Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Disney's Futura

 Hope everyone had a great Christmas.  Quick Reminder that the IdealBuildout Contest deadline is December 30th... just a few short days from now. 

Now, on to a new theme park.  This park orginated with a request by Leandro of Holland to create a site plan out of his idea and very rough drawing:
My interest was piqued by this idea of an all-future version of the Magic Kingdom: a Tomorrowland expanded outward to an entire theme park.  Since Tomorrowland has had a number of different identities since its inception (eg., real world futurism, Victorian steampunk, googie, deco-tech), and each identity has typically regressed into its current state of “Anything Goes”, I thought this would be a fun chance  to give some of these identities a themed area of their own.

I started from scratch with the layout and re-arranged, deleted, altered and added to the park's contents to come up with this:

Each of Futura's lands is based on some specific aspect or genre of sci-fi futurism, with each being its own world, distinct from the others in architecture, landscape & mood.

FUTURA BOULEVARD: Deco-Tech/Retro-Futursim

I imagined a version of Main Street USA in a retro-futuristic stye (Flash Gordon/Jetsons/1930s-1950s pulp) but with a clean, forward-looking, techno-industrial aesthetic.  This is a sci-fi land with lots of robots, towers, domes, etc.   Similar to Disneyland, there is a train station over the entrance to the park, but this train would be a futuristic MagLev.  I also put in an automated streetcar system that passes through the indoor arcade of one of the building blocks.  

The park’s icon is a futuristic version of the familiar fantasy castle. 

TOON-TROPOLIS: Animation/Googie
This land would be home to the animated, “Disney” vision of future, with attractions, restaurants & architecture based on Meet the Robinsons, Wall-E, Buzz Lightyear.   It is cheerful & colorful with lots of curves – a futuristic Toontown.

CYBERPUNK CITY: CyberPunk/Dystopia
Taking the opposite approach, this land features the ominous, gritty, dark style of films like “BladeRunner” & “Alien”.   Film Noir.  Lots of neon signs, steam and skybridges.   The comedy club lightens the mood.  I added a BladeRunner-like scoop E-ticket attracion based on a future Detective Agency.

 This land is a space port with many ships, aliens, droids, bars, etc. – like something you might find in the Star Wars universe.    I added an AA darkride based on the characters of Captain Eo, taking them on a new musical adventure, but now tangible rather than filmed.   There is a launch-coaster experience that would feature pull-down virtual reality headsets (like those  Bremen Space Center) to simulate atmospheric dogfights synced with the movement of the track.  


The next land takes the unique style invented (I think) by the artists who worked on “Treasure Planet” called SailPunk: It is 18th Century Sea-going (PotC) meets Sci-fi Space Adventure.  The lagoon is home to the Solar Winds fountain & FX show.

ALIEN PLANET: Alien Culture & Landscapes
This land simulates a mysterious alien homeworld.  If you know the game StarCraft, I had that in mind (Protoss planet), as I drew the land.  There are several overgrown temples.  Giant glowing blue crystals would grow among the strange trees throughout this land.   A crashed Mothership is part of the pre-show for the park’s flagship attraction (kuka).  

EARTH STATION: Reality-based TechnoFuturism
The final land takes its cue from the original Tomorrowlands & EPCOT’s opening day Future World:  It is reality-based, techno-optimistic futurism, hands-on & educational in nature with at least one lengthy, Horizons-like omnimover ride.  

  Thoughts?  Comments? 


Anonymous said...

So what's next your list, SWW?
Disney-Warner Bros. Studios Backlot
Disney Studios Tokyo?

kermitdefrog said...

@Anonymous Those two parks you mentioned are essentially the same. So it doesn't really matter which one he chooses.

Lonnie said...

Another great one. Maybe you can have a "Looking Back at Tomorrow" attration akin to the Disney Gallery showing 'old' concepts of tomorrow.

SWW said...

^Nice idea... I'm a big fan of preview centers/art & model galleries so something like that would be great.

kermitdefrog said...

So, Disney's Futura won the contest?

SWW said...

^ No... this one wasn't part of the contest. There will be an announcement regarding the contest results soon.

Did you forget to enter the contest?