Sunday, May 7, 2017

Tokyo DL Idealized

Tokyo has broken ground on its new expansion, so I drew an Ideal Buildout version of how I would like to see the TDL park evolve:

STREETS OF AMERICA: World Bazaar is jettisoned in both name and body.  The building footprints are mostly unchanged, as is the entry plaza, but the giant cover is gone.  A horsedrawn trolley would join early motor vehicles on this new, curbed boulevard.  The main drag, St. Louis Ave, would reflect the late19th-C Victorian typical of Main Street USA, whereas the side-streets subtly change styles to distinct regional architecture as they transition to the two neighboring mini-lands.

In order to account for Tokyo's colder weather this entry land features two-story, glass-ceiling shopping arcades, including sky bridges over the side streets.  Paris' solution to inclement weather on a grander level.

In the Hub, Dumbo is imported for reasons explained further down.

NEW ORLEANS SQUARE: Moving clockwise, this area, featuring the Theater and PotC, mostly exists at present, but would be officially carved out of Adventureland as a distinct mini-land, much like Critter Country is to Westernland.  I added another retail/dining block to create the namesake square as well as the narrower New Orleans feel.

ADVENTURELAND: The very large Back of House building (costuming?) gets relocated to the new backstage area so that its footprint can become a needed thrill ride for the land.  Here I chose an original, non-IP Angkor Wat-based darkcoaster that ties in neatly with the nearby Jungle Cruise.   Needless to say, Stitch would no longer be a part of the Tiki Room.  Any static toon statuary (i.e. Up characters) plunked around the land also gets removed.

WESTERNLAND: The only changes reflect moves back to non-IP, non-toon versions of the Golden Horseshoe show and new Camp Woodchuck area.


NEW FANTASYLAND: Very heavy changes here.  First, the entire land is to reflect the Euro-Centric Disney Fairytale Style.  This means Dumbo moves to the Hub not only for thematic reasons (it's set in America) but also to allow parade viewing while adding a major feature (Pirate Ship queue, as conceptualized by Christopher Smith below) and new facades in front of Peter Pan's Flight. 

Continuing the idea of giving this land a more immersive(catchword alert) Fairytale environment, Small World is removed in favor of the Alice attraction that was planned at one point.  Both Philharmagic and Snow White's Scary Adventure get replaced by fully dimensional Storybook Village facades for new darkrides that fit the established theme.

The Haunted Mansion also gets a completely new exterior to take it out of America and give it a dark Loire Valley look that compliments Cinderella Castle (which also sees the return of the Mystery Tour).  Just as Phantom Manor tweaks the HM experience to reflect the Old West, this Haunted Chateau does so with a 19th century Europe setting.

The new plans for Tokyo's Fantasyland (Beauty & Beast area, Forest Theater) look great, and you'll find  them incorporated here.  The thing I would change however is the new thematic bleeding/bottleneck it will create: one will depart Old Fantasyland, arrive at a nub of Toontown and a nub of Tomorrowland (Terrace), then continue into a large, entirely new Fantasyland. 

Here, without any budget restrictions, I solve that issue by eliminating Toontown & Tomorrowland Terrace entirely and making it all part of one Mega Fantasyland.  The new anchor attraction is Flynn Rider Rapids (engineered to give the fun and thrill of a rapids ride without passengers getting wet) inspired by the Dam scene in the film.  Nearby is a modified version of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train that adds an extra show-scene taking place below the Rapids 'mountain.'   Combined, these two attractions also provide a critical arboreal and rockwork berm to insulate this corner of the park (mirroring Rivers of America).

Tremaine Manor replaces Tomorrowland Terrace, becoming a signature dining venue with seating overlooking the parade route on a raised patio as well as special fireworks viewing.

NEW TOMORROWLAND is also 90% changed from its current form, with only the waterfall spires at entry and the upper parts of Space Mountain remaining similar to what's there now.  The land is given a much sleeker and uniform aesthetic that allows fantasy Science Fiction to coexist next to real-world Futurism.  As an example of what I mean consider Space Mountain and Star Tours.  It's always bugged me that these nearby attractions (here in Tokyo as well as at other parks in Anaheim and Paris) are very similar in general function - spaceports for voyages through the galaxy - but totally different in execution and never make an attempt to acknowledge or reconcile with one another (AstroOrbitor could be lumped in this issue, as well).  Why are these totally different star ports in the same place?   Here I solve that, architecturally, by giving them complimenting entry facades buildings (each with unique interiors and stories, but connected in subtle ways) as they become Terminals Alpha & Brava in the same larger StarPort.  This connective tissue would also be included throughout the land's attractions (a SciFi version of S.E.A.).

Buzz is replaced by Guardians of the Galaxy family shooter darkride and Stitch becomes a seamless circlevision look at Japan in the 22nd Century.  A new peoplemover provides a relaxing elevated journey around the land with a look into and over most attractions.  The new anchor E-ticket is a cousin of Radiator Springs Racers but set in a sci-fi, intergalactic Grand Prix (original story & characters created for the park).

PIXAR PLACE: Like New Orleans Sq and Critter Country, this is a new mini-land built around an existing major ride.   Wall-E (in Tomorrowland) and Ratatouille restaurants could share kitchen facilites.  The shop facades are taken out of the Pixar films universe (e.g. Al's Toy Barn).



mark russell said...

Lovely design. I am not all that familiar with the layout of Tokyo Disneyland, though I do like the changes you have made. What do you mean by "catchword alert"?

SWW said...

^Thanks. Just acknowledging my own over-use of an over-used term in theme park industry.

Super Mario Network said...

Hey TDL plan looks nice what the next project i hoping you will make a Disney/MGM Europe you know the unbuild project in DLP i will put the link down below just highlight the link belown and paste and check if the project good or not then check me later. THANK YOU

2020 Ckeevert said...

Why dump the characters that built the Disney empire and a beloved classic in Small World?

Jared Long said...

Great work as always. Probably my favorite reimagining of Tomorrowland in a while.

TRF said...

Really nice job solving some of the more poorly planned areas of this park. Tokyo Disneyland has always been my least favorite park by urban plan (have not been there, I obviously know it is fantastic in basically every other way). So many awkward transitions and unfortunate attractions forced into lands in the existing situation. Guess that was a result of the mash up style it was designed as and the super wide pathways that fill the park. Seems like you solved them all, so I appreciate that.

PJ Butler said...

I was always interested to see what your take on Tokyo Disneyland would be. As a park, it contains a strong roster of individual parts (Hunny Hunt, Monsters Inc. Ride & Go Seek!), but doesn't work as a whole in the way that its neighbor Disney Sea is famous for. Here, you've done an excellent job remedying some of the park's biggest existing woes and identified where additions need to be made the most. Uncovering World Bazaar, adding a headliner attraction for Adventureland, fixing Fantasyland, and granting thematic autonomy to New Orleans Square and Pixar Place are moves that need to be made so urgently that I'm not quite sure why the Oriental Land Company hasn't already greenlit them. Overall, I'm quite satisfied what you decided to do with the park. I believe these additions would boost Tokyo Disneyland to among the top three Disney parks in the world and make it a worthy counterpart to Disney Sea.

TheOakSpade said...

This is amazing! And I I think you added everythingthat this park/TDL really needed. Great job!

Just a little request for something on the side: after your last Epcot re-do I'm really curious as to seeing where you would put the Matterhorn and a Swiss/Frozen Village in Magic Kingdom in WDW. Just curious.

Also, where would you put the Moana Volcano? How would you re-do all of Adventureland?

SWW said...

Thanks for all the comments.

I've got a number of 2nd Gate Paris maps drawn and in the pipeline, but none continue the Studio Theme Park template, which seems to have gone the way of the dodo - though I liked TRF's mega expansion of MGM into a much bigger, working Studio from back in the day. MGM is on its way to being more similar to MK than to a Studio park, especially if Great Movie Ride (version 1 of which is one of my all-time favorite attractions) is rumored for replacement. Really hope that doesn't happen.

If Matterhorn were to go into MK the most important factor for me would be to make it gel with existing attractions (making it more period with non-modern bobsleds). Doesn't Matterhorn share the same or very similar track design as MK's Space Mountain?

I think to best fit a Volcano into Adventureland MK, PotC would be razed and rebuilt further north (not realistic) opening a wider space to expand the land properly to the pad beyond the RR.

Jackolindsey said...

Nice work on TDL; now that Alice in Wonderland probably won't happen it's interesting to see it in place. What are your thoughts on the upcoming HKDL expansion?

SWW said...

^Very excited about them, especially the castle re-do, which is something I thought could only happen on sites like this one.

2020 Ckeevert said...

Would you do plans for the 5 big parks of California: Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, Knott's Berry Farm, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Sea World San Diego. I want thoughts on a bug's land, Paradise Pier, Critter Country, Star Wars Land, Mickey's Toontown, Tomorrowland, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Camp Snoopy, and what tier Knott's is.

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Super Mario Network said...

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Ali Memon said...

Nice work on TDL; now that Alice in Wonderland probably won't happen it's interesting to see it in place. Please see coupons

2020 Ckeevert said...

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samia hussain said...

nice post

董美惠子、 Nemo、Céleste、沈岑璞、林沈昊 said...

I don't think Tokyo Disneyland need this rebuild, because it is popular enough. The Pairs and Hong Kong Disneyland are most parks need to more detail.

SWW said...

^From a business standpoint, I think you are right. This is more about how - subjectively, artistically - I would like to see the park developed.

Hong Kong is getting a lot of love over the next 5 years, fortunately. I can't wait for its new castle. Paris DL definitely deserves a brand new ride - not a retheme - it hasn't had one since 1995.

Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of Tokyo Disney Resort and I can't express how much I enjoyed this post and magnitude of my wish this will be true at Tokyo Disneyland.
Creating something like this imagining guests' happiness is true artist and wholehearted passion so I respect your work sincerely.

SWW said...

^Kind of you to say.

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