Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Customized Kingdom

Hello and hope everyone’s having a great summer (for those north of the Equator).

This entry is another guest feature, this time by IdealBuildout reader MagicLamp.  Interestingly, MagicLamp created his version of a New Magic Kingdom by cutting and pasting a number of my previously-posted parks:
I then went back and re-scaled and re-drew the park from scratch, adding details and additions.

OVERALL:  As I drew the park I saw that it has three central themes.  The west is Adventure.  The central is Fantasy (composed of five sub-lands).  The east is Discovery.   This is like that site plan of “Asian Disneyland” in the latest Imagineering book.  This also reminded me of the entrance to Animal Kingdom with its trio of ticket booth statues – elephant, triceratops & dragon – representing the Real, the Extinct, and the Imaginary.   Here, you’ll notice that there are three paths leading from where ticket booths would be (not drawn), I imagine that at its start each could have a bronze statue (circle) representing, for example, Adventure (explorer Donald), Fantasy (princess Minnie) and Discovery (inventor Mickey). 

FAIRYTALE STREET: I made this street non-linear & asymmetrical, as one would expect in a Fantasyland-style overlay of Main St.  I got rid of sidewalks as I don’t believe they existed in the Fantasyland time period.  The Train Station is moved to the side as it is a little out of period, and the distant central castle is the anchor for this land (and all the Fantasy areas).  The entrance paths go under the track, which is on a tree-laden hill, to reach the town square area.   The building on the rights side of the Square area is an exhibit based on Walt Disney’s history with bringing fairytales to the screen. 

Fairytale Street has two side streets.  Buccaneer Alley features Peter Pan’s Flight as it eases the transition to Adventure Bay and Inventor’s Road has a Pinocchio dark ride as it transitions to Discovery Bay.

ENCHANTED FOREST: This central land is basically a re-arranged version of the FLE (composed of both the old and new proposals).  I added an overlook on the lower level of Beast’s Castle (full-scale in this version) that lets visitors get a closer look at the “Enchanted Waters” area (waterfalls, pools, etc.).

COUNTRYSIDE:  The manicured English countryside of hedgerows and tended trees features attractions based on The Wind in the Willows, Milne's Pooh and Alice in Wonderland.

MICKEYVILLE: A medieval Toontown based on the WDI/Hani El-Masri proposal for Tokyo Disneyland.   Sorcerer Mickey can be met in an interactive, exploratory tower (built into the mountain ridge).  I was thinking an original 3-D musical film can go in the Music Hall (rather than PhilharMagic – which uses more modern instruments and clothing than is perhaps theme-appropriate for this land) .
art by www.hanielmasri.com
STORYBOOK CIRCUS:  In addition to what will be found at the MK’s new land, there is a D+ dark ride (Big Top) and a restaurant that has a viewing section of the ride (I believe such a concept was once proposed for Circusland at DL in the 70s or 80s).

DISCOVERY BAY: Discovery Bay is about gears, inventions, steampunk, riveted steel, etc.  Among the headliners is Island at the Top of the World , where riders board suspended dirigibles over elaborate AA scenes of a mythical, arctic Shanghri-La.  The Hyperion juts from its hangar on a Cliffside above the Bay promenade.

The land is covered in large pipes which are leaking steam.  A large gear-like platform rises from the Bay for periodic fountain shows.   Journey to the Center of the Earth winds around the land.   There is a submerged peoplemover-like attraction that tours the underwater sites of the Bay (ruins, shipwrecks, sea creatures, etc.).

ADVENTURE BAY: The approach to this land is a Pirate Village.  Similar to New Orleans Sq at DL, there is a lower-level water side promenade that could help with show/fireworks viewing (as it does with Fantasmic at DL).

 The rear of the land is jungle, pulp, serial themed (Indy, Everest, Baloo River Cruise).   Headhunter canoes add some kinetic movement to the Bay.

Alright.  Looks like a another great spin on the Disneyland model.  MagicLamp, feel free to elaborate on your ideas in the comments section.


Magic Lamp said...

Thank you again so much for doing this! The Hard work paid off and it turned out better than I had imagined. Practically perfect in every way. ;D

Well, I really can't add anything as you've covered everything. The idea behind this DL version was to recreate/combine all the attractions we love in a setting that could all be part of the same magical kingdom.

I imagine that every attraction has in its queue or outside theming a normal sized or large-scale version of the 'original' story book.

Originally, there was a Frontierland included, which was based on Thunder Mesa from DLP, where most of the inspiration came from. But after much consideration and the inability to arrange the land to fit the theme I decided to drop it in favor of expanding Adventure bay with the Himalaya Expedition and adding Mickeyville.

Another draft included a Fantasy Bay in the back, which would've featured an English fisher village and a larger version of Prince Eric's castle, but that was dropped in favor of allowing enough space for the Countryside attractions as well as focusing on the forest and garden theme.

One thing you forgot to mention, though, was that in this DL the Haunted Mansion is a colonial African estate, the former home of an explorer's club member who had disappeared on mysterious accounts. Rumors have it, he brought back a variety of cursed idols from his travels and the spirits are still wrecking havoc on the estate.

Anonymous said...

Randy, here's my Disney-Warner Bros. Studios Backlot: You see Disney and WB are making 1906 on next year. But they would make their own theme park next to Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySEA or Hong Kong Disneyland. There would be penty of theme lands: WB Backlot, Disney Studios, Toontown,
Maroon Studios, DC Comics Zone, Gotham City, Wild Wild West, Buena Vista Street, Hollywood Blvd, Sunset Blvd, Looney Tunes Studios, Toon Studio, Street of America, Sci-Fi City, Marvel Studios, Muppet Studios, and many more.
This is could be future of the park. Randy. Maybe you could make idea of this on next month.

stitch101 said...

Great job, MagicLamp and Randy!

Douglas said...


i think it'd be interesting if you did an idealized version of Knott's Berry Farm since being aquired by Ceder Fair it's lost many of its charms and much of the childhood memories i had there like the haunted shack and the kiingdom of the dinosaurs and the parachutes and windjammer.

comics101 said...

I love the copied and pasted map! That's so cool!
Magic Lamp, I'm a little confused as to what you mean with the storybook? Are you talking about something along the lines of the book seen here...

I feel really stupid asking that as I'm assuming that's nothing like what you're imagining but I'm just so confuse hahaha. Very cool and original take on a MK-style park though. Great job to both you and Randy!

comics101 said...

Oh! Idk whose idea it was, but I really like the idea of the Mickey, Donald, & Minnie statues leading into the park. That's just awesome! Anywho, great job guys!

Magic Lamp said...

@comics101: Thanks. About the books; I was thinking more like this, but much smaller:


Either open or closed, somewhere incorporated in the theme. For example, while waiting to get on the Tea Cups ride, you can find a copy of 'Alice in Wonderland' lying under a tree.

The statues was SWW's idea, brilliant as always.

megatron_85 said...

now why didn't I do that in the first place?

great plan though!

SWW aka 'Randy' said...

Thanks for the comments.

^Interesting about the books... if they had been intended to be the giant size of the one in ML's link (storybook canal) they would have been visible in the site plan (like the one in front of Hunny Hunt).

Douglas, being an Eastcoaster I don't know much about Knott's other than it was a precursor/contemporary of Disneyland. I've also heard it was damaged thematically by the addition of naked steel coasters in recent decades. I will look into it.

Magic Lamp said...

I think it would work better if the books were of average size and put in a setting where it appears the reader had been "drawn into" the story, similar to the guests being drawn into the attractions.

They would make for some interesting photo spots.

comics101 said...

I LOVE the idea about placing Alice and Wonderland under a tree like that, as if Alice had just been there reading the story before following the rabbit...that's awesome. Would that idea extend to every attraction in the park, or just the Fantasyland attractions?

Magic Lamp said...

@comics101: The idea is that every attraction has a book lying around somewhere. I feel it would tie in well with Belle's love for stories and fairytales, since the Beast's castle is the park's icon already.

protojimbo said...

the park is really exciting and inspiring. I love how this park represents what could be a good evolution of disneyland 4 the future. even though I liked SWW's most recent ideal buildout of the magic kingdom with its expanded frontier land, I feel that those areas, including liberty square and the river boats, no longer resonate with the public as they once did. your plan addresses that concern as well as fixing the inconsistencies in tomorrowland. I love how your plan emphasizes the classic disney fantasy elements from the new main street through the core of the park. In this vision we can let Pixar dominate the studios park and keep the kingdom focused on tradition. The changes help the park regain a timeless quality it could settle into for years to come. Excellent work fellas!

SWW said...

^ Thanks.

I myself am still a big fan of both Frontierland & Liberty Square... but this park is an example that are infinite variations on the Disneyland model that can make for dream parks...

Colin said...

Which locations are in the enchanted forest area?? really awesome park