Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Re-visiting Paris Explorers World

After reading about the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game, I began thinking about a theme park created specifically as the canvas for these types of role-playing adventure games.  My mind first went back to Pascal Schyns' Explorers World park:

So I took Pascal's brilliant work and translated it into my own style of plan (putting things in scale, enlarging the park, adding attractions, re-naming things):


I wanted the park to be at least on the scale of Tokyo DisneySea:

Some reference images of the park:

Pascal's park remains a theme park, but the idea that each land is specifically connected to a member of the Explorers Society and its elaborate backstory (Tokyo DisneySea does this to a small degree with Lost River artifacts showing up in New York) and that it has a widespread interactive game element built into the design from day one, moves it into exciting, untrodden territory of "theme adventure parks".

In thinking about this new type of theme park, I am also reminded of the Night Kingdom boutique park concept by WDI, that put visitors in the role of Indiana Jones in an adventure film (exploring temple ruins in small groups, avoiding booby traps, taking zip lines, etc.).  

There are lots of intriguing possibilities for the next generation parks... imagine a park that unfolds to the visitor like a three-dimensional novel or video game (while still incorporating the types of attractions we all love).  



megatron_85 said...

wow you blow my mind & knock my socks

p.s. i hope you'll put up disneysea paris & your vision of tokyo disneysea

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Disney Studios Tokyo will be next.

Magic Lamp said...

Let's see... you took a brilliant idea and made it phenomenal.

I love the idea of an interactive adventure park where the guest becomes the adventurer/explorer and can go through their own custom adventure (tour) with or without a guide.

Anonymous said...

Hee Im a big fan of yoru site, and I love your idea to upgrade WDS. But that is a really expensive park you designed. So I re-designed WDS myself and I hope you could transform it in a real themepark. I posted my park on my blog and her's the link:

Hope to hear more from you soon!

Anonymous said...

You forgot Toontown and Maroon Studios, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

No I dind't. It just didnt fit any more

Anonymous said...

If Disney Studios Brazil has Maroon Studios and Toontown.
I will be proud for it if Roger Rabbit 2 is confirmed for new movie.

Mr Magnificant said...

Yes, I love the concept of toontown but I wanted to keep it as realistic as possible ;)

Andrew said...

As Magic Lamp said you made an amazing park even better. I'm interested in how the interactive elements work at MK as I loved Kim Possible.

This kind of reminds me of Discovery Island and the Myst idea. I hope Disney one day builds Wild Africa Trek meets Sorcerer's of MK on that island. It would be something I would be willing to visit at a Discovery Cove type premium.

SWW said...

^ Thank you for all the comments.

Mr. Magnificent,

I took a look at your sat-pic for the expanded WDSP. Your ideas would definitely benefit the park.

Mr Magnificant said...

thanks, I just wanted to make it as realistic as possible. Can you make my vision of WDS into a parkmap like the beautiful ones you make?

Pascal Schyns said...

WHOA! What can I say... THANKS!! It's still "my" park, but you've turned it into something so impressive and realistic at the same time. It's awesome :D
I'd like to know more about your Isle of Mists, that sounds great.

About developping the concept of "Adventure Theme Park", what I think is you don't need infrared guns to put interactivity in a ride. Story always comes first. If you want the ride to be interactive, you have to give the guest a role and a goal in this story.
New technologies can help the guest to "enter" into his adventure. I've thought about this when I've seen some visitors going to Disneyland Paris with their iPads. What about using GPS, camera & augmented reality? Each visitor could live a unique and personnalized adventure, looking for "invisible" items. But that's just accessories.

What really matters is the interaction between the guests and the "park" (rides, set and Cast Members of course) but also between the guests themselves. What have been done in an attraction like Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters is to put guests in competition (each one have to do the best score). What would be really innovative for the new generation of theme parks is to invite guests to interact with others. A "quest" couldn't be completed by one person only, he (she) would have to exchange items or information with other people to get through.

Again, the story comes first. Choosing the theme of adventurers was really helping especially for an European audience who have grown up with the adventures of Tintin (can't wait to see Spielberg's movie by the way). Forget the story or make it bad and you'll lose guests' interest into their quest. I've been to DLP really often during this summer and whereas I've done Phantom Manor each time, I've only been to Buzz Lightyear's two times because, let's face it, its story sucks...

Theme parks found their inspiration in comic books, cinema and now video games. But there's so much better to do than just putting plastic guns to make rides "interactive".

Magic Lamp said...

Disney originally planned to convert the now defunct Discovery Island (formerly Treasure Island) in Bay Lake at WDW into "Myst Island" an interactive mini-theme park full of puzzles based on the video game Myst and it's sequels. However, development never got beyond the concept stage.

@SWW: I'd love to see your interpretation of this concept.

Anonymous said...

I have idea, remember Euro Disneyland never have Disney-MGM Studios Europe? Can you do Disney-MGM Studios Europe that never planned to builted?

1.Hollywood Blvd
2.Sunset Blvd
3.Maroon Studios
5.Echo Lake
6.Buena Vista Street
8.Muppet Studios
9.Streets of America
10.Pixar Place
11.Animation Courtyard
12.Mickey Ave
13.Mickey's Movieland
14.Marvel Studios
15.Wild Wild West Backlot

SWW said...

Pascal, thanks for your comment.

I believe we're on the same page. I really like the idea of these expansive adventure type games, but I also think it should avoid gimmicks and create a sophisticated story. Never played Kim Possible at EPCOT, but I believe it involved adding some cartoon elements to the pavilions... not a fan of that.

While no one has experienced the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, I have some reservations about adding video (tv) screens to public areas of all lands where that technology is out of place (e.g. everywhere but tomorrowland). This also goes for the phone/ipad type device required to play.

So when drawing this park, or imagining the application of these types of games, I envision that the games are in tune with the setting/time period (which is typically pre-cell phone).

For example, a sort of mystery/adventure version of Tom Sawyer Island, The Isle of Mists could include games embedded in ruins of Atlantean or tree stumps.

I grew up with computer adventure games like The Longest Journey, Syberia & Indiana Jones & the Fate of Atlantis. Not familiar with Myst, but I think these other games have similar brain-teasing games. I definitely think there some opportunities to turn mega-theme parks or boutique ones (like Discovery Island) into a canvas for living adventure game.

Mr. Magnificant, email me directly (in About Me section) about drafting requests, and we can discuss it.

kermitdefrog said...

Check this out! You could do a site plan for this:

SWW said...

^ One of my Magic Kingdom parks has a Neverland as one of the lands (have yet to post the park). I'm also planning on drawing a water park for Tokyo Disney Resort inspired by Neverland, so stay tuned.

Sam Smith said...

wow this Water Park Resort looks incredible!