Thursday, December 18, 2014

The 2015 Project

For the next set of posts here, I thought it would be good to initiate a change.  Ironically, change begins with the old standby: a new illustrative master plan.  Going forward, well into 2015, I will explore this one park’s visual development via a variety of forthcoming design pieces.   These may include expansion lands, detailed scenic plans, architectural elevations, concept art, signage graphics, etc.   Some will be quick sketches, others more refined renderings.

In picking a park for this long-term project, I decided against using an original content concept and will instead parallel the real-world project that excites me most: SDL.   I want this exercise to be under similar parameters that the Shanghai team was under:
-    Similar scale to Shanghai re: park footprint & capacity
-    Park Program to synergize with the Company’s hottest current properties
-    Opening day roster on par with DLP or SDL openings, with lots of room for natural expansion over forthcoming decades
-    Park design to emphasize major parades and night-time spectaculars

Phase I – Initial Design Considerations
-    Continue the evolution of the Castle Park layout from the original Hub-Spoke through SDL’s Multi-Loop to something totally new (for this class): Lagoon-Centric.
-    Have the Central Castle be across the lagoon at the base of a very large, iconic mountain: jaw-dropping vista and backdrop for shows.
-    Inclusion of a free-fall tower E-ticket attraction (in this case a neo-gothic Haunted Hotel, echoing some features of the Castle) at a far corner of the park, to maximize build-up and alleviate any potential sightline issues as the park develops.

A brief overview of Phase I Program:

Entry land is also the Star Wars land.  I’m imagining something like IoA’s Port of Entry but set in the SW galaxy.  The central landmark is a spire that is part of a next-gen spinner (craft on telescoping arms).  The Family D-ticket Shooter ride would be inspired by Toy Story Mania.  Premium lagoon-side dining (SW version of IoA’s Mythos).

 Classic exotic pulp adventure area anchored by an amphibious E-ticket version of the Indiana Jones Adventure.  

Pirate-themed area with flagship ride, a Mack water-gun spinner and an island featuring an interactive game as brilliantly done as MK’s Jewels of the Seven Seas.  The main Ship here is very large and fully explorable: a 3-masted War Galleon (multiple  gun decks), much bigger than similar tallships in DLP or TDS. 

Comprised of four sub-areas: Storybook Village, Fantasy Forest , London Way and Arendelle (each self-explanatory).   The E-ticket attraction here is a Splash Mountain-scale flume through a “shared universe” of animated fairytales.

Victorian London transitions to Jazz Age Manhattan.  Part of my thinking for this park was it would be designed for the next major market (e.g., Mumbai, Seoul, Rio) for a castle park.  While turn-of-the-century, small town America may not resonate with these audiences, the electricity of  a place like New York (in its wonder years) does resonate internationally. 

A more subdued suburban townscape compliments the nearby city.   Just as many of the animated fairytales can easily cohabitate in Fantasyland, my feeling is the numerous, modern-ish Pixar films can do the same here.  The king of Pixar properties gets an original, dark ride taking the characters on new adventures (LPS).

Future Expansion: Unlike the plans I’ve typically presented here, which are mostly built-out, you can see this one shows the park in its early stages of life, with lots of dedicated space to grow.  You'll see numerous pathway stems, giving an indication of things to come.  Marvel is one of those hot properties conspicuous by its absence.  I suppose a Marvel-based land could begin to open in Phase II, located in the very large eastern plot.  The western, Adventure-based lands could see organic growth or new sub-lands.   The plot northeast of the Forest Amphitheater looks prime for a Seven Dwarfs-type coaster, while Mr. Peterson’s House in Pixar Place looks like a good marker for a future “Up” ride.   

Feel free to imagine your own expansions by printing this plan out and drawing over it, as I do when considering the next phases.

As noted in the beginning, you should see regular updates to this project, detailing what this park would be like.


Colin Prijn said...

This is one of the most AWESOMEST parks you've ever done can't wait to see more

protojimbo said...

Glad to hear you'll be pushing into new territory - can't wait to see your new work! I've enjoyed the pieces we've seen over the last year or so, exploring other avenues of theme park design art. You've pretty much mastered what you started out to do and it's exciting to see you take your next steps in the journey.

Anonymous said...

What about the future land called Roger Rabbit's Hollywood incuding Toontown and Maroon Studios.
That would make great idea if Disney makes sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The rides should be:
Hollywood Blvd -
1) The Great Movie Ride (TCM as partnership with Disney)
2) CineMagic
3) 50's themed restaurant
Sunset Blvd -
1) The Red Car Trolley Line (Hollywood Blvd to Sunset Blvd)
2) The Ink and Paint Club
3) The Twlight Zone: Tower of Terror
4) Terminal Bar & Grill
5) The Hollywoodland Hills Theater (Now Playing: Frozen the Musical)
6) The dark ride based Eddie Valiant like between concept for Dick Tracy ride and Buzz Lightyear ride.
7) Dick Tracy's Crimestoppers
Maroon Studios -
1) ACME Warehouse
2) Baby Herman's Runaway Baby Buggy
3) Roger Rabbit's Coaster N' Fun
4) Maroon Cartoon Grill & Bar
Toontown -
1) The Toontown Trolley (simulator)
2) Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin
3) ACME Warehouse
4) The Toontown Tower Hotel (based on Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the drop tower like TOT,
like about that Droopy Dog from MGM cartoons would be as bellhoper and he would said "Goin' up, sir?", the Toons would makes a lot of cameos, and takes different rooms like Star Tours 2)
5) Benny's Runaway Cabs
6) Mickey's House
7) Minnie's House
8) Goofy's Bounce N' House
9) Donald's Boat
10) Goofy's Sky School
11) The Ink and Paint Club
12) Roger & Jessica Meet & Greet area
13) Chip N' Dale's Treehouse
14) Bugs Bunny's Hole
15) Wile E. Coyote's ACME products area
16) Betty Boop Meet & Greet area
17) Woody Woodpecker Meet & Greet area
18) Popeye and Olive Oyl Meet & Greet
19) Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Meet & Greet
20) Tom & Jerry, and Droopy Dog Meet & Greet
and more

Anonymous said...

Actually, Roger Rabbit's Hollywood will be connected to Big City USA, Fantasyland and StarPort.

Anonymous said...

I was forgot, Eddie Valiant's office will be on Sunset Blvd with a sign saying "NO TOONS", with Roger's shaped on the window,

Anonymous said...

I love everything about his except the fact that you instantly walk into a StarWars/StarPort land. You need to have a transition space from the outside world to the lands that exist in the park. Disneyland/Magic Kingdom does this by taking you back to a bygone era of a Main Street where anything is possible... which transitions to the themed lands. California Adventures does it with a trip back to a time when California was in its golden heyday and that sets the stage for the lands that follow. Animal Kingdom has the Oasis that leads you into the jungle with animals and plants to acclimate you. Universal Studios has old Hollywood setting you up for lands of movies. Islands of Adventure has a mythical port that can represent almost any imaginary port of call setting you up for the lands they have. Even Shanghai, while not having the traditional Main Street USA, will have a entrance that reflects a feeling of tranquilly and exploration, leading to the other lands of the park.

But by having you walk from the outside world directly into a futuristic/star wars themed land doesnt set you up, unless the whole park was based on the future, with lands based on looking beyond.

I would create a different entrance experience that would create a feeling that can transition to all these other great lands that you have created. Use the knowledge that Disney learned from fixing the entrance to DCA. Then this would be the most amazing park in the world, or at least on par with Disney Seas. Im sure if this is built in a are like Rio, or Asia, or anyplace that has culture, they can find a way to create a entrance with a feeling that the people of that region can relate to.

protojimbo said...

I have to agree, to a point, with the above comment. But I also think that the obligatory entrance shopping corridor is often almost a waste of park space and needed to be evolved. I appreciated the innovation. At first glance, I was willing to accept a "land" being the entrance area; that wasn't what tripped me up. (IMO the entrance of DCA is actually the only one that actually goes with the rest of the park thematically)It was the fact that there are 2 separate SW areas: the marketplace/spaceport and what looks like a rebel base. What got to me was the intentional break in the line of site (retail building) between the 2. I think it's a missed opportunity to not have the Falcon reinforce the rest of the SW areas. Also, the star-fighters don't necessarily go that well with the marketplace setting.

protojimbo said...

(Note: my above comment about DCA is within the confines of just the Disney parks)
I assume the design is already set, so I will keep my critique short and move on. I always feel a little weird criticizing, because I very much respect the work you've done. It's beyond anything I could do myself and yet, I'll point out what stands out to me anyway! I hope it's helpful feedback.
I actually really like the asymmetry of the entrance, but I my suggestion would be to tie in another potentially hot property which serves a dual purpose in that it hearkens back to DL roots: Tomorrowland/Spaceport - styled after the new movie. You could keep the same layout essentially, keep the spinner making it the Jet Packs instead. The canopy market would be replaced by the architecture of Valencia, Spain with added bells and whistles from the film. Innoventions replaces the Falcon as a walk-through. THEN, you walk around the corner into the SW area... I think a Tomorrowland/Spaceport entrance actually does address the concern of the above commentator. I this case it's Walt's vision of the future, rather than his remembrance of the past, that sets the optimistic sense of wonder and exploration for the rest of the park.

Anonymous said...

It's like Hollywoodland will be great such as:
-Hollywood Blvd (The Great Movie Ride)
-Sunset Blvd (Red Car Line, The Twlight Zone: Tower of Terror, The Ink and Paint Club, Dick Tracy's Crimestoppers, the dark ride based on Eddie Valiant (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
-Maroon Cartoon Studios (ACME Warehouse, Baby Herman's Runaway Baby Buggy and RollerCoaster Rabbit)
-Toontown *the link tunnel to Toontown would be like the film where Eddie drives to Toontown
near by Sunset Blvd* (The Toontown Trolley (simulator), Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin, The Toontown Tower Hotel, Benny the Cab ride (the tour of Toontown), Goofy's Sky School, Mickey's House, Minnie's House, Donald's Boat, Goofy's Colorful N' Paint House, ACME Warehouse, Chip N' Dale's Treehouse, Jolly Trolley and more)

Anonymous said...

Plus, if what could be future land for Hollywoodland or Marvel themed land. I bet Hollywoodland would be perfect connected to Big City USA because Hollywoodland is feel to 1930s and 1940s escpually Who Framed Roger Rabbit takes place in 1940s of Hollywoodland.
Maroon Studios would be perfect to Hollywoodland, plus Toontown too. I want the Great Movie Ride to be partnership with TCM and Disney. The Toontown Trolley will be so awesome simulator ride where Roger Rabbit takes the guests a tour of Toontown like unused planned for 1990s for Disneyland and Disney MGM Studios, the Toons will be have cameos like Disney, Warner Brothers, Paramount, MGM, Universal, and others. Benny the Cab ride should be more like People Mover, the toon cabs takes the guests a tour of Toontown, crashing through Acme Warehouse, the Ink and Paint Club, Toontown Powerhouse, the Toontown Tower Hotel, Toontown Harbor, and more)
Also, Dick Tracy's Crimestoppers would be great addition to Hollywoodland. Plus, I love Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the film was perfect for feels of 1940s, the Hollywoodland would be perfect for new Disney theme park than Marvel land.

protojimbo said...

If the design is indeed set, then I'd could see a small Tomorrowland movie area in the lower part of the eastern plot, spurring out from the SW area. It could transition into a Marvel area which then melds into Big City USA. I think that expansion makes a very smooth transition from the entrance to end. While Big City USA is it's own themed area, it is congruous with a lot of Marvel settings. I would suggest crossing the two themes by claiming the northern most plot of land between BCUSA & Pixar Place for a Marvel attraction. Guests could pass through the buildings of the Auto-mat to keep the areas connected. With Marvel on both ends of the city, the area of urban landscape would be expanded, perhaps allowing a more modest number of attractions to seem bigger.
Other expansion ideas - The area to the south of that could be the mine coaster as you suggested - I would grab the adjacent inside part of the plot between Pirates & Pixar for Fantasyland (villains attraction/Dark Woods?) I think the Pirates area is great & it has enough going on, so I'd take the back half of that plot to expand Pixar Place w/ your Up idea, more retail/food and one other (maybe visually kinetic) ride.
While I really love the Indy river ride - the actual river pathway, going through two dark areas, looks fantastic, Adventureland is a little light on attractions. Help me out, I'm a little slow - what is QSR? Great transition on this side of the park - Adventure to Pirates to Fantasy. As much as I like the potential for a new land - I think Adventureland needs a little more. Maybe a complimentary theme would work to expand the area - sort of like i mentioned w/ the Marvel/BigCity crossover...
Ok, I'm done - lol

SWW said...

Thanks for all the comments.

Well-reasoned criticism is welcome, and Jimbo's and anon's is such.

It's a very fair point about the Entry Land: begin with something somewhat familiar/realistic/comfortable (Main St. USA, Buena Vista) or a natural pre-lude to the park's theme (Oasis) and then venturing out into the unknown/wild/fantastic is a tried and true recipe. I think DisneySea brilliantly follows this model, starting in the Old World port at the beginning of the Age of Exploration.

For this park, firstly, there had to be a major shake-up in this recipe, for originality's sake (I've drawn dozens of variations of the traditional castle park formula): A totally different concept for the entry land than what I've drawn before.

Second, as noted in the post, part of this intentionally-bifurcated Star Wars Land (the Smugglers' District) was inspired by IoA's Port of Entry (one of my favorite entry areas; as exotic as any Adventureland). If I do some dimensional drawings of this area it should be more apparent that this is a sort of a Main Street of the Star Wars Universe - not sleek and shiny, but made of mud, brick, scrap metal, with some tech adornments (it's not Tatooine, but could have a Tatooine building, among many other Star Wars architectural styles). You have droids and outlaw aliens setting up shop here to trade goods (hence the presence of the Falcon). The spinner/spire is in this area to draw the eye and reiterate the land's theme (in competition with the castle across the lagoon).

The juicy part of the land, where the major rides are, is separated from entrance corridor and changes up the style to a more metal and tech-dominated Rebel base.

So, it does break from that proven traditional formula for a castle park, but I think there is some precedent for the success of this method (IoA).


Yes, this Adventureland is very light (this park is probably a E-ticket or two above what an opening day would see) and could use an expansion (maybe an outdoor coaster that this park lacks). QSR is quick service restaurant. In this case a jungle outpost with outdoor seating patio.

mark russell said...

What is a Park Program, and why is it important to reflect what Disney's hot properties of the time? That is one thing I dislike about Disney's mindset - they seemingly pretend certain things they have done do not exist (i.e. films that did poorly at the box office).

SWW said...

^Park Program is the content.

Using hot properties is a corporate strategy under the current regime, not a philosophy I personally condone. Since it was a condition SDL was designed under, I wanted to apply it to this exercise, for realism(the Big City here would probably be converted to Marvel under corporate directive).

The Hot Property Rule can still result in great theme parks, even if originality/new creation suffers. And I do think there is less depth, profundity, sophistication to parks developed under that strategy, as I prefer parks that aim higher and have a "living museum" aspect.

protojimbo said...

@ SWW & Mark - Is there a particular original "land" you'd want to bring to this park? That eastern plot is certainly big enough for something. I suppose it might depend on where it would be built - if you wanted to make something to tie into the local culture (as in SDL). By addressing some of the demands of commerce upfront, you created potential opportunities for something original in expansion to balance things out. Mystic Point did a good job of that... That seemed like an obvious expansion idea for Adventureland, except that you probably don't want to duplicate the attraction.
I think the lagoon is great - nicely broken up without being too big. I can see a kind of concentric circle layout happening, at least when the expansion plots are filled in. There could be an outer ring connecting the backs of most of the areas and the inner ring closer to the lagoon.
This park is already pretty distinctive. There's so many things I love about it. Walking into the icy Arendelle area from the SW side... I like how you incorporated the Londontown idea into this iteration of Fantasyland.
The whole Pirates area with the island is quite awesome - a lot of stuff right there in it's own tight section.
Anyway - I can't wait to hear more details on the attractions and to see some concept impressions of the lands!

Colin Prijn said...

How about a new polynesian area for the Adventureland expansion with the tiki room, water ride( splash mountain like), fire mountain and maybe more.

SWW said...

Regarding the next phases. First, consider what the park already has via attraction types (coaster, EMV, dumbo, explore zone, automated theatrical, live theatrical, etc.) and scales (A-E) and what it needs. For example, a Splash Mountain-style flume is already covered in Fantasyland, but I could see a C-ticket family dark-ride based on the musical Tiki Bird lore.

A Tiki area could be one of several Adventure sub-lands. Dinosaurs might be fun to experience via a major ride or coaster. I like the 1800s Steampunk-Verne/Wells style, which also can bridge between 1600/1700s Pirates and early 20th Pulp of Indiana Jones, so maybe a Time Machine ride.

If Mystic Manor serves as park's haunted house, than this park's haunted house is covered by the hotel in Big City.

Alex show said...

i'd put at the Expansion plot next to Adventureland a Western themed land with two rides centered in a mountain mixing Grizzly Mountain and the new Mountain in Shanghai.

Then for the plot next to Fantasyland is split to two lands. The first land would entail Stark industries down next to StarPort where you could get either a Iron Man Experience clone or a new Transformers-Esque dark ride with the Avengers battling Ultron.

The next land would be a small kids land based on Big Hero 6 with it being a 7DMT type ride with you riding on a new designed robot made by Hiro to help them fight alongside. It would be a compact indoor/outdoor coaster with fun for everyone.

I agree also on the idea of 7DMT being at that expansion plot up of Fantasyland also with a UP family dark ride at that Pixar expansion plot.

the Expansion plot next to Big City USA would be pushed back a bit. You could even push Big Hero 6 if you do a phase Three of the park. I hope you like these ideas and put them into consideration as you make some of the best content for fans like me.

mark russell said...

I can see the Up attraction as either a Soarin-like ride but that might been room would be taken in the big expansion area north of Fantasyland where the dwarfs' mine train could go.

Alternatively, the attraction could take place in Fredricksen's house and clever tricks and technology make it feel like the house takes off with guests inside and flies away before landing again. Or simplicity's sake, use the house as an entrance and make the ride a spinner or something.

As a transition to Fantasyland's expansion, I'd suggest a Brave dark ride within Merida's castle, called Brave: The Legend of Mordu, taking guests through the castle while playing a game with Merida's brothers, then go through the woods, the standing stones, and into Mordu's lair where guests are then "chased" by the bear, before escaping back to Merida's castle unharmed.

I'm not sure what to put in the spot between Pixar Place and Big City, perhaps a Finding Nemo ride, and some small retail area which also has gags and stuff - a lamp shop which is nod to Luxo Jr. but also the lamp shop cartoon John Lasseter made. I'd also like to see a playarea for A Bug's Life.

Anonymous said...

Kind of off-topic, but have you ever considering doing an ideal buildout of a 'real' Jurassic Park?

SWW said...

^ I've done animal parks but haven't thought about an actual Jurassic Park. It's a cool idea. The faux park media that's been released for 'Jurassic World' definitely has my attention. Maybe when we get closer to the movie's release.

Colin Prijn said...

I'd like to see a themed area called Bog easy( from epic mickey) based on New orleans and the bayou. This area would cover both princess and the frog and the rescuers as a bit spookiness with a hide and go seek like ride based on lonesome ghosts.

Also the Polynesian area as I said before could be cool for Adventureland.

For a Fantasyland expansion I'd like to see a mary poppins ride for London, Pinocchio for Storybook village, a brave coaster ( similar scale to seven dwarfs but now around DunBroch castle) and in the area above storybook village I'd do some other fantasyland expansion with movies as tangled, pooh, alice in wonderland and so on.

For Pixar place I think Nemo is the best fit. An indoor area maybe with a coaster, jellyfish spinner and dark ride. but maybe the Incredibles could work as well with a spiderman like ride.

On the right expansion locations I'd love to see something Marvel and maybe an area dedicated to Myths and legends.

protojimbo said...

@ SWW have you listened to any Chap Hop? Since you like Victorian & Steam punk, you might get a kick out of it. It's rap done by proper English gentlemen, in proper King's English. Apparently, hip hop was invented in the mid-late 1800's - who knew? Look for a track called "Clockwork" if you're interested!

protojimbo said...

I like the Polynesian Island idea to expand Adventureland! With Pixar's Lava and Disney Animation's new Moana coming up - I'm inspired! Imagine a volcano (not too tall) rising above the western most show building on the Indy Jungle boat. On the expansion a small body of water surrounds what is a volcanic island on this side (perhaps a new type of wave based ride here). A small village, the Tiki room, a Dole whip counter and a Lilo and Stitch water play area round it out...?

Colin Prijn said...

@ protojimbo I had the same ideas. The volcano would hold a coaster based on Pele( god of fire), there would be a boat ride with some wet elements in it, moana dark ride, tiki room and I was thinking of a Lilo and Stitch shooter ride where you have to catch all Stitch's cousins.

protojimbo said...

I really like the Big Hero 6 and Brave ideas a lot. I was thinking the little green patch right across from Peter Pan could be a small Fairy meet & greet. I think the park needs a Dumbo still...

protojimbo said...

@ Colin
Ha - Awesome! Great minds; right? Hey, have a good time during the Holiday Season my friend! The same to SWW and all his fellow followers!

Colin Prijn said...

Big hero 6 would be great for a Marvel themed area. For a Dumbo spinner hmmmmm... perhaps heffabees or something with the pixies.

Happy Holidays everyone

Colin Prijn said...

I'd still love to read the old posts again:(

Anonymous said...

Agreed, the posts that were deleted always were interesting and inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Seriously. I wish you wouldn't delete your old stuff.