Friday, October 26, 2012

Illustrated Attraction Plan - Tangled

Here is another illustrated ride layout in a similar format to the previous one.  This ride is based on an idea submitted by an IdealBuildout reader.  Phil’s idea was for a Tangled sub-area at MK, anchored by two level Kuka-based dark ride.  Here is his mock-up:

 I had already drawn a conceptual theme park plan that included a Tangled-dedicated land, here, so I decided to adapt Phil’s ride to that location, instead of the MK.  After reading his description, I thought it best to drop the Kuka arm from my version, because I didn’t think the ride required that kind of powerful multi-directional motion.  Since the ride vehicles were to be Floating Lanterns and the ride a mild, family E-ticket, I felt that vehicle needed 270 degree horizontal rotation as well as gentle, pneumatic vertical lift of about 3-5ft.  I also felt the ride only needed to be one level since there were no major drops that couldn’t be achieved with screens and movement of the vehicles’ lifts.  

My illustrated ride layout:

Some reference imagery:

The Queue
The experience begins in a verdant forest.  The front of the showbuilding is hidden by extensive rockwork and trees with a waterfall tumbling down the front into a pool.  Soon visitors reach a clearing where a near-scale Tower sits.  Standby lines circle the tower’s base, while the fastpass line moves directly into the caverns.  Taking a cue from the new Mermaid queue, the indoor, cavern features “mini-games with Pascal. Successfully completing mini-games would illuminate a starburst above on the ceiling.”  Phil continues, “Behind the load station would be a mural of the Kingdom with floating lantern projections drifting in the sky above it.  Ride vehicles would be "floating" lit lanterns that flicker throughout the ride. Each lantern would seat 4 guests.”

The Ride
The lanterns float into the Greenwood, where an AA Flynn Rider stands next to his WANTED poster, lamenting how they never get his nose right. A horse neigh would sound and he tells riders "Gotta run!” Vehicles then pass an AA Mother Gothel calling Rapunzel to let down her hair.

The lanterns then would entirely face left and pneumatically rise. A screen shows Rapunzel's hair, Mother Gothel climbing, followed by Flynn, who motions for you to keep it a secret.
The lanterns move into the Tower chambers, where an AA Rapunzel and Pascal paint the walls.  The vehicles move through the tower interior with quick scenes of Rapunzel singing, Gothel singing and, finally, Rapunzel confronting a tied up Flynn.

The lanterns then turn backwards to exit the tower, pneumatically lowering in sync, as another screen-room simulates returning to the forest level.

In the forest, Rapunzel swings around the tree in celebration and Flynn rolls his eyes. The lanterns will then head towards the open doors of the Snuggly Duckling.  The Duckling is filled with AA ruffians, putting on the large production number "I Have a Dream". Also present are the Stabbington Brothers, eyeing Flynn and cracking their knuckles. Maximus' neigh will sound behind us as the lanterns approach the hidden passageway. 

In the underground escape tunnel begins in a keg room then enters a cavern that has an opening to the tower clearing and forest beyond and castle in far distance (scrim).

The lanterns re-enter sunlight in the very large quarry/dam/canyon room.  We see Flynn and Maximus fighting along with the Stabbington Brothers. Rapunzel swings across a ravine using her hair.  It becomes clear that the dam is about to burst (water sprays out of it) and the canyon collapse.  A boulder almost slams into the turning ride-vehicle, at which point an on-ride photo is snapped.

The excitement of the quarry is followed by a mellower moment at a nighttime campfire with Flynn & Rapunzel.  But nearby Gothel discourages Rapunzel and the Stabbington Brothers prepare to grab Flynn.  

Back in the tower, events unfold in a magic mirror as Rapunzel and Gothel look on (screen): “The world is a cruel place.” Flynn is hurt. A sunburst in the mirror and Rapunzel gasps, exclaiming she is the lost princess.  The lanterns enter the main Tower room where a short-haired Rapunzel weeps over a dying Flynn.  She sings the healing incantation as sunbursts light up all around them.   A harrowed Gothel can be seen falling out the window, as we hear Flynn's recovering voice.

The lanterns enter a royal chamber where we see Maximus standing proud with a bag of apples and Rapunzel and Flynn embracing the King and Queen.  The lanterns exit the castle balcony and enter the Grand Finale of the attraction where "I See the Light" plays and a super-detailed miniature of the castle, the city & the boat-filled bay are laid out before & below them (in perspective: closer boats are larger).  It is evening and glowing lanterns, fiber-optics and projected lanterns surround the gently rising/lowering/rotating vehicles to create a mesmerizing effect.  

In the denoument scene, lanterns pass a city wall covered with posters that say MARRIED with drawings of Flynn and Rapunzel, his nose wrong on all of them. The lanterns turn one last time to see the drunk Short Thug (AA) waving goodbye.

The unloading area would again be a carved stone castle veranda that exits into a cavern cellar retail area and on-ride photo pick-up.  The exit path features a wooden bridge crossing a stream.




Anonymous said...

This ride concept is AMAZING. Fantastic Job! -

pli1018 said...
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Phil said...

WOW. This is so incredibly awesome! Thanks so much for making this! You took the best of my idea and enhanced it with fantastic adjustments. I'm so impressed. Thanks again!

protojimbo said...

SW - I love the focus on attractions! It's very experiential to read the ride-through on these. And interesting to dissect how a combination of movement, artwork, lighting, sound and special effects can result in a 'magical' illusion. Great idea Phil, there are a lot of great moments and striking scenes in the ride. Pretty complex storytelling - a lot of scenes. How does that stack up against the little mermaid? It seems almost twice as long scene-wise (if not in actual size), which is great, 'cuz LM is a bit short. At it's heart this ride has that 'special something': it really takes us away for those few minutes and the big castle/lantern scene would make memories for sure! 1 small gripe: I think the ride vehicles could look a little more like paper. Good collaboration gentlemen - a very enjoyable post!

SWW said...

Hey Jimbo,

The ride vehicles here are to feel as though they're floating on gentle air currents, so they would move a little more briskly than the Mermaid's chugging-along omnimover. Even at a faster rate, this ride time would be a little longer than mermaid, with the building's footprint being bigger, more show-scenes and larger rooms. While Mermaid is family D, this larger scale ride with rising & lowering vehicles and dozens of full-size/motion AAs (e.g, 12-15 in the Snuggly Duckling interior scene) would definitely rate an E-ticket.


Glad you like what I did here. I was interested in your location at the MK (some parts would be a little tight against the RoA), but going this way gave me a little more freedom. I really liked your idea of seeing through the waterfall while on the ride to the outside Tower Clearing (like Maelstrom). I wasn't able to incorporate it, which is why I added the scrim room in the cavern passageway to give a similar view.

Anonymous said...

What's gonna be next but i hope it's not Phineas and Ferb

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SWW, where are you?

Anonymous said...

Where is the next post

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SWW, Are you here or are you on holiday

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with the power's out where he live who knows

Anonymous said...

SWW, Where are you.

If SWW not talk to me, It's Phineas and Ferb forever.

Magic Lamp said...

Build it and I will come!