Sunday, April 22, 2012


As promised, here is a Birdseye of one of the EE lands:

Like a number of you, I was intrigued by the idea of a land built around the Haunted Mansion mythos.  With media like ‘Downtown Abbey’ so popular at the moment, I think the idea of an eerie old estate to explore would resonate with people.

Most great estates have the gatehouse.  Built of the same granite as the rest of Bloodmere, the Gatehouse would be both light dining (e.g., ice cream window) as well as the place to pick up Mystery Maps for the Cryptic Adventure.

The grounds of Bloodmere, once meticulously cared for, have fallen into some neglect.  Some trees & grasses have gone wild, while others remain more cultivated.  The grounds slope downward from the Manor to the river, and along the river are the extensive gardens & the family cemetery.  This is where a ‘magiquest’ type adventure game would take place.  A number of different Mystery Maps (for variation) could be obtained, and by piecing together clues hidden in the various statues and mausoleums (some with underground passages), frightening audio & physical effects would be triggered.

The land’s main attraction is an all-new version of the Haunted Mansion… perhaps a 3-D LPS ride as once envisioned for Tokyo Disneyland.  Sam had an idea in mind that centered on the murderous bride from the actual HM, maybe he can elaborate in the comments section.

 I imagined the land’s carousel to be a large, domed marble mausoleum.  The steeds could be various gargoyles or dark creatures or ‘stone’ tributes to generations of the family’s great horses.

 The train station where visitors arrive (or depart as fast as possible) would be appropriately themed in a gothic manor.

The final section of the Bloodmere would be the building(s) that house all the staff & their families who tend the estate.  This would house a large quick service dining facility, a retail shop and restrooms.


After finishing this drawing, I realized how much it has in common with HK’s forthcoming Mystic Point (my subconscious?)… the Manor, the walkthrough, the nearby train, etc.  While MP is more of a collector/museum vibe, this area is a more morbid, frightening, ghost-story approach. 


ProjectTurtle said...

how do you draw your birds eye view as well as your concept site plans i would like to learn thnx

Magic Lamp said...

I just had a brilliant idea for a new HM ride concept.

Maybe that was the intention in the original TDL concept, but imagine a group of twelve "invited guests", each seated/strapped in a separate chairs, which run along a predetermined path in curious group formations throughout the mansion. Throughout the tour, the chairs line up with the furniture in the salon, the sitting room, the dining room, etc. while you are surrounded by the haunts of past events - projections of ghosts, moving furniture and objects, lights, sounds and the occasional dialog to leve behind clues as to what happend here.

It'll take a new omni-mover mechanic but this way guests will feel like they are visiting an actual mansion, which was left in disarray but comes to life in their very presence. And by selecting a different chair every time they might experience each ride a little bit differently, i.e. a new angle, a unique haunt, etc.

Sorry to be waffling on about, I just had to jot that down while it was fresh in my mind...

Anonymous said...

this is just AMAZING, the best post I've seen so far, those bird eye views are so beautiful.

Alwax said...

Wow, I'm so glad you picked this area for the birds eye. I suppose hardcore Disney geeks think alike, eh?

As far is I'm concerned, Mystic Point is the most exciting thing that Disney has done in years. However, the idea of an actual creepy land, rather than museum vibe, like you said, is even more tantalising. I can't believe they haven't done it before tbh. I love the idea of the mausoleum carousel.

Also, Magic Lamp's idea sounds great, I'd love to see something like that.

kermitdefrog said...

What's next?

Sam V. said...


The main attraction of this island is a very, very special version of the Haunted Mansion. I wanted to make a very special edition of the Haunted mansion, with an original story. That resulted in an all new The Haunted Mansion. The story is written by me. The story at this attraction is pretty much a sequel to the Constance myth at the Anaheim and Florida parks. The story is told in the queue by Madame Leota via a magic mirror and some parts are told by the Ghost Host. The story unfolds:

Constance is now owning the Mansion after murdering her five grooms. But she still isn’t satisfied. One day, a young couple, Henry Bloodmere and Emily (yes, the old bride) are strolling by the Mansion, when it begins to rain. Constance invites them to come over and stay the night. Henry and Emily sleep in separate rooms. That night, Constance sneaks into Henry’s room, but instead of killing him right away, she seduces, almost hypnotises him and make him want to marry her. The next morning, Henry sais (in a confused way) that he is going to marry. Emily thinks that she is the bride (which is understandable…) and she makes herself up for the wedding. At the night of the wedding, she comes running out of the village in a hurry, because she is a bit late. When rushing into the chapel linked to the Mansion, she discovers that she isn’t the bride, but Constance! And just when Emily begins to lose it, all the wedding guests, including Henry, are revealed to be ghosts, all murdered by Constance…

SWW said...

Project Turtle, I receive a constant stream of emails from people inquiring about software & techniques. I will try to put together a FAQ section in the sidebar where the answers to those types of questions can be found.

Magic Lamp, the LPS (Hunny Hunt) vehicle would seem to be able to do what exactly you describe. It would certainly take HM to a whole new level for the 21st Century.

Anon, gracias.

Alwax, my anticipation for Mystic Manor has been tempered somewhat by the stylistic choices that took place over development (not a fan of the very stylized cartoon nature the characters were given - I think it should have remained a little more serious in tone (e.g Haunted Mansion)). Of course, we don't actually know how it will pan out and the the cartoons don't automatically pre-empt it from being a homerun. I certainly hope it will be.

Kermit, it's always a surprise.

Sam V., have you drawn a ride layout for this I Do version of HM? It would be interesting to see how you envision the ride unfolding, scene by scene (e.g. Scene 1: Entrance Hall; Scene 8: Chapel, etc.).

Sam V. said...

I'm working on a ride-layout right now. When it's finished I'll send it to SWW!