImageWorks could housed under the expanded pyramid.  The Captain Eo Theater has been left behind.   I imagine the ride as a return to the original classic, though one can also imagine a high-tech LPS version.

In World Showcase, a viewing and special event island leads to a new UNITED STATES OF AMERICA pavilion, which rather than be the host country at the head of this park (which would likely be outside the US) is mixed among the other countries.  The architectural landmark of this Liberty Square-style land is a replica of Independence Hall in Philadelphia with the ringing Liberty Bell.  The attraction inside remains an American Adventure AA Mixed Media show.


 World Showcase gets a JAPAN pavilion, for which I tried to incorporate some of Mark's suggestions from the Comments.   The feudal castle is replaced by a shrine "inspired by Izumo-taisha temple, one of most ancient shrines in the country.  A not-to-scale replica of Mount Fuji sits at the back of the pavilion, containing an indoor coaster, "Oni Mountain", basically a Japanese Expedition Everest, encountering demons and ghosts of Japanese mythology. "   Due to size restraints, Fuji here would be closer to the D-ticket scale of Crush's Coaster in WDSP, than E-ticket Everest.

In Future World, a new pavilion: LIVING PLANET.  It's theme would be Environmental Sciences, such as Biodiversity, Sustainability and Ecosystem Restoration.  As noted in comments, while the long, AA/mixed-media, educational, past-present-future darkride is an EPCOT Center staple as well as a personal favorite attraction-type, this pavilion would change things up by using more fast-paced simulator attractions.  The diversity and breadth of the planet's biomes make simulators an apt choice, as they can be world-spanning and travel under the seas, through jungles and above savannas, using the slot-machine techniques of the new Star Tours.  There would also be a restaurant and numerous smaller exhibits and habitats under the multiple glass domes of the pavilion.

Well done in the comments section.  As demonstrated there, the possibilities for the EPCOT park template seem limitless.  In this update, three countries are added to world showcase.  

Moving clockwise from the first addition in the lower right (adjacent to the African pavilion): UNITED KINGDOM.   The pavilion sets out to create that most bucolic and romantic of British settings... the quaint old village of Edwardian and Tudor buildings with the backdrop of big, somewhat ruinous Castle - perhaps now a museum or maybe still occupied by the fading nobility.  I like the suggestion of using Wales as the setting, so the castle could be inspired by an amalgam of the great Welsh castles.  Following that idea, the castle would house a ride that focuses on the Arthurian Legends. 

The Village would house not one lively Pub, but two: playful rivals - with their own football affiliations and backstories.

The adjacent pavilion is TURKEY, dominated by the Hagia Sophia.  I wanted this pavilion to mirror WDW's Mexico: a monumental structure out front and most of the features inside it.   Passing into the Hagia, visitors would find themselves in the Grand Bazaar and eventually reach an "outdoor" restaurant overlooking the Bosporus and a moonlit bigature of Istanbul and all its landmarks.   A boat ride and exhibit space would fill out the interior.   

On the waterfront, there is the landmark Galata Tower and some residential structures which house Boat Transport on the lower level and light dining/cafe and lagoon show viewing on the upper and roof levels.

Moving over to the park entry side of World Showcase there is the grand INDIA pavilion.  The pavilion is approached by passing either through a Gate inspired by the Mughal Red Fort of Delhi or along the lagoon by ancient temples inspired by the Shore Complex of Bengal.  The center of the pavilion is dominated by a 5-story Hindu gopuram (monumental gateway tower), such as those at Virupaksha.  At the center of inner pavilion is a Step Well descending deep into the earth.  The flanking dining and retail buildings are based on the Havelis (ornate mansions) of the wealthy 17th Century merchants.  

The pavilion is dominated by the huge and hulking Rajput fort - a backdrop inspired by Gwalior and Amber Forts - built of yellow sandstone atop a rocky outcropping.  Inside, an elaborate ride (musical) or show could explore India's ancient epics. 


Completing World Showcase.   GABON is changed to KENYA and the animatronic River Safari reflects the more iconic East African savanna landscapes and animals (as opposed the to the West African Rainforest of the earlier incarnation).

This is because BRAZIL is the South American representative, between Switzerland and Turkey, and its attraction is a Rainforest Canopy Glider ride through the Amazonian jungle.   The ride's load and queue building is leaf-thatched, stilt structure.   The town square is a colorful Portuguese Colonial-style settlement, with Brazilian dining and shops.  

West of Switzerland, and contrasting the collection of quaint Alpine 'buildings', is the imperial grandeur of SPAIN, reflecting its pinnacle during the Age of Discovery.  The pavilion is an amalgam of a number of Spanish landmarks of different cities, but, collectively, would feel like one large palace complex.    The dodecagonal tower at the entry point, also included in the original WED plans for Spain, is the Seville's Torre del Oro.   

Opposite it is the clocktower from the Santiago Cathedral.  Cordoba's Mezquita tower is also represented.  Climbing stairs and passing through the first wing of the palace, visitors emerge in El Escorial, the imposing royal palace near Madrid.  Beyond the courtyard and under the dome, there could be an attraction based on Don Quixote or on Spain's exploration (and conquest) of the New World.    Because I had a desire to include Spain in place of Italy, that meant that South America's Argentina lost out to Brazil, so to add another language to the Showcase.

A galleon from the Age of Sail is anchored on the lagoon.

The final country added to this showcase is EGYPT.  It is represented by both monumental Ancient Egyptian landmarks and the narrow, bustling streets of Cairo.  Passing from the bridge through an ancient Pylon gateway, in the distance one would see the Great Pyramids rising over the city's flat roofs, minarets and domes.  The main attraction would have to be based on Egyptology and be a fun and exciting ride exploring the secrets of the Pharaohs' lost tombs and treasures.

 I like the idea of these ancient and crumbling Pyramids contrasting with the sleek glass pyramids of the Imagination pavilion.  Standing on the upper level of the Spaceship Earth plinth, one could look both north and south to see pyramids in the distance.


 Future World, and the park, is complete.  I thought about the various areas of science and technology and what would complement the existing pavilions.  OUTER COSMOS is a Space Pavilion, which both exists and has been conceptualized in various ways.   This is a different take: looking much further ahead into a future when viable long-distance space travel and colonization has been invented.   This version takes place in a domed staging base on another planet or unknown moon, set in otherworldly rock.  The pavilion serves as a Science Station and Starport for further exploration.  It would contain unique dining and small shows, exhibits and experiences, in addition to an E-ticket headliner ride.

The opposite of Outer Cosmos is INNER WORLDS, which would be based on sciences that are invisible due to their extreme small size: nanotechnology, genetic engineering, particle physics, fusion.  One ride could involve shrinking to the sub-atomic level - recalling a long lost DL attraction...

Drawing Evolution:


Hope you enjoyed this experiment in looking at the original EPCOT Center as replicable theme park model in the same way we look at the Castle park model.  


Super Mario Network said...

Hey Ideal Buildout after the EPCOT-style Project can you make some projects for Disneyland or Hong Kong Disneyland. please

simmy25 said...

Would love to see some type of connection between the pavilions.

Either some variation of a peoplemover or a train.
Or a show building that houses 2 attractions from neighboring countries, something like the original plans for IJA.
Or something else altogether

Ekul Films said...

I would love to see a version of the Japan pavilion with something other than just a restaurant. And it just isn't an Epcot without Figment.

mark russell said...

It has been agony waiting for a new update. Always glad to see a new project, and it is a charette again!

I may come up with some ideas for UK and Japanese pavilions, and I'd definitely have Journey Into Imagination in Future World, restored to its original incarnation, but with a modern update (tech-wise).

Anonymous said...

Hi, I always enjoy seeing your work. Thank you for this new update.

I would also support inclusion of Journey into Imagination. For me, Spaceship Earth and Journey into Imagination are the two indispensable classics from the early days of Epcot, more so than Horizons (which easily gets dated) or World of Motion.

A space pavilion with a less nausea-inducing ride would also be welcome.

I have also long felt that It's a Small World would be a great fit for Epcot's World Showcase, perhaps a better fit than in a Fantasyland.

Someone mentioned the Japan pavilion. I think that a dark ride based on a Studio Ghibli film would work well. That would be something truly representative of Japanese culture, and yet with ties to Disney. This would not feel shoe-horned, like Frozen or Ratatouille.

The real World Showcase also over-represents Europe and under-represents other cultural regions. India, Brazil, Egypt, Ethiopia - these are some countries I would consider. For Europe, the Russian pavilion conceived by Disney always looked pretty cool.

- Tanzirian

android327 said...

This is such a cool idea, thanks for letting us be a part of this! I think this is a really cool way to look at and fix some of the shortcomings made in the initial designs for EPCOT. I agree that the boats and possibly some other form of transportation (for example, the train/peoplemover like simmy25 suggested... maybe even the elevated tram from Tokyo DisneySea) would definitely help witn navigation of the park. I know my family ends up skipping a lot of the world showcase pavilions when we visit, and I was wondering if changing the position of some of the countries’ entrances might help. For example, what if you entered Ireland through the front, walked through it and to the United States in the rear of its pavilion, and out Costa Rica on the other side? I think it might help with guest flow, especially if the “middle” country had a larger ride, bringing more guests through the pavilions on either side of it. What do you all think?

SWW said...

Thanks for the comments. Nice ideas. First update is up now.

Including a Peoplemover or Monorail has been in my mind, though it is more difficult to add a peoplemover later in this open-ended, step-by-step design approach (as opposed to be being thoughtfully integrated into all the pavilions at an early stage of planning) . We'll see...

Anonymous said...

I love this idea. I think it’s a small world would fit in this park very well. It could be a varietn. I like the idea of not all lands being accessed at the front lake side angle. This would alter the flow and be more curious. I like the idea of a wales land with a large castle like a fort that can be fully explored. Based on , castle coch, Caerphilly castle, Conwy castle or harlech. The castle would include a king Arthur based ride as the original story is welsh. The land would also have a large red dragon like on the flag. Also the black cauldron could be included as it is based on the maginogion. While the land has a lot of myth and legend the land it realistic and a little gritty. A Greece land would also be great with a half circle amphitheatre facing out over the lake. This can be used for viewing the lake shows. This land is entered at the back. The land has a labyrinth and a ride based on Greek myth. A large temple would hide some of the ride. An Egyptian land would also be great with a large pyramid at the rear. The temple of karnak and hatshepsut temple act as inspiration for the entrance area. Egyptian sail boats would dock on the lake outside. luke j

Anonymous said...

Hi SWW, thanks for taking a look at making EPCOT a repeatable park model. That place has a soft spot in my heart.

I really think some new content for Future World would be a great addition. When the park originally opened, the “digital revolution” was in its infancy, but now we’re starting to explore the limits of what’s possible with computers. Now EPCOT is begging for a “Digital World” pavilion to celebrate the accomplishments and promises of digital communication, processing, and even intelligence. (IBM, ya wanna sponsor?)

A TRON-like aesthetic is a no-brainer. It perfectly represents the digital world and fits in neatly with the “80s-chic” of the other EPCOT pavilions. However, I regretfully don’t have a firm idea of what kinds of rides should go there. The only thing that jumps to mind is a “Turtle Talk”-like experience where guests can interact with the pavilion’s A.I. mascot. Other than that... a simulator? An indoor coaster? I’m trying to think of something that adds a bit more variety to the pavilion-sized dark rides you already have.

Here’s hoping I at least gave you something to think about. Looking forward to the next updates!

mark russell said...

Right, I've got some ideas.

I do like the idea of a King Arthur ride based on the stories rather than the Disney version (since I assume IPs are a no-go area here, excluding Figment). Both Scotland and Wales are closely associated with the legends, and I feel the Arthurian tales are one of the few pieces of fiction which encompass the whole of the UK culturally.

Japan: Would have a layout very similar to the existing Japanese pavilion. Rather than being based on the Itsukushima Shrine, the land would be inspired by Izumo-taisha temple, one of most ancient shrines in the country. A not-to-scale replica of Mount Fuji sits at the back of the pavilion, containing an indoor coaster, "Oni Mountain", basically a Japanese Expedition Everest, encountering demons and ghosts of Japanese mythology. A kabuki theatre is also present, featuring authenic plays. The pavilion also has several restaurants which serve sushi, ramen, teppanyaki, etc.; a gallery that features Japanese art and tokens of the country's history and culture, and traditional shops (but perhaps room for an anime-themed one too).

China: Based on the Old Summer Palace, so it has a rather grand, regal design to it. The main show building houses Journey to the West, a suspended dark ride telling the tales of Sun Wukong. The land would take some inspiration from Shanghai Disneyland, with a large tea house, and beautiful gardens bases around the Chinese zodiac (but perhaps minus the Disney characters).

Egypt: I could easily image replicas of the Pyramids of Giza. There would be a Mystic Manor-esque LPS ride, travelling around an Egyptian dig site where a curse brings to life the hieroglyphs and mummies, taking guests into the past to explore a whimsical but still educational journey through ancient Egypt, encountering pharaohs, mummies, and gods.

mark russell said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I do like the idea of fusing The Land and The Living Seas. Soarin' could also be thrown in as well to represent land, sea, and air.

Anonymous said...

There’s got to be a good way to get a South American country pavilion. Brazil would be ideal (can you imagine an Inverted Powered Coaster attraction carrying guests through a rainforest?), but I think there’s more controversy there than Disney would be willing to support.

android327 said...

I feel like Argentina would be a good contender. Diverse and unique geography (Patagonia, the Andes, rainforests), architecture (including the Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires), and musical styles (especially the tango) would all contribute to a pavilion that would definitely stand out, even among other Latin American nations. Personally, I would choose Argentina to represent South America with a musical show focusing on its unique culture, diversity, and natural beauty, and put a suspended jungle darkride/light coaster in Costa Rica for Central America.

Disneyman2021 said...

What inspired this build-out? More specifically, was the shape of the park and subsequent lake designed at random or does this fit into a specific parcel of land somewhere?

SWW said...

^Random. If you remember the DisneySpires drawing, as a break from using specific plots of land, I sometimes enjoy sketching a random frame (aka Berm or Perimeter Road) and seeing where my pen takes me.

The_Mad_Hatter said...

You're filling this in too fast! Trying to find time to put my plans to paper, but I have an outline of a future world pavilion dedicated to the physical sciences, with an emphasis on forces like electricity and magnetism, and how these forces act on the natural world. Themes include the flow of energy and the physical manifestations of these forces. The title of the pavilion is currently "POLARIS," which refers to both a magnet's poles, the physical "location" of the pavilion. Much like the SEAS takes place in a distant location, POLARIS takes place within a frosted over glass dome (ala Wonders of Life) that supposedly takes place on the North Pole.

The marquee attraction is a enlarged360 seamless circlevision with a projection dome ceiling. It would employ glasses-less 3D. The show is tentatively called "Aurora Nights" and it focuses on the night sky. It tells the chronological story about how the night sky has influenced the progression of society. The 17 minute presentation begins by detailing how the ancient's harnessed the constellations for navigational purposes. The chronology leads up to the present, and draws parallels between the ancients, and modern day scientists who use information from the night sky's cosmic background radiation to draw conclusions about the age of the universe. Finally, the night sky comes alive with the aurora borealis. Then, overlaid on the sweeping visuals, vectors appear representing the earth's magnetic field and the solar winds that act on it to induce this phenomenon. Thesis statement: "The Earth is an energetic being."

The other main attraction is an updated Adventures thru Inner Space. It follows a similar narrative to the original, but guests stop shrinking once they reach the size of a water molecule. Your vehicles are protons (H+) instead of "atomobiles." Instead of shrinking further, a salt crystal is added to the ice, causing crystal the lattice to break down and the solution becomes aqueous. The addition of NaCl promotes acid base reactions within the water, which is represented by protons (such as yourself) bouncing freely within a network of hydrogen-bonded water molecules. The second half of the ride shifts its focus towards electrochemistry, and the process of using an ionized solution to power a battery is explained. The finale is an abstract omnimax where electrons whirl around you, representing the redox reactions occurring.
The post show theme is "Energy of the Future Inspired by the Chemistry of Nature." A giant dynamic model of the chloroplast's photosystems it uses for electron transport is on display. It's a whirling Rube Goldberg machine where small balls representing electrons flow thru the model of these important proteins. Guests learn about how the processes of nature can influence modern day fuel cell design.

Another attraction is a "Prism Maze" located at the dome's center within its own 2 story crystal structure. It's what you would expect from classic EPCOT. Just a fun maze with a light science-y theme.

I'd be happy to email a mock up when I draw it. If you want to adapt the ideas yourself, I'm happy with that too!

SWW said...

^Please do send me the drawing. It's a cool idea and an abstract subject in a similar vein to the Imagination pavilion. In that way it would provide a nice transition between that Imagination and an original Space pavilion that would go next to Horizons.


I was considering the WED-modeled Costa Rica, but then Gabon already gives the park a tropical rainforest experience - albeit a different continent. For South America, if I use Spain for Southern Europe, than maybe Portuguese-influenced Brazil goes in. Conversely, using Spanish influenced Argentina, would maybe make Portugal a better Southern Europe possibility.


I feel like the "digital world" idea would be a good use for the long descent portion of Spaceship Earth ride.


I had been thinking about Ireland with a ruined castle and ride touching on legends such as leprechauns, but Wales/King Arthur is also an interesting possibility.

Anonymous said...

The layout reminds me of the unused land at Hong Kong Disneyland... I feel like that would actually be a really good location for this park. It would definitely help HKDL to stand out among the other Asian parks.

I like the Living Planet pavilion with the biome bubbles like those that were planned for the Land. I agree that the Mt Fuji coaster should be a D-ticket, especially with the Mattherhorn so close.

I would like to see a New Zealand pavilion, with both traditional Maori huts and stately Edwardian architecture. I would include an indoor boat ride called Maori Spirit Voyage, heavily inspired by Na’vi River Journey, that would take guests through the open oceans, glowworm caverns, and Kauri forests of New Zealand. If this was an LPS boat ride, I could imagine guests choosing specific paths to reveal their spirit animal.

I feel like either India or Thailand (or maybe both) would lend themselves to vibrant musical shows, similar to Festival of the Lion King. India would be represented well by the Red Fort, Chennai High Court, and the Ellora Caves high up on a hillside by the back. Thailand would be entered between two large rock formations inspired by those seen in Phuket. Architecture would resemble Chiang Mai and Bangkok’s Grand Palace, possibly with a canal running the length of the pavilion. A restaurant styled after a Sala Thai (an open-air Thai pagoda) would be very beautiful and a great way to view IllumiNations on the lagoon.

While I like IllumiNations, I think that light-up drones and floats, and projections on Spaceship Earth would be great enhancements for this version.


SWW said...

So many good and interesting proposals... would require a park 5x the size to accommodate them all.

I've made a special study of India over the last year, so that will definitely be going in. For anyone interested in the Art of Architecture (pre-Modern), India probably earns the crown if you consider the total span of human history - from ancient & medieval, Buddhist, Hindu and Mughal up to the awesome fusion of East & West in the Indo-Saracenic masterpieces of the late 19th/early 20th cent.

protojimbo said...

Dang! I just checked in a couple days ago and nothing... Now I'm two updates behind already, lol!
Great to see another post, SWW! Hope you've been well.
Spaceship Earth was always firmly a part of Future World in my mind. With it's placement here I wonder about what it means for it to be center of the park? It's a bit more a part of both sections of the park visually. Could it conceptually be the pathway to two visions of the world, one present and one future? Maybe that could be the ride - "come see the world, as it is and as it could be!" Also, it appears the entrance area is of a Future World style as well. So to be clear, would you say FW includes the entrance plaza, Spaceship Earth and the northern section?
Going with the tradition of sponsorship, SpaceX (or some such) could sponsor a simulation of how they see the future of commercial space travel - a little like the opening sequence of 2001: A Space Odyssey or the luxury cruise in the 5th Element.
An Electronic Technology Pavilion seems like a must. The advent of electronics (computing, robotics, AI, VR, AR, nanotech, etc.) is beyond mere inclusion in the history of communication. A Maker Faire activity center and an advanced arcade could be family friendly aspects of this concept. Bring on Asimo!
Astrophysics is also important - maybe THAT could be the idea behind a very literal Spaceship Earth attraction - our planet's history and place in the cosmos as it travels, like a vessel, through space and time.
For the world pavilion, I keep thinking in terms of cities. Istanbul comes to mind as historically, one the most important cities of the world. I would throw in the idea of Prague, as well. It is one of the most intact medieval cities of the world. Much filming has been done there on many such movies. Bangladesh...
And I firmly throw in my support for Small World - I can't think of a more fitting setting in which to keep a Disney classic alive. Though I'm not sure where to put it... Could you pull the park gate back a bit and put it into the north side of the entrance plaza?
Great input by android, Mark, Hatter, Chris and Tanzirian - I enjoyed reading all your ideas!

protojimbo said...

^I think there was a fully designed Istanbul in the Indy section of the Lucas world we did a while back. Replace the Indy portions with something more culturally relevant, of course.

Anonymous said...

Let me just say that we need something Egypt related. A scale pyramid that houses a ride about Egyptian mythology would be incredible. A European consideration should be Italy; I'd love to see an attraction about the Italian renaissance, maybe framed around Da Vinci.

Anonymous said...

I think a cool idea would be to include a space pavilion in Future World and split it into two parts, one for how we thought space travel would happen, and one where we explore the current ability of space and travel and look towards the future. The part of space travel from the past can be filled by Space Mountain from the Earth to the Moon from Paris, which would help bring another thrill ride to the park. For the part of the pavilion about current and future space travel, I agree with protojimbo about tying an Epcot type park with sponsors so maybe tie it in with a sponsor like SpaceX, and have an "exhibition" of sorts about space travel and how it will evolve in the future. This can also involve maybe a re imagined version of a rocket to the moon/mission to mars type attraction where visitors board on Earth and get off in a space colony on Mars. Just some ideas, I know they aren't super good but I wanted to give you some ideas before you ran out of space in the park!

Anonymous said...

A possible world showcase pavilion to add would be Singapore! To start, I think it would be cool to anchor the back of the pavilion with the Marina Bay Sands Resort and maybe even make the sky-park on top of it accessible for visitors for viewing the night time spectacular. I would then make the architecture of the pavilion range from historical buildings like the Central Fire Station, the old Supreme Court, and the Raffles hotel, to ultra modern like the esplanade theaters on the Bay, the ArtScience Museum, and the Gardens by the Bay Domes. I would put the Gardens by the bay Supertrees as markers in the World Showcase lagoon like Japan has their arch; These could also light up along with the show in the lake and act as the spot for the control booth for the show. I think this pavilion would work well in the spot closest to future world because it would look very modern from the outside, but the closer you come in, the more detailed and historical it becomes. I don't know if a ride would be necessary for this pavillion, but I think maybe having like a botanical gardens type set up in one of the domes would be very cool, and maybe in one of the older buildings there could be a show about the history of Singapore? Keep up the great work, and I hope you keep creating more and more buildouts!(I've been a fan of this blog since 2014 and it's been so cool to watch you improve and keep creating so many great projects!)

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about how to do a modernized "Wonders of Life" Pavilion, and unfortunately I'm struggling with the general idea. I want to try and find a way to properly utilize modern ideas of physical and mental wellness in an interactive, engaging manner, but I've been stumped.

What I HAVE done, however, is come up with a modernized "Body Wars" attraction that utilizes a few ideas I've picked up over the years. The concept is the same: taking a group of people, putting them in a machine (simulator) and shrinking them down to inject them into a human body. But instead of being passive observers, the guests are taking on the role of a "field team" in command of medical nanobots, trying to diagnose and cure whatever is wrong with the patient. The riders have some manner of control over the ride experience, perhaps even splitting the riders into multiple "roles" responsible for certain decisions. Imagine a combination Mission: SPACE and Star Tours experience.

The inspiration comes from a number of places, most notably the concepts I've seen of the Millennium Falcon ride and the old "ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter" at DisneyQuest. The original idea, however, comes from an exhibit I vaguely remember visiting as a kid. On a trip to some British museum, I participated in an activity where the guests were exploring a human body in order to figure out what's causing a bunch of symptoms and making decisions on where to go next based on how the group polls. I'd love to combine that with a simulator experience to create a truly interactive ride.

I'm just sad I can't think of much else to fill out the Pavilion, but I still believe a "Life Pavilion" would be a great addition.

Alex f said...

As we all know,shanghai disneyland phase 2 is Ecpot!!
waitting for you next update!!

The_Mad_Hatter said...

If you want me to send you my drawings, you'll have to wait until tomorrow for me to send them. I'm having a busy few days. :)

mark russell said...

Okay, got a new idea for a UK pavilion, or at least a ride. Thanks to the Disney & More Blogspot, I've learnt of a London-based boat ride designed by Harper Goff for the original UK pavilion. I believe this ride could be incorporated into the project. Guests board Jungle Cruise-esque boats and travel through a condensced version of old London town and past iconic landmarks - Tower Bridge, Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Palace and Big Ben, and a big finale around Buckingham Palace.

For a more educational spin, the ride could take inspiration from the "Spirit of London" dark ride housed in London's Madame Tussauds, and focus on London's rocky history over the centuries (i.e. the Romans, Dark Ages, Black Death, the Great Fire, Tudors, Shakespeare, Guy Fawkes, the Civil War, Victorian Age, WWI and WWII, and the modern age).

Ideaguy88 said...

Epcot is one of my favorite parks so I'm really enjoying this project. For the last two pavilions in Future World. I would like to see a planet exploration pavilion. It would simulate what colonizing a planet, like Mars, would feel like. There would be a space travel simulator that would make you feel you are traveling to it and then there would be a trackless dark ride that shows you the colony on a rover. The second pavilion would be a physics pavilion featuring an energy coaster and an updated version of Adventures Thru Inner Space called Cosmic Journeys. I wish there was more space for other Future World ideas. This is one of my favorite parts of Epcot.

Blue Sky 25 said...

Disney really should make more than one Epcot. I hope to see this design come to Shanghai Disneyland or Hong Kong Disneyland. Maybe it could be called EastCOT. Anyway, for the last three World Showcase pavilions, I would like to see a Brazilian pavilion(there needs be something representing South America). It could have a Soarin' style ride that makes guest feel they are on a hang glider flying though Brazil's famous sites. There could be an Israel pavilion with a dark ride that takes guest through Jewish/Christian history and there could be a Russian pavilion based on famous architecture in Moscow.

The_Mad_Hatter said...
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C.S. Schlottmann said...

No way! I worked on a similar concept and layout over the summer called The EduCOT (Education Center of Tomorrow). What I came up with was almost identical, except for the lagoon at the center of the park.

Ideaguy88 said...

Thanks for reading our comments. The final part came out better than I imagined. I would love for you to do a similar project like this one in the Future. Maybe a clone of Animal Kingdom or an Islands of Adventure style Disney Park could be next.

C.S. Schlottmann said...

^^An alternate-reality Animal Kingdom would be amazing. Something with a sort of "Live-Your-Own Adventure" concept, so that guests enter the park in a bustling 1920's port city and are whisked away to various adventures via paths they take and methods of transport, etc. Essentially the park becomes an attraction in-and-of-itself, with multiple stories that could unfold...

SWW said...

Hey Cody, Great minds...
I think it could be fun to create a similar piece using the AK template (i.e., a Tree of Life would still be the icon, just as the Castle or Spaceship Earth is here). To do an AK right (with as many as 3-4 safaris on the scale of Kilimanjaro or the original Tiger River Run), you'd need as much or more space than the existing park, eliminating real-locations in any existing resorts outside WDW. We'll see what time allows.


MadHatter, sorry I couldn't wait for your drawing... wanted to finish this before Thanksgiving.


Protojimbo, The entry and hub area are all Future World themed (sleek and metallic, like EPCOT Center), so it's difficult to include Its a Small World, at least as we think of it. The attraction has never been a personal favorite.


dapagez said...

If u count the France Pavilion currently under expansion and probably Norway, they're 5 spots left in World Showcase, a second Frozen attraction possible based on the upcoming expansion at HK Disneyland since the Norway Pavilion partly expanded recently next to the Mexico Pavilion, the rest might fill another Frozen attraction.

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