Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Conceptual Elevations

I've been spending some time sketching conceptual elevations by hand in black ink and graphite in order to visually communicate some elements of my site plans.  Some of these are from "yet-to-be-released" park plans I've drawn.    

Fantasyland. Of note is the giant oak tree that could be home to some small fantastical creature.

 This is a "Deco-Tech" style Tomorrowland study.  The image has no color but I imagine the many glass domes to be illuminated in the same colorful style as the MK's TL:

I drew this version of the Antiquities Museum from the Night Kingdom park.  I wanted to show a structure that recalled the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan, the Smithsonian in DC and some other old, overpowering museums. 

This next elevation is a study of the Arabian themed land from my Kingdoms of Adventure site plan:
Next is a study for my Port Disney project (replacing DowntownDisney @WDW).  It represents turn-of-the-century Northeastern U.S. Coastal and is the queue building for the sea-themed haunted mansion attraction located there:

This elevation is a concept for a PotC exterior...  A waterfall would flow out of the rocky skull-like edifice (an homage to DL's original Skull Rock) and under the fortress rampart.  I also imagined Kraken tentacles rising periodically from the dark lagoon waters:

As requested, a castle centerpiece elevation sketch:

A study in a Captain Nemo-type area (see my Long Beach DisneySea or any plan that has a Nautilus.  I based this Nautilus on Tom Sherman's Nautilus II as featured on DisneyandMore.

Here are some "speed sketches" in ink:

At the top of this drawing is a Tomorrowland, a DecoTech/Future-Industrial version in a similar vein to the TL at MK (with some Star Wars-type architecture)...  The idea here is to add as much ornament & detail as found on MS:USA, but in a sci-fi setting.  The next is a Port Royale-type area - the civilized, non-pirate part of Pirate Coast, then a Roaring 20s NYC-style Main Street, followed by a Fantasy/DragonDale area and a castle-town with nearby rural area featuring Hag's Hut and Druid Runestones...

The bottom row include a study of a geyser-based Freefall attraction (using an exposed mining derrick to raise and drop the ride vehicle) and an Angkor-type show building for an indoor-outdoor coaster.


Comments are appreciated and feel free to request any elevation sketches from parks I've posted (and I will add them to the post).  And Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...


Sirasith said...

It's great ideas. Art concepts are wonder and nice design. Pirate Coast, Dragondale and Jungle Coaster are very good ideas for remodel or build on Disney's Theme Park.

I have some question for you about this topic, Can you show full conceptual plan map of this design? Because I search conceptual plan maps in your blog, I don't see them. Thank you so much.

comics101 said...

Wow. These are amazing! I would love to see elevations done for other parks you've posted. Were these done by hand or on the computer? You have a real talant, I'd say Disney needsa just give you the job already! This is like, the perfect resume! hahaha awesome stuff!

I love the Big City MS, I had done something similar witha plan I'm working on haha. And the TL and FL up top! Is that new version of COP? I love the designs and feeling of that Tomorrowland!

SWW said...

Sirasith, I'm saving the park plan you've requested for a future post. Sometime in 2012 you should see it.

Comics, They're all drawn by hand. I've always hoped that the Deco Tech style applied successfully, IMO, to the front half of MK's Tomorrowland would be done throughout the are to bring unity to land (as it should have been in 1995), and the sketch shows those kinds of elements added to COP.

Anonymous said...

You can do Roger Rabbit's Hollywood next or Toontown.

Wagi said...

Looks like you've been using SketchUp to create some 3D models. It would be interesting to see those imported into the Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 game, so you could have peeps and other things like foliage interact with them.

comics101 said...

Randy, I was just thinking, I would love to see some conceptual sketches of some of your castles. I know you had a post not too long ago with castle elevations, but I'd love to see them in detail.

Als, that POTC is incredible. It's like a pirate temple! That would be absolutly amazing! I could totally see something like that in Shanghai

Ron Vance said...

Holy crap! Cool stuff. You inspire me to get off my butt and start working on some of my own ideas. Keep up the great work!

SWW said...

Wagi, I only have a slight familiarity with RCT3 and have never played it.

Ron, thanks for the comment. I've been inspired by your work, as well.

To IdealBuildout Readers: if you like the stuff you find here, you should check out Ron's blog - he's a professional theme park concept designer and showcases some excellent work on his site.


valenlb said...

These are spectacular! Would love to see any more that you may have or may create. Thanks for sharing :)

protojimbo said...

Hey SWW! Great job, these elevations look awesome. They help me get a physical feel for the areas in a way the overhead maps by themselves can't. I can really relate to the designs on this level, seeing more of the flavor to go with the layout. As always your work is professional looking. You've taken it to the next level with this step. I haven't written in much but want you to know I'm always checking on your latest work. Keep the fires burning, man!

SWW said...

Thanks for the kind words...

I added another Nemo-based elevation as I continue to tick-off the various genres.

I will have some elevations to go with my next site plan (Tokyo DisneySea 2025) and may continue to add to this post in the coming days.

john paul said...

wow its amazing to look.sketching conceptual elevations by hand in black ink and graphite is very lovely keep it up. Theme parks