Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Magic Kingdom ft. Discovery Bay

There was once a bluesky plan within WDI to add a Vulcania/Discovery Bay section to the Magic Kingdom.  I drew this conceptual site plan to explore where such a land could go and how it might be laid out:

UPDATE: Colored Paths

The key to expanding north of FLE would be a themed bridge that goes over the East-West access road and keeps all those backstage areas from view.  Tokyo DisneySea has just such a bridge leading to/from its Mysterious Island:

Discovery Bay would be home to a version of Journey to the Center of the Earth, but with an extended outdoor section that drops out of the volcano's side and does two high speed helices above and below the shoreline and around a smaller caldera before re-entering the volcano for disembarkation:

 Since such an expansion would require an alternate western access point, I imagined WDI planning two new sub-areas to Frontierland: a gunslingers town called Outlaw Ridge with its associated E-tick and an area I call White Canyon based on Pueblo cliff dwellings.  There would then be a wilderness trail looping around the Rivers of America and connecting with Discovery Bay (with its 1880s San Fran/Barbary Coast motifs).

 In this plan, I also explored the recently-discussed idea of creating a Wonderland sub-area to Fantasyland (with the recently re-named Cheshire Cafe).  In this plan, Cosmic Ray's would become the Queen of Hearts banquet hall, the teacups would receive the glass petal roof and the northern half of the Speedway would be given over to a Giant Mushroom Garden play area and new Wonderland dark ride (LPS) that begins in an English Country House.   This would make a thematically consistent transition from the Hub to Fantasyland. (with a new archway added to transition to Tomorrowland:

Since this is an ideal build-out site plan, I drew my hopes that Tomorrowland would one day be brought under a coherent thematic umbrella of Deco-Tech Industrial Fantasy Future.  I added a walkthrough futuristic power plant based on the Large Hadron Collider over the southern half of the Speedway (to keep some of the trees/greenery in the land) and added an large, original E-ticket taking over the the Carousel of Progress & parking lot.


Thoughts on a long-term expansion plan for the MK?


Anon said...

I love seeing your ideas for the various parks! My only request is if you could somehow differentiate between the guest areas and the backstage areas. They all show up as white paths right now, and it's sometimes difficult to distinguish the two.

Anonymous said...

SWW, I have a question to tell ya?
If Disney's Hollywood Studios having expanison for Lucasland, Toon Studio, Toontown, Maroon Studios, Pixar Place, Buena Vista Street, etc in the future?

megatron_85 said...

great plan

Ron Vance said...

Cool stuff here as usual! I did a sketch a long time ago where I thought of adding a Discovery "land" of some sort to the Magic Kingdom as well, but I had it wedged between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, creating a bridge between the two disparate themes.

Magic Lamp said...

Brilliant as always. I have nothing to add except to add a third path leading from the HM to Nemo's restaurant, some sort of abandoned promenade. I only suggest that because it feels like too tight having only two access points to the back area.

SWW said...

Thank you.


Interesting you bring up as it had been on my mind for a couple weeks (whether to color the pathways). Because of your suggestion I did a trial run and added it to the post. Guest Areas are now colored and white represents backstage. Does this technique improve the site plans? Would appreciate feedback from everyone.

Ron, thanks and I saw your model of Beijing Monkey Kingdom on your blog. Looks like it could be a really cool, unique park design - hopefully it will be executed at a high level. Congrats.

Magic Lamp, That is a good idea. May have to had that.

Anonymous said...

SWW, I have a question to tell ya?
If Disney's Hollywood Studios having expanison for Lucasland, Toon Studio, Toontown, Maroon Studios, Pixar Place, Buena Vista Street, etc in the future?

Andrew said...

Just as the others have said - this is another wonderful buildout. I too had an idea for a Discovery Bay (or as I called it "Extraordinary Voyages") for the same patch as you placed it. Would there be any dock for the Mark Twain to dock?

I always enjoy your Frontierland sections, and more so this time with the new attraction "Spirits of the Pueblo". However may I ask what kind of attraction this is?

Overall, a great buildout, and I cannot see what you have planned next - perhaps more sketches?

comics101 said...

It's wonderfully wonderful in just about everyway imaginable. I love Wonderland, it's exactly as I imagined it would be. Obviously Discovery Bay is pretty sweet too. My only concern would be congestion, as others have said, but I'm not sure that there's room for other pathways...

And for what it's worth, I think the color paths work really well.

Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Anon said...

I think the colored paths work nicely! Definitely provides a much needed distinction. Even shows some currently existing areas on these plans that I wasn't aware were backstage areas.

Michael said...

I should tell you, I thought of an Alice in Wonderland ride based on the Tim Burton film as well. I did envision it to be larger, but I do think your idea is great. We should keep Discovery Bay as an exclusive land for Disneyland, and instead, I have an idea for another Fantasyland expansion that adds to the one that's being built. I should discuss it further with you at a later date.

Colin said...

love it!

put in alice's curious labyrinth.