Friday, January 17, 2014

Visualzing StarWarsland

Not long ago MiceAge reported the attractions being considered for converting Tomorrowland to a Star Wars-themed area.   I based the plan below on those rumors in order to visualize the sort of thing that may be in store.   

With the peoplemover track removed, the main boulevard becomes a StarWars-ian cityscape, with numerous sci-fi architectural facades, setbacks and towers.  I don’t think it was rumored, but for the land to become Star Wars, it would seem something would need to be done to Buzz Lightyear (as unlikely as that seems).   I imagine the best option would be to re-dress it to a kid-friendly ride set in the SW universe (maybe based on the animated TV shows).  The explorable Falcon sits atop the old Starjets platform, as rumored.   The new Cantina takes up all of the footprint of the TL Terrace, moving the Jedi Training show towards the Hub, replacing the M&G area there now (TL’s equivalent of the Fantasy Faire).  Don't think this last part was in the report.

The major addition to the land is a motorbike launch coaster themed to the Endor Forest (the many large, beautiful trees currently adorning Autopia were, I assume, the reason for this concept, and, hopefully, will somehow be built-around, versus cut down, if this ever comes to pass).  Since speeder bikes involve chases, I made this an intertwined, dueling coaster – a terrain-hugging cousin to Dueling Dragon – with caverns, AT-AT and bunker.  There is a walkthrough Ewok village as well (not rumored, as I recall).

In the process of drawing this, it occurred that there was little point in attempting to convert the popular Space Mountain so it could inhabit the SW universe (Star Tours already covers a space adventure in this world), so I kept this area as close to “Classic Tomorrowland” as possible.  There’s a new monorail station (much shortened loop), and a Pedestrian Walkway over the backstage area to Town Square (allowing crowds to dissipate).

Since there is a lot of hoopla surrounding the success of ‘Frozen’, I added an addition to Fantasyland carved out of the Motorboat area.  It would have storybook facades (but more Nordic in style) and house a M&G, restaurant, and gliding LPS darkride.  

I added a couple of personal, original attractions in Frontierland and Critter Country to complete the 'build-out' of the park.

It will be interesting to see the specifics of what WDI has planned if the project moves forward.


Jeff Wedway said...

Awesome, you couldn't make a better visualization! It's really neat to see how you were able to squeeze another dark ride into Fantasyland, as well. I love all your maps, but admittedly, your Disneyland visualizations are some of my favorites! It's fun to think about all of the untapped possibilities that exist for the original Disney theme park.

protojimbo said...

I like that you set out to visualize what is likely - even though it's still probably a best case scenario - this build out is pretty realistic. The buzz overlay would be a good solution - maybe the Stormtrooper training theme or how about a being-hunted-by-bounty hunters overlay? Using all the bounty hunters from the series in different set pieces, the guest goes around fighting them off and "escaping" to the next scene...
The land tucks in nicely behind The Matterhorn, I like how you managed the walkways around that area.
A lot of designs I see lately readily sacrifice Autopia - I'm all for it! It's noisy smelly takes up a ton of room and I remember being disappointed in it even as a child (we're talking Florida here - where it's a worse ride). I wonder how many people it can get thru per hour...
I agree about keeping that corner of TL in a classic form and the way you have it layed out, it doesn't take anything away from the Star Wars area. Good Work, once again! thanks for sharing with us!

Anonymous said...

Very smartly designed and if this does come to life, I hope it would be something like this. Though I would prefer a more original Tomorrowland that isn't dependent on one franchise. The Dueling Coaster seems interesting and something unique that Disney does not have. Reminds me of the original Dragon Challenge for DAK.

I love the way the monorail goes symmetrically through the land. It is almost like mini-Epcot and much cleaner than what is there now. You're proposing removing the railroad station?

One criticism though. I think the Astro Orbiter placement is poor and would diminish the scale and presence of Space Mountain behind it.

Anonymous said...

Are you gonna plan a detail layout of the Frozen dark ride like you did with Mary Poppins?

Charles said...

Love the concepts presented here. It is time for Autopia and the Subs to go as both take up a lot of space.

Red Savarin said...
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