Friday, September 2, 2011

Disneyland Brazil

This Disneyland Brazil park originated with a request by Felipe Zahtariam to translate his rough drawing & notes into a conceptual plan.  

Felipe specializes in drawing stylized birds-eye maps of dream parks that are reminiscent of some of the official “fun maps” or things you might find in old issues of “Disney Magazine.”  They are quite cool.  You can see much more of his artwork here:

Disneyland Brazil combines elements from a number of existing locations (Disneyland Paris, Magic Kingdom, DisneySea, Anaheim Disneyland) as well as some original elements, resulting in a mega-park, with around 80 attractions.  Here is my interpretation of his park:

From my plan, Felipe went on to draw a stylized map of the park:


Includes a horse drawn-trolley, swan boats in the Central Plaza and a museum-like tribute to Walt Disney in the Exposition Hall.

The front of this land is based closely on Disneyland Paris.  In place of the Silver Spur Steakhouse is an extreme ride, based on a covered wagon.  Felipe included a number of these extreme rides (which are thrilling midway attractions that we are all familiar with) in various lands.  If done right, with the highest level of execution (e.g. Paris’ Old Mill Ferris Wheel, DL’s Teacups or MK’s AstroOrbitor), I think such attractions can visually fit within a Disney-level park, despite being a fairly common ride experience.  The back of Frontierland sees and expanded Indian Village (with Canoes) and two water based E-tickets.  With the rapids ride, I added a couple of points where the raft can randomly take left or right-hand chutes, which would add a sense of unplanned variability to the experience.

Like many of the other lands, Adventureland is marked by distinct sub-areas, based on exotic geographic locations: The entry area is based on Arabian legend, with Aladdin & Sinbad dark rides and a central magic carpets spinner.   To the north is the Caribbean sub-area.  To the west is the South Seas sub-area with its Liki Tikis, Tropical Serenade & Tahitian Terrace.  Next is the African section with a  theatre & restaurant connected to the Lion King.   The final sub-area is a Meso-American dig site with a D-ticket coaster (Raging Spirits/Temple du Peril scale) an Indiana Jones Adventure and an extreme ride themed to a Mayan astronomical device. 

 The bulk of Fantasyland is the fairytale village style of Paris & Anaheim featuring some old favorites.  I imaged a new version of Storybookland Canal Boats, with greater topographical relief.  The “mini mountains” of Storybookland would serve as the front range to the larger Matterhorn & Matterhorn Jr, in the distant Alpine Village sub-section.   This should provide a pretty impressive, layered view from the castle rear-courtyard.    There is a Wonderland sub-section featuring the three existing Alice attractions and a Circus themed sub-section, with a kiddie-power-coaster version of Casey Jr.

This land begins (from the Hub) in an industrious Renaissance-era town, with adventures based on Da Vinci.  This more ancient environment segues into a more retro-version of DisneySea’s port discovery (as highlighted in the above artwork).  Captain Nemo’s mysterious hideaway forms another sub-area of this land.   In the final sub-land, a number of dirigible-based attractions continue the steampunk theme in an Aeronautical Academy setting.

Tomorrowland begins with the central, elevated Peoplemover (like in Anaheim but a little longer) running to an elevated Orbitron (based on HKDLs).  The rest of the land contains elements from Anaheim & EPCOT’s Future World, as well as some original extreme rides.   Since Felipe’s Tomorrowland blends Science Fiction (Star Tours, Captain Eo) with Science Fact (Horizons, Carousel of Progress), I think it is essential that the lands exteriors share a unified design scheme.  Maybe a distinct blend of Saarinen and Deco-Tech to achieve something futuristic, yet timeless.


As always, comments are appreciated.


SWW said...

First to say, great job with the stylized map, Felipe! It is really cool to see one of my drawings brought into three dimensions - a skill I hope to develop myself as time progresses.

megatron_85 said...

saw it on Deviantart & it was good

comics101 said...

That map is awesome! Felipe, I assume that was drawn by hand...what program did you use to color it? It's really impressive.

The park is crazy! It'd take 3 days just to get everything's almost too much, if that's possible.
I really like the idea of doing with Adventureland what the Fantasyland Expansion will do to FL, creating minilands in which characters can fit without feeling forced (Flying Carpets in MK's AL).

I'd love to see the Renaissanceland expanded upon...there's some opportunities there that are really cool. Actually I tried taking Tomorrowland and giving it a Renaissance theme not too long ago, however it didn't feel right to me, so I shelved it for another project I plan on working on soon.

Great job on this project guys!

Mr. Zahta said...

SWW, thank you! It was great to work with you and your maps are great too, because they are so realistic and full of details. I think it's cool too to see a plan map become a perspective map.

comics101, I actually did it using the vector drawing technique with my pen tablet and Adobe Flash, but I think it could be done on softwares such as Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator.

Also, I really like the idea of explore the park in 3 days, and if you think about the lands clockwise, you can even divide your vacation in 3 themed days: day #1 - American History (Main Street and Frontierland); day #2 - Pirates and Princesses (Adventureland and Fantasyland; day #3 - Science and Technology (Discoveryland and Tomorrowland).

comics101 said...

That's really cool. I could see vacations being sold that way too...I've always wanted to make a resort with 4 theme parks based on the original Disneyland themes (yesterday, tomorrow, fantasy, adventure)...So Tomorrowland would be a park and Adventureland would be a park, etc.

I was checking out your other maps and I really like the DisneySea concepts too. It'd be a really neat resort I think. I never thought of having Ariel's castle as the centerpiece of the park and that was really a neat and unique take on it.
And I'm gonna have to check out vector now hahaha maybe I finally know what I want for Christmas...

comics101 said...

I've got a stupid question, did you actually draw the map using a pen tablet? If so, what tablet did you use? haha I'm sorry I know this is really off topic but I'm really interested to know, as I enjoy drawing and would love to be able to create artwork as professional looking as that...

Andrew said...

This is the ultimate Disneyland buildout. I love that you have expanded on the original lands, giving them more attractions for guests to experience. I also adore Discoveryland being added - it seems like a natural fit between Tomorrow and Fantasy. My only problem is with the Visionarium freefall tower. If it's similar to the Mailboomer then standing in Tomorrowland it will detract from the beautiful volcano. Otherwise a great park and Walt's story definitely needs to be in Main Street.

Having a 3D vision of the park really helps showcase how beautiful it is. SWW, I hope you can one day do this for your buildouts. Anyways, thanks for sharing!

Magic Lamp said...

Wow, another great collab. It' like the Magic Kingdom meets Disneyland Paris with a dash of DisneySea.

I think it's brilliant to squeeze in Discoveryland between FL and TL, it allows for an interesting transition. For the rest, there's nothing else I can add. It's all... just practically perfect in every which way.

And I love the stylized map.

Mr. Zahta said...

Thank you for the comments! I think what I wanted for the park was to be complete in every way, as if it was the only theme park inside a Disney resort, for exemple.

My intension in creating this Discoveryland was for 2 main reasons:
1) I always thought that the transition between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland was... well, it was nothing. So, I created a land that could have an european charm, but also introducing themes such as inventions and space exploration.
2) I like the "discovery" theme (Discovery Bay, Port Discovery, Misterios Island, parisian Discoveryland), so I always wanted to add a land with this theme in my ideal Disney park.

Anonymous said...

Why Toontown isn't in Disneyland Brazil. I guess Toontown will be builted at Walt Disney Studios Brazil I guess.

Victor said...

OMG. I just found this website and it is fantastic. Great collaboration and the final work is fantastic. The only thing I would add would be a little more of Brazilian things in adventureland.

SWW, what program do you use for creating this fantastic and detailed map?

megatron_85 said...
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megatron_85 said...

i kinda wonder why you didn't post listing of attractions, foods & restaurants, shopping, and entertainment just like kentB4

sorry i did it again above

SWW said...

Victor, I use AutoCAD.

Megatron, are you asking why I didn't list shopping & entertainment (who is KentB4?)?

Answer: Because the plan becomes too cluttered. The most important things (attractions) get priority, right?

megatron_85 said...


Mr. Zahta said...

About the Toontown area, let me explain, since I'm the one who asked SWW for this map: I wanted only the original lands for this park (the ones which have "land" on their names) plus Main Street. The reason I added Discoveryland is because I wanted a better transition between Fantasy and Tomorrowland and also I love the "discovery" theme.

The park became so deep themed (with deep themes and attractions) that a "funny" and "goofy" Toontown would be out of place. So I think it would be much better to have Toontown inside a "Disney Studios Brazil" park.

Anonymous said...

Think about this SWW,
Disney Studios Brazil:
Hollywood Blvd
Buena Vista Street
Maroon Studios
Lucas Studios
Wild Wild West
Toon Studio
Carsland / Pixar Place
Streets of America
Sunset Blvd
Walt Disney Studios
Marvel Backlot Studios
Muppet Studios
and few more lands I guess.

Anonymous said...

And added Roger Rabbit's Hollywood, Sci-Fi Backlot and Echo Lake to Disney Studios Brazil too,

Anonymous said...

Here's some ride ideas from me, SWW:
Toontown Tower Hotel (TOT ripoff)
Toontown Transit
Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin (different than Disneyland)
Dick Tracy's Crimestoppers
Baby Herman's Runaway Buggy Ride
The Twlight Zone: Tower of Terror
The Great Movie Ride
Muppet Movie Ride
Star Wars Coaster
Rock N' Roller Coaster Starring Elvis Presley
The Magic of Disney Animation (dark ride)
Disney Studios Backlot Tour
Radical Springs Racers
and many more.

Anonymous said...

And add Benny the Cab ride to Toontown (Disney Studios Brazil)

Colin said...

this disney park is the dream of everyone in the world. it's amazing