Thursday, January 5, 2017

Freeflow Design: DisneySpires (Concluded)

I'm back a little sooner than expected with Part II of this exercise.  You can find Part I here

The large Star Wars land featured here is inspired by the numerous pieces of glorious concept art for the under-construction land(s) - particularly the earlier pieces that showed saucers embedded in the upper-reaches of the giant rock spires.  Having just seen 'Rogue One' last month (and having loved it), I wanted to bring Star Wars into the park.   The real-world SW land is physically all about natural spires, so it would make sense to include it here.

In an ideal world, rather than clones, I'd like to see each park that gets a Star Wars Land get its own unique planet environment, one not featured in the movies (i.e., Orlando and Florida get two new, distinct planets/lands).  So I do somewhat regret drawing a 3rd version of that verdant, rock-spired outpost here.

While the style and feel of the land is based on what is being built, the attractions here are not.  One section of the land is dedicated to the Dark Side where the E-ticket ride gives guests the viewpoint of being part of the Empire(or First Order).  At the opposite end of the land is the Rebellion(or Resistance) Side where the 2nd E-ticket ride is located.   Between these factions are the more independent, diverse areas, with features such as a spacer Cantina, a dinner show featuring AA alien acts and a Bounty Hunter walkthrough-meets-shooting gallery.


 This is a mini-land, on the same scale and vein as Mystic Point.  Blackwater Manor is the next-gen Haunted Mansion for the park.  Its exterior is that of a 1880s Gilded Age seaside manor in the Shingle Style.  Its master, Cpt. Edmund Blackwater III had some villainous but wealthy pirates as forebearers, who now haunt its hallways.  It gives the classic Haunted Mansion a nautical flavor, just as Phantom Manor gave it an Old West one.  The caretaker's house has been converted to an eatery.


 Medieval China, like Renaissance Italy, is a rich source to mine for theme parks for which the surface has only been scratched (e.g., the recent Tea House in SDL).  The land is built around a large-scale flume attraction, Yulong Mountain, which I imagine could take on the more-realistic, adventurous tone of a PotC (versus a Splash Mountain).  Balancing it, I envisioned a D-ticket musical darkride that could be original in nature or incorporate the animated feature Mulan.  Dragon Boats are another attraction in this land that give passengers and tour around the perimeter of the park's lagoon.

The majority of this land's dining & retail take place in a building designed to feel like a chaotic Chinese market, with a series of winding indoor streets under invisible glass roofs (like DLP's original Adventureland Bazaar).  Numerous food stalls and merchants would be held within, creating the authentic feel of historic streets and alleyways.


The entirety of the park is designed around a very large, elaborate, SFX-filled lagoon theatrical experience.   There could be a major day show, a major night show and intermittent, smaller-scale, Bellagio-like shows, featuring only music and dancing fountains.   

Hundreds of water fountains/canons would be on a WOC like platform below the lagoon's surface (Dragon Boats hug the coastline for this reason).  The rocky center island contains animated SFX apparatus and powerful spotlights.  Rockwork and buildings around the lagoon's edge hide more show equipment which would automatically rise into position for showtime, as in DisneySea or EPCOT.    

The Great Spires themselves are integrated into the show, as the image above shows.  The backstories to the lands can also be integrated. Viewers in each section would have a different show experience and represent a different faction in this 360 degree extravaganza: the climax of a day at the park.


Jared Long said...

Love it, great work!

Anonymous said...

Amazing work, as usual! Ancient Egypt and Medeival China are very unique lands that Disney could (and should) recreate well, and Blackwater is an interesting take on the Haunted Mansion. If you don't mind, I'd like to ask a few questions about your design approach. What tools do you use to create your park designs? Also, what is your opinion on IPs in more serious-toned, Epcot-style lands?

mark russell said...

By any chance would Captain Edmund Blackwater have a servant named Baldrick?

This is a fantastic park design. Good work.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Having been a fan of your work since 2013 I would really love to see all the parks you drawed back on the website. Some of them were magical.


PS. this park is also amazing

protojimbo said...

It's challenging to come up with that loose umbrella theme as you call it, but I think the "Spires" concept does a great job of that. Incorporating the light show into the entire park is innovative and would really solidify the park as having it's own identity and leave a lasting impression on guests.
I have a question about the traffic flow from the entrance land to Porto Di Provenienza: all the other lands have an inner and outer pathway connecting each other - why not include another pathway?
Of course, I admittedly have a problem with being too symetrical, but I'd think it would almost be a matter of numbers...
Perhaps a series of country bridges passing over Mr Toads area?
The concept puts me in mind of DisneySky. I've seen the concept around for a while and thought about it myself... but I can't remember if you'd ever done one.
A couple of other concepts just to kick around: The Elements as theme for a four park resort and World of Illusion - based of twisting human perceptions of reality by use of theme park techniques and technology.
Anyway, another beautiful piece of design and artistry!

Super Mario Network said...

What's the next theme park project your doing next.

SWW said...

^Sorry for the delay in commenting back.

Next? Not sure yet...

Jimbo, I've done a few DisneySkys but don't think I've posted them. (Have also done an Elements park). Good suggestion on the secondary pathway. That's something that would get sorted in revised versions.

Anon 2, Ideally, I'd like to update all the old park plans before re-posting/publishing... there were so many, though, the amount of time required makes it... challenging.

Mark, Baldrick sounds good to me... but I feel I'm missing something.

Anon 1, I loathe IP in EPCOT Center.

Super Mario Network said...

Can you make another Freeflow Design theme park with rides and attractions and also with Walt Disney's Mine Train through Nature's Wonderland in that park and also Disney's AMERICA Park please. said...

Creative and innovative theme parks. I wonder what could it be like in living and experiencing such parks and lands in real life. Your work is amazing.

Justin Martin said...

Love your work man! Any insight how you draw these?! Are the just done from scratch on photoshop? CAD? Would love to know!

Sophie Grace said...

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