Monday, May 16, 2011


I've been converting some of my site plans to color and would like some feedback from you good people. 

I like the simplicity of the original four color scheme I've been using, but inserting a cool-temp color palette can help differentiate the lands/showbuildings.  Thoughts?  Should future plans be in color?  Should the already-posted ones be converted like below?


FOLLOW UP: Continuing this experiment, I've replaced about half of my posted parks with colorized versions, going all the way back to MGM, so feel free to check them out and let me know your thoughts on the new scheme.  

A lot of these plans feature small enhancements from previous incarnations, such as this expanded version of Texas Disneyland:
In which I resurrected the old Pirate Ship from Disneyland:

Thanks for the input so far and let me know your thoughts on this change in presentation, if you haven't done so.


Sam said...

I think it looks good, but i will have to get used to it,though. Looks completely different now.

Jeff said...

An advantage over this new color scheme is that, when two or more attractions in different lands are housed in the same building, such as the Golden Horseshoe and Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland, one can see the line between lands on the buildings. It also makes differentiating lands easier. However, from an artistic standpoint, there are too many colors for my liking, too much going on. Changing to this new design would also cause consistency issues with other posts, unless you're willing to go back and update all of your previous posts. I'm going to have to cast my vote for the traditional four color design.

Anonymous said...

Also, Disney-Warner Bros. Studios Backlot will added in Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.

RandySavage aka SWW said...

Thanks for the feedback on the new color scheme, Jeff & Sam.

Mr Disney-WB Backlot: while your list of attractions and park sound very interesting and ambitious, the best way to communicate your ideas with me is NOT to leave such huge lists in 8 consecutive comments - it's stifling.

Instead, you can describe the park in a few written paragraphs. Again, please do not leave lists of attractions without any context in the comments section.


Armchair Ashley said...

I like the colorization. You should do it.

stitch101 said...

I think the colorization looks interesting. Great idea for organizational purposes.

megatron_85 said...

whoa...far out

i mean, how groovy can you get

super great job SWW

Andrew said...

I like them both for their own purposes. The original was simple and clean but this one easily maps out the lands of the different parks. I remember you mentioning trouble with the NYC theme park so if this colour scheme helps to showcase that particular buildout then go for it. Can you tell that I would love to see that park ;)

Douglas said...

i like it. but you could use colors that match the land like green for AL and pink for FL.

Magic Lamp said...

I prefer the colorized versions. Sometimes, I had a hard time figuring out where one land ended and the other started, so this will certainly help.

Add a separate list of attractions and you could make a mock-up guide for each park.

Alwax said...

I don't think there was anything particularly wrong with the original colours, but I am fond of the colours. Brings a little more character to the images but also adds a nice sense of organisation from a technical standpoint. I'm sure I've seen some official layout plans coloured similarly.

Sam said...

O Randy, by the way! Are you gonna draw Walt Disney Studio's Paris too? Since they announcrd the Ratatouille darkride, I'm sure you will make the park even more beautiful.

RandyS aka SWW said...

Thanks for the input.

Douglas, my initial thought was to do just that (same shade of green for all adventurelands, blue for all tomorrowlands, etc.), but I ran into a few problems that made me decide not to. I personally prefer a the use of a few (six or seven and no more) closely associated colors (they're all blue-ish gray with different reddish tints), so as not to make the plans look too busy and random. Adding greens, yellows, etc. made the plans look a little too hectic. Also, there are so many different themed lands among all my various plans that I would need scores of colors if each were to be associated with a land.

MagicLamp, I hope to start working on a few guide-book like maps for soon.

Sam, I'm sure I will get to WDSP at some point... a park that needs radical, transformative surgery. I saw the Ratatouille artwork and it looks fantastic, but what the park really needs (in addition to more quality rides) is a sense of its self and detailed, transporting environments. Even if the Ratatouille execution is excellent (the artwork is promising), it doesn't tie very clearly or very well into an overarching theme for the park (it doesn't look like it's going to be Paris backlot set, rather an actual recreation of old Paris).

Ron Vance said...

I like it too because it helps distinguish each area a little more. But I also like the original. Another idea is to colorize them based on attraction, shop, or restaurant, like the old Disney maps used to do in the 70s:

Perhaps with that scheme, the sidewalks could be lightly colored based on the different lands? Might look too busy though. Either way, keep up the good work; really fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

So Randy, how about you gonna have idea for five Disney parks:
1.Disneyland New Jersey
2.Walt Disney Studios Paris
3.Disney-Warner Bros. Studios Backlot (Hong Kong Disneyland)
4.Disney's America
5.Tokyo Disneyland

Lonnie said...

I like the new colors also. I t brings out an added 'fullness' to the individual areas. Could also work well for your existing plans too.


Jeff said...

Come to think of it, now that I had the chance to look back at some of your older, updated posts, I have to say, the new color scheme is impressive. The colors are tasteful and seem to work together. It's not cluttered like I had previously thought. It just took some more examples for me to see its full potential. I think I'm going to have to recast my vote in favor of this new color scheme.

Randy aka SWW said...

^Jeff... glad you're coming around because I think I'm going to re-do all the plans (over the next couple months) in this style, using the same six or seven purple-ish shades... I think it's more communicative and still fairly clean.

Ron, thanks for the link to the classic map of the MK. Delineating individual shops, restaurants, etc., by lines and lighter/darker shades is a great idea, but will take quite a bit of time and effort. It's definitely filed in my mind.

Armchair Ashley said...

When are you going to post EPCOT's Future World, Tokyo Disneyland, and your Middle Earth park.

Anonymous said...

WOW! that new color scheme is pretty good. by the way do you have any plans to make any SeaWorld Parks, LegoLand Parks, Waterparks anytime soon? BYE!

SWW said...

Armchair Ashley, those plans should probably be posted in the coming months... I'll try to keep them a surprise.

Anon, I haven't done any Sea Worlds, Legolands, but there is an expanded River Country posted.