Monday, May 6, 2013

HKDL Triptych

In honor of the opening of Mystic Point, I created a piece of concept art that shows an "Adventureland Connector" land in place of Toy Story Land.  In a previously-shared IdealBuildout concept plan of HKDL, I continued with the idea of distinct mini-lands surrounding the 'core' lands, including the existing TSL, a Pirateland and an Oz-land.  I like this ring-of-distinct-mini-lands development plan because it is unique to all the MK-style parks. 

The drawings in this post, however, explore a more traditional development route for HKDL: creating five large, core lands and one 'specialty' land (e.g. LSQ or NOSQ):

For the birdseye artwork of 'Adventureland - El Dorado' (below, middle) I attempted an homage to WDI artist Ray Cadd, who produced the flanking pieces:

It's a Meso-American area with the central temple marking the entrance to the Indiana Jones E-ticket, a junior coaster on the left and restaurant/retail complex on the right.  The layout can be seen on the park plan below.

One thing this version does is address the sightline issues presented by Toy Story Land (Parachutes from northern Mystic Point, RC Racers through foliage on Jungle Cruise) by creating a heavily planted land in its place that continues the pulp adventure theme.  The numerous pre-Columbian artifacts scattered around Mystic Point make for nice continuity with this area, as well.


1967WEDway said...

Yes! Glorious! Interesting decision swapping out the Pirateland for Thunder Mesa. Your El Dorado concept is also glorious and coincides much better with the rest of the expansion than Toy Story Land, in my opinion. You had me fooled with your El Dorado concept art side-by-side with the official art as it fit perfectly alongside them. And that Vulcania land? Wowza! :D

Dean said...

Great Job As Always But I Have A Question.
I Know You Use AutoCAD but what product do you use, there so many of them.

protojimbo said...

I love the concept art! could you talk a little about how you accomplished that? I agree with the above about Toy Story-land; not a fan - it's seems unfinished and spindley. I appreciate how you're diving deeper into the work with new types of art and your 'study' approaches. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

What about Toontown?
It will based from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, this will taking place in busy of zany cartoon world, not taken based in 30s and 40s Disney classic shorts.
It's based from Roger Rabbit!
Which will have alots of Roger Rabbit stuff like The Toontown Trolley, Benny the Cab Ride and Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin, Toontown Tower Hotel (TOT parody).
Other rides & stuff are:
Jolly Trolley
Oswald's Trolley Trouble
Goofy's Sky School
Scoorge McDuck's Money Pit
Mickey's House
Minnie's House
Donald's Boat
Goofy's Paint N Playhouse
ACME Warehouse
Roller Coaster Rabbit
Baby Herman's Runaway Baby Buggy Ride
Goofy's Motor Mania
The Toontown Theater - Roger Rabbit in The Nightmare Rabbit 3D
Pete's Gas Service
Mickey's Big Top
The Great Goofini
and some more rides, stuff..

SWW said...

Appreciate the enthusiastic comments.

In isolation, I think Toy Story Land is quality work and achieves what it aims to do. The problem it presents in HKDL are the aforementioned sightline issues from other themed areas of the park.

Jimbo, I (digitally)drew and colored the artwork from scratch, with the official Cadd piece close at hand so I could mimic his style: the goal being for El Dorado to blend with the original expansion art .

protojimbo said...

That's fantastic! It does blend and looks just as good. You've really been doing it all lately. I expect to see some period brick laying and rockwork examples next time! ;-)

Pierre said...

Great article! I like the idea of El dorado, it would be a great way to create a smooth transition between mystic point and the rest of adventureland. And I love your artwork in the style of Ray Cadd, very well done!

Anonymous said...

Too much of the park railroad is on bridges!!