Sunday, March 31, 2013

Varied Resolution

Happy Easter.

The conceptual site plans you see here are at the widest resolution in order to present the Big Picture of a particular theme park idea.  My design mantra is "The Park is the E-ticket" - meaning the goal is to create a park where the visitor can wander around going on few or none of the composite rides and still feel like the experience has been worth it.  Granted, achieving this rare feat is mostly done on the micro level (detail and execution), but establishing good skeletal and circulatory systems, themes and transitions, sightlines - and showing the full build-out potential (no park would open on the scale that I present here) - is, to me, the vital first step. 

 When the time comes to communicate a more detailed idea of what a park would be like, I begin to "zoom in."  To show this, I've chosen a small section of the American Experience - a park on which I collaborated with Comics101 a while back.  

The area shown, part of Libertyville, is to have the feel of cities like Boston, Philadelphia, New York around the time of the country's founding.  This, of course, has already been conceptualized and executed brilliantly by the likes of Herb Ryman and the designers of the Magic Kingdom's Liberty Square (a great gallery of its construction can be seen here).

The Federal, Dutch, Flemish and Georgian Colonial styles of the facades dictate the roof types of this section, and I used a semi-chaotic massing to give the area a theatrical feel.  Even the backstage facing roofline of the show-building is themed in order to maintain proper long-distance sightlines (probably unnecessary due to tree-planted berms around it, but with no budget to worry about, why not...).

And if you want to view the patriotic slideshow from the original American Experience post you can check it out here.


ProjectTurtle said...

The map of the American Experience is revived! and illustrated! And what did happen to the old maps i tried to view them recently and there's nothing but the triangle and exclamation point? Nevertheless the detail is awe inspiring. Great Job!

1967WEDway said...

This American Experience park is a fantastic design, I prefer it over the original Disney's America concept in many ways.

1967WEDway said...

Having the same problems as ProjectTurtle, by the way. Some maps are severely reduced in size while many don't show up at all with just a triangle and exclamation point taking their place.

protojimbo said...

Yay- micro details! I love this kind of thing since I often find myself thinking on this level. Thanks for including this closer look at the design!

Pastor_of_Muppets said...

This is one of my favorite parks you've done, from everything I've seen on the blog, so it's good to see it return in an updated fashion. The micro element is definitely cool to see, as I also envision the parks as being as detailed as possible. The only element missing from this park is a Wild West section. It's an iconic time in American history, and Disney has proposed several great rides that would suit this park well (such as the ride from the Neverlands park).

Your Hybrid park was also fantastic, and might be one of the most interesting parks you've done from a visual perspective. The concept was also a unique and good one. And while I'm at it, I very much enjoyed the Mary Poppins ride and the slightly modified Islands of Adventure posts, as well.

Looking forward to what you come up with in the future, and thanks for bringing this park back to the blog.

megatron_85 said...

is this one of the surprises you were talking about

SWW said...

Thanks for the comments.

Past Posts/plans showing a triangle-exclamation are ones I took down because I'm trying to improve them in some way - typically conversion to the "illustrative" style. When they re-appear it will most likely be in a post like this one, where I try to show a new aspect of the design, like an elevation, birdseye, ride layout or zoomed-in area plan.

comics101 said...

Hey I know I'm a little late leaving a comment, but wow is this amazing! I never imagined anything like this when we first got together on this park, and it looks phenomenal. I can't wait to see other parks you've designed and drawn done with this detail!

SWW said...

^ Glad you like it. Working with your sketches is a pleasure.