Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hong Kong - Part II: Discovery Bay

Continuing from last time...

My feeling is that the 2nd Gate in Hong Kong should skew to an older audience - a counterbalance to HKDL.  I also think that due to its unique location right on Penny's Bay, it ought to have some connection to the sea.  The park I designed shares more than a few similarities with Tokyo’s 2nd Gate (which can't hurt any park), but in the interest of maintaining uniqueness of both Asian 2nd Gates, it is called ‘Discovery Bay.’  The lands & contents started after I read about a rumored park idea by WDI in the 1980s, described by Jim Hill here: description near bottom of page

Then a reader named David contacted me several weeks ago about drawing his version of "Hong Kong DisneySea", and while the park presented here did not end up being an interpretation of his idea, it does utilize one key feature: the central body of water features a giant “infinity pool” effect into Penny’s Bay (requiring the park to be elevated somewhat).  I thought that was a great concept, particularly for this locale.  The backdrop of the nightly fountain spectacular would have the open harbor (not facing the city skyline, but the forested islands of HK).  Here is the park:

Also, I thought I’d share a glimpse of what one of my landscaped & 'hand-painted' conceptual plans looks like.  Here is a sample of Vulcania (and a bit of Mythia) from this park:

And a landscape plan study of the Harbor entrance area:

 And the southeast quadrant:

A brief rundown on the park’s lands & attractions:

The opening land is set in a romanticized late 1800s San Francisco (Barbary Coast, Gold Rush, etc.).  The land is urban with the luxury hotel built into the park (also facing Penny's Bay).  Early steam-powered street cars would move along the boulevards, and the docks would feature ships of steam & sail (and both).  The main attraction here is the famous Hyperion suspended journey to an arctic Shangri-La.  Transit Steamers encircle the park, a counter-point the Gate 1’s railroad.

 Like TDS, the hub of the park is Captain Nemo’s secret base, although everything about this version is different and a little larger.  Unlike TDS, the park centerpiece is not a volcano (would look silly against the real mountains of Lantau), but the Great Lighthouse similar to what was featured in the very first TDS concept painting.  The land is set in a caldera with a new baby volcano forming (but makes no attempt to be a full volcano).  The Lighthouse would be a new ride system that combines a free-fall spiral drop with a gyroscope ride vehicle.  The park's equivalent of Fortress Exploration is a riveted and steel-domed ‘steampunk’ base that houses various interactive chambers and labs of Cpt. Nemo.  The land also features the never-built Grand Salon restaurant and a 20,000K simulator.

This land is based on Classical mythology.  Entering through the ancient gates, visitors would be looking across the river at The Colossus.  There are a couple kid-accessible attractions (boat ride proposed for Beastlie Kingdomme & family coaster).  There is a new version of Soarin’ over the ancient world (with SFX), and an indoor boat ride based on Jason & the Argonauts (PotC).

Secret Jungle Bases sometimes come into play in the superhero genre and that’s what this area is.  An E+ dark ride based on the hugely successful Avengers, a large-scale X-men stunt show and a big, family Incredibles ride are the three featured attractions.

This land is the sword & sorcery area, with the burnt out castle ruins at the center (housing a major coaster and AA dragon).  There is an FX show, like a next gen Poseidon, featuring battling wizards.  The tavern features traveling fantasy creatures (dwarves, etc.). 

 This final area is dedicated to Indiana Jones (or IJ-style pulp adventure) – a 1930s archaeological exploration of an ancient Mayan city in Guatemala.  The feel comes close to that of Lost River Delta, although the attraction line-up is different, with a rapids ride and Big Thunder-scale coaster through the jungle and in and around a ruined pyramid.


Next will be Part III, concluding with a look at the themed dining-shopping-entertainment promenade and new resort hotels.



Anonymous said...

How about Hong Kong Disney Studios, SWW?
1.Hollywood Blvd
2.Sunset Blvd
3.Maroon Studios
4.Hollywood Backlot
5.Pixar Place
6.Lucas Studios
7.Muppet Studios
9.Toon Studio
10.Animation Courtyard
11.Buena Vista Street
12.Streets of America

kermitdefrog said...

@Anonymous Why don't you combine Maroon Studios, Toontown, Toon Studio, and Animation Courtyard into one area. Do the same with Hollywood Blvd, Sunset Blvd, and Buena Vista Street, as well.

David said...

Very nice! I especially like your hand-drawn plans. I'd love to see more of that.

Lonnie said...

Ditto on the 'hd' plans ;). Peace.

Anonymous said...

Please, not another studios park! A Hollywoodland area is one thing, but for me the "studios" concept is just an excuse to stuff any number of unrelated attractions in the same place.

SWW, regarding your HK DisneySea, I love the layout. I've also felt that the location is a great spot for a DisneySea park. However, my ideal would have a more nautical emphasis. Rather than a Pirates mini-land in HKDL, I would have a more expanded Pirates Land in HKDL. I also feel that Indy and Dragons would work better in the original park. Some other concepts / lands I would like to see in the second park would be a Little Mermaid mini-land with eponymous ride using the "Peter Pan" suspended vehicles as originally conceived, an Agrabah area with a Magic Carpet kuka-arm ride, and an area themed to ancient / mythological China area (perhaps in place of the ancient Greek land). I like what you've done with Discovery Bay so that could stay...but I do wonder if Vulcania becomes too much of the same thing. Personally I wouldn't mind having a more fully fleshed out version of Prince Eric's castle on the spot, or alternately the "Glacier Bay" concept seen int he latest version of the Disney Imagineering book (and also contemplated for HKDL) could finally be realized.

- Tasman

Anonymous said...

Typo in my comment above - I would prefer a more expanded Pirates Land in HKDS, not HKDL.

- Tasman

ProjectTurtle said...

true about anonymous statement about the Hollywood studios parks there worn out! when you go to one sure the rides may be fun but the story is old if you already know what is going to happen whats the point...Anyway excellent park still waiting to see about how you do it though they come out so professional. UMMM.. O! i would recommend a sort of King Kongish island maybe a darker approach to adventure land in hong kong disney sea or discovery bay and incorporating faster thrilling attractions for your older guest but still keeping your theming :)

SWW said...

Thanks for the comments. Some cool ideas here. The fun thing about this kind of conceptualizing is that there are so many worthy subjects for lands & attractions, one can come up with limitless variations.

Since the best thing - to see a great park brought in to actuality - is an extremely rare & expensive event, here we do the what can to visualize these types of idealized playgrounds on "paper". I wish I could study a park guidebook (like the ones you get at the gate) - or a detailed overview painting - for any park I can dream up. That is one of the end goals of the IdealBuildout Project.

Studio Creek said...

great artwork... very nice!

Anonymous said...

Where are your maps from your flickr account? Where did you put them?

kermitdefrog said...

SWW Wilson, you should check out my blog, The Gemini Series.

kermitdefrog said...

Edit: I'm afraid the attractions in Superhero island are to repetitive. There all pretty much "regular day, villain(s) show(s) up, fight them, win." I don't really want to hear that story three times in a row when I'm in a Disney park. It would get really boring.

SWW said...

Kermit, I went to your blog and skimmed your parks... nice job. They look like the kind of theme parks I'd like to visit. I look forward to reading the descriptions in detail in the very near future.

Anonymous said...

Incredible job! This park looks amazing, I wish they would use this as the second gate!
On another note, I looked back at some of your older posts and found the Five Seas. I noticed that you haven't published the Paris DisneySea on the site. Since it appeared to be the most extensive DisneySea Park, I would love to see it.

SWW said...

^Cheers! The number is now up to about "Twelve or Thirteen Seas". Picking a park to share among the scores & scores of plans is a bit random... If I get around to doing an illustrative plan for the Paris DisneySea park, I'll post it.

blahblahblah said...

i love the idea of "Vulcania" but I wouldn't want to take the uniqueness away from DisneySea. I love DisneySea for that. Sucha good theme park.

Patrick Lau said...

Do you still have a picture of the park here? I'd love to see it. (I only recently stumbled onto your site. It's some of the most amazing work I've seen.