Saturday, June 21, 2014

3D Modeling

I was flattered to be contacted by designer Raoul van Kammen (website) who took it upon himself to digitally model the Leonardo's Workshop attraction for DisneySea that I had drawn and posted here a few months ago:

And here is the progression of Raoul's stellar modeling work:

I think he brilliantly captured what I was trying to communicate for this environment.  Thanks, Raoul!


Colin said...

Wow! this looks amazing. Wish it excisted. Sounds like pretty good attraction, which is great for Disneysea. This is also a nice idea for Epcot, which misses a lot of rides.. Can't wait for your next post

Anonymous said...

Can you do Warner Bros. Movie World, Warner Bros. Wild World and Warner Bros. Sea World parks?, please.

lobotus said...

This is a great post!
3D modeling said...

WOW! this is simply a wonderful thing to do. These models look so real. This is a next big step in the world of graphics and architectural design. It will make house building easy.