Thursday, January 1, 2015

The 2015 Project - Castle Elevation

Happy New Year!

This is an in-progress rendering of what I envision the iconic central castle for this park looking like.

The castle here (Princess Anna) is heavily-inspired by the one in 'Frozen', although it is not meant to be a re-creation.  In many cases, I think it is more effective for park architecture to be its own thing, versus directly re-creating a film world.

The view you are seeing is from the Fountain Show viewing area, so it is technically the left-side of the castle: the front view would be facing the causeway and main courtyard gate.

The focus of this illustration is on the architecture (leaving the equally-important rockwork mountain and landscaping for later).  The field of view is within the 'Outer Sea Wall' (see red line).  I will probably continue this drawing to show a wider view with Sea Wall & towers.  You will note the flagship flume attraction 'Once Upon a Time' passes around and beneath the castle.

I imagine this castle could serve numerous functions:
-Premium, table service dining on the upper floors, with views over the park (note the big triangular, glass window).
-Walkthrough attraction, exploring various chambers.
-Themed retail
-Meet & Greet
-A dungeon housing an Ice Dragon (or some sort of winter creature), inspired by the Paris walkthrough.



Colin Prijn said...

Ooooh I like it but I'm very curious about what we actually see inside the once upon a time ride. Is it based on the tv series or on something else?

mark russell said...

Yes, I am intrigued by the Once Upon A Time ride too.

SWW said...

That ride is definitely not based on the TV series (got a chuckle out of that).

It's a way of experiencing numerous classic animated fairly-tales in one long, E-ticket ride. The drops could be tamed down from Splash so as to not overly-exclude the target demo for these properties.

It could be a shared universe, story-driven experience (e.g. villains gather ala Fantasmic) or display a series individual vignettes (e.g. Canal Boats) from those classics. The properties included would be ones not seen elsewhere in the park and that fit the European fairy tale genre (e.g., Sword in the Stone, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Frozen, Tangled, Little Mermaid, Beauty&Beast, Black Cauldron, Snow White, Robin Hood, etc).

Anonymous said...

My only critique of the castle is that I don't know if this particular one is iconic enough; I think the Anna/Elsa castle is too plain for a Disney Park icon.

The recent castle that I think is just stunning is the one from Rapunzel (Tangled)…that's this gorgeous village on an island with the castle in the middle. I thought immediately upon seeing it for the first time that it would make a phenomenal Disney Parks castle.

They could create something like Mont St. Michel, with shops and restaurants all arranged in circles around the castle, with the castle in the middle.

But I love the thought process in making the castle functional, whatever it looks like. There should be an elegant restaurant inside. There should be attractions inside. That's the thing that people most want to do when reaching the castle: see what's inside and explore!

I also think that every castle should have a boutique hotel inside. They can charge insanely high prices to stay there. It would be a once in a lifetime type experience to stay there. Maybe just three suites, and guests would only be allowed to stay for one magical night. It would be a great honeymoon or special occasion type thing. And run it like the Cinderella Suite in Florida.

protojimbo said...

I agree that guests definitely want there to be something inside the castle; I remember being disappointed at the Orlando castle as a child. SDL has that figured out to the extreme. I like how this castle is up against the mountain - that opens up a little more interior space I imagine.
For the OUAT ride, I would offer the suggestion that a miniature scale (ala Beast's Castle - MK) Ice Castle be added above the snow line of the mountain. It could be made of clear material and lit by color changing LEDs for magical evening effects. I can also imagine an Ice castle section being at the top of the ride so the plunge is form Elsa's realm down to the newly melted Arendale. Perhaps a cave 'window' at the top of the ride with a dramatic view before the drop.

Ethan R said...

Instead of a snow dragon, I think Marshmallow should have a little room at the bottom with Elsa's Arendelle Tiara somewhere.

johnson said...

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essay-to-go said...

The castle is really well designed. Full credit to the developer who is making it more realistic. I am sure that the output would be brilliant as always.