Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hong Kong DisneySea

Had some fun filling in the initial master plan for the HK Resort with a built-out HKDL and a new 2nd Gate across the esplanade.  Like the various castle parks around the world, this second Sea balances being recognizable as a DisneySea-branded park, with being highly distinct from the original TDS.

Also, as HKDL is to TDL (i.e., smaller footprint, lighter park program), HKDS is to TDS.  It is a smaller, lighter park that lacks an in-park resort hotel.  Some may remember the Discovery Bay 2nd Gate I put together for this site.  That park made use of the waterfront and built the hotel into the park (as in Tokyo).  This time, I stuck to the actual master plan (initial) which reserves the waterfront parcels for future hotels.

As a cousin to TDS, I gave this park some similarities:
-Aquasphere in the Ticket Plaza
-Central Volcano icon with a fortress at its base (Mt. Cerberus)
-Historic European (technically, New World) entry land (Porto Belo)
-The only repeated themed port (albeit with a different roster & design) is Vulcania (e.g. Mysterious Island). (EDIT: Looking back I must have drawn this before Arendelle was announced for TDS.)

Inspiration for Porto Belo, by Donglu Yu for Assassins Creed IV

The Ports:

-One enters the park through Porto Belo, a wealthy colonial capital on the Spanish Main (1600s-1700s).

-Across the Lagoon, replacing Fortress Explorations is Blackbeard's Castle, marking the Pirate's Cove port.  A massive battle between the Spanish Navy and the Pirates, incorporating tall ships and the Castle, takes place on the lagoon.  An original, hi-tech PotC ride is here, along with interactive exploration trails.

-Arendelle is the replacement for Mermaid Lagoon, featuring kid-friendly attractions, one being a major darkride.

-As noted, within the Caldera is Captain Nemo's hidden Vulcania, with a new set of attractions and dining experiences. 

-Banks of the Tigris is the substitute for Lost River Valley, moving Indiana Jones and his pulp adventures out of the dripping Mayan rainforest and into the dusty streets of 1930s Baghdad (and ruins of Babylon).  Includes a stunt theater and new EMV attraction in the Ziggurat.

-Port Discovery's stand-in here is Hyperion Wharf... filled with a steampunkish airships and anchored by a Soarin'-style attraction.   

-The seventh and final port is The Bayou: an homage to New Orleans Square, housing some nods to Princess and the Frog, musical theater, a riverboat restaurant, along with a Voodoo Plantation E-ticket. 



Joe Conti said...

Amazing concept, I love how the lineup differs from Tokyo but still uses similar components. I'd love to eventually see a third gate plan for Tokyo, like the plans you made for Anaheim and Orlando.

Anonymous said...

Would a DisneySea work well for a fifth gate in Orlando, or would it be too similar to SeaWorld and Islands of Adventure? It could have seven seas: Caribbean, Mediterranean, North (UK/Scandinavia), Arabian, China (really anything in Asia), Coral (Polynesian/Australia & New Zealand), and Ross (based on the unrealized Glacier Bay).

Jason Chak said...

Awesome idea, but is it a little weird to see two sea-themed parks in HK? Because Ocean Park is also a sea-themed park...

Chris said...

This is awesome! Just discovered your blog, and it's a lot of fun reading through all your ideas.

In truth, though, it's also kind of depressing, as it's all just ideas, and the extreme conservatism and blandness of most (if not practically all) of Walt Disney World's new developments the last ten years or so (and a healthy chunk of the announced expansions) makes me think nothing like this will happen in my neck of the woods for a very long time.

What you really ought to do is a parody UN-ideal Buildout for Hong Kong - Disney's Hong Kong Adventure! It should include a second Toy Story Playland, clones of Paradise Pier and Chester and Hester's Dino-Rama, and a land called Meet-and-Greet Circus, made up of tents housing characters. What do you think?

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Rob Jhonson said...

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Anonymous said...

These are great ideas! I think a Mystic Point-inspired port could also be part of this design.

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