Thursday, May 24, 2012

Paris - Star Wars Outpost II

One of the earliest plans I shared here was for an idealized Disneyland Paris, with a huge, indoor Discovery Mountain, a larger Adventureland, etc.  That reconfigured drawing had no basis in reality, but it did feature a Star Wars Land in order to avoid muddling the Early European Visionary theme of Discoveryland.  

Recently, there were reports that the president of EuroDisney SCA mentioned building a Star Wars land around the new version of simulator.   I've done a couple more build-outs of DLP, and below is an illustrative excerpt of one of those plans showing a more realistic layout for a Star Wars area:

In this plan, Discoveryland would revert to its thematic roots (change out Buzz) and the catwalk tunnels would connect Videopolis to Space Mountain, creating a separation point to the new land.

The radar shop in front of Star Tours would be altered into something that fits the Star Wars aesthetic and the back side of Space Mountain would get heavy rockwork treatment to help it sell this SW environment.  The Eo theater would be converted to a Jedi Temple-like structure housing an interactive SFX presentation.  

Crossing under the railroad, visitors enter a Mos Eisley environment where a 1:1 recreation of the Millennium Faclon sits in its hanger bay (fully explorable).  The Cantina would be an entertainment-dining venue filled with aliens, bandits, etc. (inc. Chewbacca & Han). 

North of Star Tours II, would be another subsection (reachable by passing under the tracks) with a family shooter dakride (3-D sets) based on the Clone Wars. 



Anonymous said...

Nice work, SWW.
Star Wars themed land need to be
added for Disneyland Paris.
Speaking the studios,
Are you gonna do Walt Disney Studios Park someday?
Here's my land ideas for the studios park:
Hollywood Blvd
Sunset Blvd
Maroon Studios
Muppet Studios
Lucas Studios
and many more.

Pascal Schyns said...

Good job, as usual!
It is confirmed that Imagineers at EDLI (EuroDisneyLand Imagineering) are working on a "Star Wars Land" for Discoveryland. I hope they'll get the finance to make it happen. A full scale Millenium Falcon would be awesome (but I'm afraid it will stay in WDI's drawers, just like it does since the early concepts of EuroDisney).
I thought Star Tours' building had to be redesign to integrate the IMAX dome?

Anonymous said...

I rather to see a third theme park as new Disney studio type for Tokyo Disney Resort like
Disney's Hollywoodland and it will have movie-themed rides, shows, shops, etc:
Hollywood Blvd
Sunset Blvd
Maroon Studios
Muppet Studios
Hollywood Backlot
Buena Vista Street
Lucas Studios
Toon Studio
Animation Courtyard
Echo Lake
Streets of America
and few more lands based on movies, TV shows, etc

Rides ideas:
Flight of the Rocketter - Sunset Blvd
The Great Movie Ride - Hollywood Blvd
Star Wars dueling coasters - Lucas Studios
The Toontown Trolley - Maroon Studios
Rock N' Roller Coaster Starring the Beatles - Sunset Blvd
Aladdin dark ride - Toon Studio
The Magic of Disney Animation dark ride - Animation Courtyard
and many more ideas!

How's my new idea for new third theme park, Disney's Hollywoodland - next to Tokyo DisneySEA and Tokyo Disneyland, SWW?

I like to see Disney's Hollywoodland with a working studio again.

kermitdefrog said...

@Anonymous I run a similar blog to this. Do you want me to make a site plan for you?

Anonymous said...

yes, I like to see it.

Mike said...

A Star Wars themed area is way long overdue however it seems it's based on the prequels instead of the originals (I haven't seen any of the newer ones but grew up and loved what became movies 4, 5, and 6). The only things I can relate to is the Millennium Falcon and the Cantina with Han and Chewbacca.

A ride like Test Track but based on the land speeder (from #4) could add a slight thrill to the area.

SWW said...

Hey Pascal,

Is EDLI as separate & distinct entity from WDI or is it just a satellite office? Never heard that term before. Star Tours with an Imax dome (like Back to the Future) would be interesting, but as I'm sure you're aware, Star Tours II uses the same cabin simulators.

Mike, I like that Test Track ride system idea.

Pascal Schyns said...

Hi Sam,
Legally, EDLI is a distinct entity, separate from EuroDisney S.C.A and WDI. In the facts, it's a little bit different. EDLI has one client only: Disneyland Paris and every project created at EDLI has to be approved by WDI before it gets build in the parks.
EDLI also works with a firm of architects for the urban development of Val d'Europe.

SWW said...

^ Good to know. Appreciate the info.