Saturday, March 10, 2012

Discovery Bay

This next entry in my Wishful-Thinking Birdseye Illustrations For Your Enjoyment series shows my own version of Tony Baxter’s & WDI’s legendary Discovery Bay concept for Disneyland.  I drew this based on one of my conceptual site plans for an expanded park:

My version has a lot in common with the WDI plan(s) upon which it was based, but also differs in many ways.  The setting of the place is vaguely Victorian (1850-1900) with an eclectic mix of architectural styles (Gold Rush/Barbary Coast S.F., Chinatown, “Age of Invention”)…  an American version of Port of Entry at IOA.

Island at the Top of the World: Flagship suspended dark ride based on the actual WDI plan.  If you're unfamiliar with what this ride was to be, some really  tantalizing descriptions can be found on the Web.

Lost Voyager: This is my own take on the boat ride of many names that was planned for DB at one point.  The version I've drawn is Jungle Cruise meets Dinosaur, featuring frightening encounters with mythical creatures in caverns and (temperate) forested locales.

Professor Marvel's Hall of Wonders: I imagined this being a fanciful Carousel of Progress-type presentation hosted by Dreamfinder's precursor (something similar to this was planned).

The Time Machine: This would be a steam-powered, riveted simulator adventure with in-cabin SFX.  The exterior would be a dilapidated Academy where a few mysterious inventors still linger.

Western Balloon Ascent: This would be a gentle balloon ride that "floats" over the mountain (covering the train and several showbuildings) along an inground track hidden below the baskets.

Other Features

There would be several unique dining facilities, a tented Gypsy Camp for live entertainment, "Streetmosphere" characters.  In my version, the Indian camp would be relocated to Tom Sawyer Island so it could still be experienced by Mark Twain & Columbia passengers.

Discovery Bay would have access to the four adjacent lands (tunnel to Toontown).  All the Captain Nemo/Nautilus stuff in the original DB plan would be reserved for another Resort Gate.



Felipe Zahtariam said...

It's great again! I hope some day you could post an entire birds eye view map, because your drawings are very cool!

Felipe Zahtariam said...

I'd like to know if I could send you another simple map again, with new ideas, this time based on Magic Kingdom.

If you're too busy, I'll understand.

ImaginationJohhhny said...

I love your drawings. I however have a problem with your extended disneyland map. I feel like much of the train ride going around the park is going through tunnels. I'm also not sure about the space. This probably would involve undergound facilities, which i sifne yet hard to do.Discovery bay would be a perect addition, but the autopia om critter country wont work, so with tommorowland. Dont take this as critisicm, your plans are very doable and would be top of the line! :)

Anonymous said...

Toontown would be next.
It will be alot Roger Rabbit rides like: Baby Herman's Runaway Baby Buggy, Toontown Tower Hotel (parody Tower of Terror), Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin, Roller Coaster Rabbit, Benny the Cab

SWW said...

Felipe, there will definitely be park-wide birds-eyes in the future... that's the endgame. Feel free to send me your plan... can't promise anything, though.


Criticism is welcome and your point about too many tunnels for the train is a good one. As far as space... it wouldn't be easy with things as they are (backstage re-shuffling, moving roads), but Disney has been known to do major surgery in the past.

megatron_85 said...

i hope in time you'll do an birds-eye look at the journey into imagination pavilion at epcot center

ImaginationJohhhny said...

BTW, i think you should do a bird's eye view one for a remodeled Tokyo tommorowland! Like the fantasyland, they i believe are not very stunning. The paths are so big and simple, and the buildings so simple, for me it would be eligablke as backstage! Please can you rework them!

Anonymous said...

...nice craft, some scaling issues.(land of the lost)

First i most declare like most i just want a better backyard. Its a hard fact the dollars are in the double=backs, and so you will never see CC and FL connectted by some cool... New Frontierland based on some i don't know Lucas franchise with a live action circle vision attraction that would put universal terminator to shame. i broke out the ruler myself a few times, and not much can fit. Still i most ask why didn't you bother with section AG-L5? Prime land if you ask me perhaps a good horseless cariage ride, maybe call up Johnny ask him what he thinks...

GREAT work ;)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, what is the size of the background grid you use in your drawings?

Sebizzar said...

Awesome concept map! I love people who do these about Disneyland :D But I'm curious as to what everyone here thinks now that Star Wars Land is being built?