Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thieves Dominion

This is a park design I did for Brian K. back in early 2012.  He calls it 'Thieves Dominion'.  It draws from Islands of Adventure, MK, Kings Dominion, MGM among other parks and re-arranges their features into a unique amalgam park.  Here is Brian’s initial conceptual layout:

And the illustrative conceptual site plan I created for it:


 The park is entered through an area very similar to IoA’s Port of Entry – a personal favorite among themed environments – but with an ancient windmill at the park gate (rather than the lighthouse).  The second overhead bridge is an elevated station platform for the Bandit Railway.  The dilapidated train features an indoor sfx (AA) sequence involving the Bandits’ loot cavern and underground HQ (at the north edge of the park).


Moving clockwise, the park’s Adventureland is set in an Asian/Indian/Pacific Island tropical forest covered in crumbling temples, statues, etc.  The Machine is a suspended top spin, heavily themed to a ruined ancient stone device and featuring fire and water effects (i.e. Raging Spirits environment).  Tree House Village is several Swiss Family-style treehouses(original backstory) connected with aerial bridges, featuring slides, climbing nets and makeshift contraptions.   The Crypt is an indoor Intamin Twisted Impulse Coaster set in a narrow passage. Upon launching, it appears the train will slam into pointed stalagmites. At the last second, it pulls up and spins through a vertical tunnel before plummeting back down backwards, gaining speed each time and performing one back-and-forth trip in pitch black darkness.  The Adventure River Cruise is a cousin of the Jungle Cruise, but as it travels past the castle environs, it's narration accommodates the wider story of the park.

This cityscape features IOA’s Spiderman ride, a differently-named Storm Force spinner and a mega coaster.   Ride-wise this follows IOA’s Superhero Island closely, however, I imagined the buildings and facades rendered in a realistic fashion rather than the simple, stylized comic book facades of IOA.   The Daredevil coaster passes over the harbor and through designated (no pedestrian access) city blocks.


Like the MK, the heart of the park is marked by a soaring fantasy castle ( a grittier version befitting a park called Thieves Dominion).  The castle is set in rockwork which helps conceal the Be Our Guest restaurant.   To the east of the Castle Court is The Armory: a knight-themed eatery.  To the west are the Royal Docks, where a medieval sailing ship is moored.  The forested, rural parts of the land contain a selection of FL staples, including the original MK dual version of Mr. Toad, and Tokyo’s Hunny Hunt.   The big draw of the land (and one of the big ones of the park) is 'Battle Fantasmic', a ride (EMV-like) version of the night-time show (amassed Villains).  It's exterior is a burned caldera (home to a Dragon?) with a perspective Yen Sid's tower built into its upper ridge.


This land is centered around a new version of PoTC and themed as a Caribbean port from the early 1700s.  Captain Jack’s Splash Battle – a slow outdoor boat ride for all ages - uses a system similar to the one created by Mack Rides (boats fitted with water cannons).  People on land (within the fort and battlements) can shoot water cannons at the boats as well.  Pirates Lair is an adventure/explore zone that would include elements from the DL TSI layover (e.g. Dead Man's Grotto).


 The environment here is generally representative of Golden Age (1940s) Hollywood.  Dominating the horizon of this land (beyond the RR tracks)  is an Art Deco skyscraper (scale similar to TOT).  This is Project: CLOVERFIELD: an original free-fall E-ticket, involving the rampaging monster.  As Brian describes: “The system is an Intamin gyro-drop with a 360 degree ring of seats around the base.  Visitors begin in the  hotel lobby where a TV tuned in to a news channel document the mass exodus currently happening in New York, where a mysterious creature is seen terrorizing the city.  Visitors are then led into “elevators” (which, of course, only simulate movement to make guests feel that they’re starting even higher up than they are) to take them to the hotel’s “rooftop” where a helicopter (the circular gondola of the drop tower) is waiting to get them out of the city.  Guests board the ring as scrolling scrims of skyscrapers (like Spiderman) simulate even faster ascension.  At the very top of the tower, the ring breaks through a layer of fog and into a domed Omnimax screen constructed in the top of the tower, simulating a flight over New York on a helicopter with the mysterious creature below, as in the film’s finale.  At once, the creature leaps upward and is seen just inches from the riders as the gondola free-falls back to the base.”


Top Secret government Alien Sciences & Technology base (Outer Limits area) alongside a spaceport where ships and characters of the Star Wars universe are found.  Outer Limits coaster show building is aligned and dressed to represent a classic city skyline (when viewed from Hollywood), spreading & layering the vertical impact of the Cloverfield Building.

Commentary, discussion welcome.


ProjectTurtle said...

Very diverse concept!

Anonymous said...

amazing drawing as usual,

The only comment I have is that the ideas of the different lands have been done quite some times now. I think it's time to start doing other parks, something totally different.

But besides of that. Your skills are showcased perfect in this drawing

Mike said...

I always got the impression that theme parks should tell a story through its themes and maybe I'm over-analyzing the themes with the name of the park but I don't know how Marvel, Fantasyland and Hollywood tie into the "Thieves" of "Thieves Dominion".

I can understand Port of Call, Adventure Ruins, Buccaneer Bay, and to a certain extent X-Base (space pirates) but why not remake those other sections into more exotic and mysterious themes. Persian (Aladdin, Ali Baba, 40 Thieves) or mythological (Sinbad, Medusa) themes would seem to fit amongst the other somewhat darker themed lands.

Sorry to be nit-picky but other than that I like the layout of the park.

ProjectTurtle said...

I agree with Anonymous and mike. Some themes not all are worn out this again is a very diverse concept which reflects that of an amusement park. This doesn't stick to a story or central theme which not necessarily has to be fantasy but what i like to call enhanced reality.

SWW said...

I appreciate the feedback.

I understand how from the reader's perspective, the lands/themes presented are starting to feel redundant (e.g. another Pirateland, Superheroland, etc.).

It's difficult to explain in brief, but from my perspective, I am less concerned with presenting especially unique/original park & ride ideas as I am with producing increasingly-improved visual media (site plans, elevations, birdseyes, etc.) for those ideas. The park make-up is just the means to an end (the visual media).

On this site, I try to walk the fine line between showing what I can do (as a professional portfolio) and completely 'giving away the shop.' So, the best chance to see more original, "out-there" concepts is for you (the reader) to originate them yourselves and then allow me to refine, draft and illustrate them for you. Anyone can come to me with any idea, any description or sketch of a single attraction, a land, a full park, and I have the ability to produce visual media for such an idea. That was the case for this Thieves Dominion plan as shown in the 'before & after' plans. It is a time-consuming process, so I can only do a handful of pro-bono projects, but the original ones tend to win out.

ProjectTurtle said...

I know I posted a lot of comments but is there any chance u could do a draft or visual plan for my park this is like my dream that I have been working on since 2007 and I'm 14. I don't want to imply that u just draw whenever someone tells you to but from the kindness of your heart if you could review some of my ideas and sketch a plan so that I can easily draw a birds eye view.

SWW said...

^ Send requests/ideas via email (under About Me at left).

kermitdefrog said...

How long does one of these things take?

SWW said...

^I'm not sure. I do know they're neither quick nor easy.

Amaru said...

You have done a very good job. Whenever I try to create a Pirate themed land I can never think of any ideas apart from POTC and it always ends up being a 'too small land' compared to the others, but I like your Buccaneer Bay.

I like the look of the park layout on thius one, it's different to some of the recent ones you have done.
Nice take on TOT btw.

Anonymous said...

Can you do any Warner Bros. parks

Anonymous said...

^Yeah maybe Six Flags theme parks too, I wonder new Warner Bros. Movie World theme parks will do, SWW?

ProjectTurtle said...

What are some key components i need to submit to your email like park layout, attraction list...and is it possible for this not to be submitted unto your blog.

SWW said...

Upgrading a Six Flags to a more heavily-themed park would be an interesting project. I was intrigued by Kermit's talk of Great Adventure because of the possibility of incorporating the expansive safari into the park.
WB parks are a definite possibility for future posts. They have a number of properties that deserve Tier I treatment. Again, the best way to see things here is to do a lot of prep-work yourselves.

Turtle, this 'prep-work' includes (i)a written description, (ii) a roster, and (iii)some type of drawing showing the intended layout. The drawing needs to be labeled. Reference images (via link or set in the MSWord document) are useful as well. More detailed descriptions are needed for things that I am unfamiliar with or do not exist in the real world. Any more detailed requests (e.g., as far as posting it on the blog) should come via email.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the river country map (along with many of your other old maps?) I was sad to see you took them down. I hope you'd consider putting them back up!

Anonymous said...

^This. Please so very much.