Monday, December 30, 2013

Closer Resolution II

For me, once the medium-resolution thematic/conceptual master plan has been established, the next step is to further consider and illustrate the park in higher resolution, with an emphasis on architecture.  What exactly will all those buildings look like?  How will facades be massed?   To answer, here is a sample from a recently posted park that shows a closer look at a portion of the Australian area and gives the viewer a clearer idea of what I had in mind:

I wanted to create a romanticized, dusty old Outback town for this area.  I’ve found that an interest in (and desire to research) architectural history is critical in designing theme parks.  In this research (which is conducted before the mid-resolution plan is created), I found historic Australian rural architecture is characterized by metal, hipped roofs (kicked-hipped and 'Australian-hipped').  There are also parapet roofs not unlike what one might find in an Old West setting.  Covered porches are common.   Leathery-leaved gum trees abound.

In my plan, the central complex with retail, dining and restrooms starts to take shape here as the heart of a classic bush town or outback cattle station, with numerous ramshackle pubs, hotels and other facades, crammed together.  The metal roofs are patched and rusty.   You will also note the ride vehicles for Platypus Flats (Aquatopia re-theme) and the Steamer coming into the dock.  An old water-tower is attached to southern Dock building.   

With the basic architecture and building layouts now established from above, the area is ready for elevations, perspective/dimensional renderings and modeling.

Best wishes to all readers for the new year!


Grace Olson said...


A dense massing of buildings in the colonial western style is exactly what I was thinking about for the queue for that Ayers rock area. Nice detail there, thanks for taking the pencil out again!

overlandfilms said...

Google accounts don't tell you who you're posting as until it's too late! Anyway, thanks again!

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