Monday, February 9, 2015

The 2015 Project - Castle Elevation II

Later this month, I'll post an adaption of one of the Fifth Gate Challenge entries.

Until then, here is an expanded concept elevation of the 2015 Park castle:

The feel here is more along the lines of Fortress Explorations (also at the base of a mountain): a defensive, Scandinavian castle (inspired by Anna's) rather than an ornate, baroque chateau.    

The "Boathouse" at left is where the flume boats re-enter the mountain.  The Lighthouse Tower should be apparent.


Colin Prijn said...

And what will in the end take place inside the castle?

jay said...

Loving the elevation. I like how you adapted one of disneysea's many triumphs into a unique take on classic disney castles.

protojimbo said...

^Agreed! This is a next generation castle, in a realistic, cinematic setting. The proportion and off-center placement create a well composed vista from across the water.
I like the modeling of the rocky areas.

SWW said...

Thanks Jay & Jimbo

Anonymous said...

i love this design, it is cinematic placing the castle within a setting. what I really like is the large white mountain fantastic to project onto. the lighthouse also would provide an excellent projector base. fantastic luke j

Anonymous said...

About that Universal Monsters boat ride, how did you made that?

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