Thursday, November 22, 2012

MK no RoA

Happy Thanksgiving.

A while ago I read a rumor that future development at MK, post-FLE, might happen in Frontierland, and could bring an end to (i)the Rivers of America, (ii)the circumnavigating riverboat, and (iii)TSI as we know them today.  TSI in its isolation is one of my favorite things about MK, so I can't say I support this idea, but I still wanted to visualize what such a river-less future MK might look like, so I put together this plan:

The east side of the park follows my birds-eye illustration posted here earlier in the year:

I added Indiana Jones & the Lost Expedition to Adventureland for IdealBuildout reader Tasman. (A complimentary idealbuildout DHS would lose the Indy stunt show).  The Indy ride, the Jungle Cruise (with a reversed course to enter the bigger of the two temples last) and the RR would all come together in a show space as seen in the famous Bryan Jowers’ masterpiece.  This version wouldn't have the mine-cart coaster.

In Frontierland, I assumed one of the major goals of potentially doing away with the Rivers and Liberty Belle would be to alleviate the dead-end/choke point around the Big Thunder and Splash Mtn entrances - making a full loop to Liberty Sq./Fantasyland.  My plan does this, while keeping TSI intact (but now accessible by footbridges).  The permanently-moored riverboat would become a restaurant.    Since there is still a lot of unused ‘river’, I thought of a Huck Finn version of aquatopia (or possibly rider-directed and powered rafts, rather than LPS).

The northwest corner of the park (where much of the Rivers are filled-in) becomes available for new development.  Always in favor of a healthy does of originality in the parks, I put in a new mini-land, Borderlands, that is a bridge of Old West & Fantasy with elements of sci-fi & steampunk… something akin the Stephen King’s Dark Tower: gunslingers meet wizards.  This is a dangerous place (Fort Langhorn stands guard against it) inhabited with all new characters and a major E-ticket adventure.

This built-out version of MK loses two rides (Riverboat & Speedway), but adds four E-tickets, a D, and a couple of lower-scale attractions.  


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hurricane Hiatus

Hello Readers, 

My area got badly hit by Hurricane Sandy.  Lack of power and internet connectivity will mean a - hopefully - brief hiatus before I make any new posts. 

Look forward to sharing more conceptual work in the future.