Friday, August 11, 2017

MK: Revelations

Last month some interesting news was revealed about the world's most popular park: two forthcoming additions and one never-built E-ticket.  In this illustrative plan I integrate these elements, along with some imagined ones.

Main Street: My hope here is that the big new Theater comes with full theme-ing and expansion of the back side of Main Street East - replacing the current landscaped backstage bypass with a fully on-stage early 20th C. urban environment.   This is no small task, so I'm very interested to see if the Company will commit to doing it.


Adventureland: Last month, WDWNewsToday presented a really cool WDI concept proposal booklet (on a podcast here) showing a 2000s-era E-ticket volcano thrill ride based on "Atlantis."  I added the basecamp and showbuilding inspired by those plans.  I used the entire showbuilding cone for the lava-spewing rockwork Volcano, though it would seem unlikely they would create a hugely expensive rockwork mountain on the same scale as Space Mountain, that would be all but invisible from inside the park (though the views from Seven Seas Lagoon and resorts would be stunning).


Fantasyland: In the many iterations of MK I've drawn, I always seem to replace IASW, both to make use of the land north of it, and because it doesn't mesh with the European Storybook aesthetic that I'd like to see replace the fiberglass Tournament Tents land-wide.   In this version, I thought that if the east side of FL is the rural forest, the west side serves as the more narrow and dense castle town.  The image of Notre Dame (here recreated in "theme-park scale") towering above the claustrophobic medieval streets would make a great impact.  Because the cathedral - that would serve as the awe-inspiring queue - is so large, the ride building could be on two levels, incorporating the thrill of movement from the sewers of the Paris to the belltower of Notre Dame.
 Also note that the largest and most dominant structures of medieval European towns or cities were typically the Cathedrals, which dwarfed even the castles and palaces.  The cathedral here also provides a gothic link between the Castle and the Haunted Mansion

Tomorrowland: We now know Tron Lightcycles will go behind Space Mountain, which will present a couple challenges with land- and park-integration.   My hope is the land will not continue to be a disharmonious mish-mash of Future Styles and completely un-related IP content.  Today we have 1. The original 1970s Space Age (now retro) style of Space Mountain, CoP and the Rear half of People Mover.  2. The Buck Rogers Deco-Tech style of the Avenue of Planets and Astro-orbitor.   3. The Toon elements of Buzz, Stitch and Monsters Inc.  4. The coming flowing, folded glass style of Tron.

In this plan, I've tried to take the latter style and apply it land-wide.  You'll notice the new entrance for Space Mountain and queue cover hovercar racers (a re-imagined raceway) and the replacement restaurants for the Terrace and Noodle Station all incorporate the twisting glass element.   Both of these restaurants feature waterfront seating and fireworks viewing.   Also borrowed from Shanghai is their nice E-Stage to replace MK's current eyesore (see above).  The now silver & blue rockwork at the entrance make an appearance on the raceway.   All the Deco-Tech fins and sharp geometric edges around the land are replaced by smooth, curving, circular elements. Waterfall towers could make a return.   Buzz, Stitch and especially Monsters Inc don't inhabit this New Vision, so all are replaced by more fitting attractions.

In Shanghai, The Tron Warehouse itself is visible
from the primary vistas behind the glass Cover, and it looms above the under-construction ToyStoryLand.  The hope for Orlando is that this can be mitigated by a lower, more obscured walkway approach in Tomorrowland and hopefully a berm and some tall, fast-growing trees on the Storybook Circus side.



Super Mario Network said...

Can you make some projects like Disney-MGM Studios Europe, WestCOT & Hong Kong Disneyland please maybe in September or October or it not maybe next year please. Because your projects are awesome.

PJ Butler said...

Excellent work, as always. I’m interested to see how the back portion of Tomorrowland handles crowds once it becomes home to a second E-Ticket attraction. As excited as I am about TRON Lightcycle Power Run coming Stateside, I’ve been concerned about that aspect of the project since Bob Chapek announced it at the Parks and Resorts panel. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and find out in a few years.

Secondly, would you ever consider creating a series of new takes on some of your old, long-lost parks? You’ve come a long way in both the creativity and execution (quality and realism) of your concepts. Many who have read this blog for as long, if not longer, than I would certainly love to see the resurrection of a few “classics” from years past, such as Disneyland Australia, Mansions, and Lucasland. I know it has been a subject of discussion for a few years at this point, but it’s a shame that we’ve lost some of your finest projects.

For now, though, great job. It’s always exciting to see what you come up with!

NerdManReturns said...

Cool. Like seeing Notre Dame as a ride, though sad to see It's a Small World go.

By the way, when are you ever going to bring back old pages from your blog that we can't see anymore for some reason, like your Mythica plan and your Yesterland plan?

2020 Ckeevert said...

Hello. I like a lot of this, but I do not think the PhilharMagic should be removed, seeing as it was Mickey that built the empire. I think there would be riots if Small World was torn out for a relatively forgotten movie ride. I do think that Adventureland needs that true thrill. The Rivers of America desperately needs life. Fairytale hall is just a space so Chapek can shamelessly push more princess stuff down our throats. I like the Speedway staying, but in a modern form. I like the Security Station, but Monsters Inc. is a hidden gem. The worst Toy Story film was 3, with a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Big Hero 6 has a 89% rating.

Would you consider doing a blue sky Studios?

Android327 said...

Very nice! I think blending the retro 70's tomorrowland style with the new organic one could look very good if was pulled off. Main Street deserves the expansion, and I think it could become more of a destination than the land people go through to get from the gate to the castle. As much as I love the complete storybook facades and Notre Dame (perfect as a gothic link between FL and the Mansion!), I don't see Disney replacing Small World. Any possibility Disney would consider relocating it to Epcot or a 5th park? Also, very nice job with Fire Mountain in AL, I never would have thought about putting a ride that far from the tracks, but it works!

protojimbo said...

Looks great! Let's hope Main St lives up to what you've suggested here. Yes, I could do without Small World easily and I agree that the village themeing should be throughout. I like how Tomorrowland becomes more range-y, a place you can get lost in rather than pass through.
I'd still like to see development in the NW corner. I think the use of the similar area in Anaheim provided an opportunity to improve the railway and boat attractions, which I feel they actually did. Maybe it could transition from western to a Rocky Mountain environment or Pacific NW rain forest setting. Or, to extend the Haunted Mansion's influence, a spooky (Sleepy Hollow?)rural area...

protojimbo said...

I agree with android327: Small World should go in Epcot in the world showcase - I'd put it where the America pavilion is (there's so much Americana in WDW already). It's a natural fit for World Showcase and would be a great way to get another attraction into the park without losing a classic or adding more IP rides.

2020 Ckeevert said...

Moving it's a small world and closing the American Adventure is treasonous.

Then, again, nothing Chapek has not done.

Closing Tower of Terror and taking Mickey off the Fun Wheel.

protojimbo said...

@2020 Ck -
lol! :)

Humaun Kabir said...

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2020 Ckeevert said...

More Chapek resume
Galaxy's Edge: Good
Pixar Fireworks (replacing Remember, Dreams Come True) If temporary, fine, if permanent (assumed), TREASON
Pixar Play Parade, ok
Paint the night: WOW!
Marvel Land: Good
Pixar Pier: Felony
Redoing Screamin to the Incredibles: Felony
Moving Turtle Talk: Good
Incredibles spinner: Misdemeanor
At least the part from Silly Symphony to Pacific Wharf will be Paradise Bay
Theater: Good
Closing Energy: Felony
Building a Guardians ride there: TREASON
Making Reflections of China seamless: good
Ratatouiee in France: Ok, but proceed w

2020 Ckeevert said...

with caution
Closing the Great Movie Ride: TREASON
Building a Mickey ride: Finally
Galaxys Edge: WOW
Toy Story Land: Good
Grand Avenue where the Streets of America was: OK
Theming Muppets Courtyard as a Grand Park offshoot: Misdemeanor

Gregory Peña said...

It's nice to see that you're no longer insisting on spreading out the Deco-Tech style. I myself was never a fan of it seeing as how I prefer the original 1975 Tomorrowland design, but the Tron style is a style that I can totally get behind since it shares more than a couple of aesthetic similarities to the original 1975 style.

Brian Scott said...

I hope how you planned the Grand Theater area behind Main Street is exactly how it is done!!

Anonymous said...

It's been 3 months. Are you dead? I'd love to see something like how you'd interpret Pixar Pier.

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