Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The 2015 Project - Full Build-out

Here is the fully built-out castle park master plan:

Pixar Place sees an expansion based on the Cars/Planes universe, a dusty airstrip with nods to Radiator Springs.  There is the Flo’s V-8 Café, a D-ticket Planes “tube simulator” (as appeared online in patent form), and the Off-Road Rally spinner.

Big City USA has the addition of the El(evated) Train, which brings sounds and kinetics, as well as a way to get around this large park that, like SDL, lacks a circum-navigating railroad.  The trains would be designed in a style inspired by 1930s Popular Mechanix/futurist renderings so as to mesh with the other, more tech-influenced lands they pass through.  

Fantasyland’s Georgian architecture of London-Cherry Tree Lane transitions to the Victorian-inspired part of San Fransokyo (e.g. the Lucky Cat Café) – a sub-area of MarvelVerse.  The main attraction - a family-accessible ride - here would be housed in a building inspired by Ishioka Robotics Lab of ‘Big Hero Six’.   There is a San Fransokyo Elevated Train station here.    Another form of cross-land transport would be a whimsical Car/Bus Service (6-8 different vehicles) that travels from San Fransokyo Circle, through London, around Big City, and to the Carousel Park in Pixar Place.

Since this park is chock full of rides, I decided to designate the requisite Avengers attraction a theatrical experience, which would combine the full gambit of special effects, stunt actors, animatronics, screens, etc – a sort of next-gen T2:3-D. 

The final attraction is a Guardians of the Galaxy launch coaster.  This one has a mostly low-profile track to minimize visual intrusions: the central area is sunken and the coaster relies more on acceleration and maneuvers versus height and drops.  For example, leaving the station, the train enters a canyon of alien rockwork (well below pathway grade) and pauses before its high-speed launch towards the lake through trenches and tunnels into a ground-level helix, before returning under the path to the central area of inversions, dives and rolls. 

Here’s a quick video showing the park from its early program to its ideal build-out decades later.   

Over such a long time period, new IP will continuously rise and fade in the world of film (an argument for a stronger presence of park-originated attractions?) to be considered for inclusion, so this master plan represents a snap-shot in time; something that could be continually adjusted.  But the long-term master plan is key so that nothing is developed in isolation and everything is done to maintain or improve the park's overall, long-term thematic & aesthetic integrity as it grows.   


Fifth Gate Challenge Reminder: Please write "[Park Name] by [your Name, Initials or Net Handle]", e.g. "Star Wars Park by J. Smith",  in the upper left box of the Presentation Sheet so I can quickly identify them.


Colin Prijn said...

Looks great!
Make it real and I'll come!

mark russell said...

I am a little confused. Is Carl Fredricksen's house a ride or a meet-and-greet spot?

SWW said...

^ That ended up just being a M&G location.

protojimbo said...

Wow - Looks great! This park is a worthy successor in the line of castle park evolution.
I hadn't even thought of something like the elevated train; it does add good kinetic energy. It also speaks to Walt's love of different modes of transportation.
I like how you broke up the Marvel universe into basic components and featured San Fransokyo. I was a little surprised by the chunk of land behind Wandering Oakens wasn't developed. There's nothing facing inward to reinforce the themeing of the Marvel section. I can see that green space and breathing room was important to the design, but I feel there's an opportunity to do some additional place making there.
I love the expanded Pixar area. I hope they someday do build that tube projector ride they patented! Including the Brave and Good Dinosaur rides, Pixar has a strong representation. This one, I think, better integrates with the feel of a Disneyland park than the real world examples we've seen.
One point though, similar to my last one: I feel like the back side of 7 Dwarfs that faces in towards Pixar Place, should have at least a facade that supports that themeing. On the existing 7DMT, even though the rear of the ride is still within Fantasyland, they built a facade that supports the Little Mermaid attraction. Since this is a whole other "land" on the back side, I feel that it would be appropriate to apply that idea here. If you want to keep it wooded a simple 'town park' theme could work gently. I suggest a Wilderness Explorer's nook to support UP themeing and connect to the forest behind.
Anyway, I'm really looking forward to seeing you explore this park with a variety of design pieces and illustrations. Keep up the great work!

SWW said...

^All good suggestions. The village backing of the Mine Train at MK is really well done. It does have the advantage of two areas sharing similar worlds, so any cross-bleeding still works. Whereas in this case one needs to be sure that the modern world of Pixar is well isolated from that of Snow White. Similar thing goes for Arendelle/Marvel. I tried to give generous room for a thick wall of forest vegetation to grow.

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kprince said...

I think this is my favorite piece of yours. :-)

essay-to-go said...

The 3d view of the plan is really nice. I really like your layout designs which gives the complete idea about the building. I really appreciate your work.