Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Guest Feature - Walt Disney Studios Themepark

I’m pleased to present another guest feature/collaboration.  I received this pencil sketch for an elaborate take on the Studios model:

From it, and employing a little artistic license, I drew up the following conceptual site plan for his dream Studios park:

What follows is Cody’s description of his park (as well as two original birds-eye sketches):

“For quite some time now I've been developing plans for what I believe would be the perfect studio theme park. Seeing as how I absolutely love movies and all things Golden Age Hollywood, and how I would do almost anything for the chance to use a time machine to visit the 1940's, I suppose that makes some sense.

The Walt Disney Studios Themepark combines ideas and concepts from Disney's Hollywood Studios, The Disney-MGM Studios Europe, The Walt Disney Studios Paris, along with some original ideas I've come up with. It's important to note that the park IS NOT a working movie studio, but does pretend to be one, with cm's portraying aspiring directors and actors/actresses filming on sets. When designing the park, I felt it was important to make sure that the design of the park felt like a movie studio (helping to reinforce the illusion) yet still have individual themed areas, which I think was accomplished rather well. Over all, there are still many areas of the park that need improvements, but for the most part I'm quite pleased with how it came out. Anywho, enough with introductions, "On with the Show!"

Most of the stuff found here exists at Disney’s Hollywood Studios…I figure if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. At the end of Hollywood Blvd stands The Disney Chinese Theatre, which houses the park's signature attraction, "The Great Movie Ride", a tour through movies unlike any other. Featuring many of the films seen in Disney's Hollywood Studios, you'll find some new movies on the tour as well, including Jailhouse Rock, Planet of the Apes, Forrest Gump, and The Little Mermaid. 
What is Echo Lake at DHS is Primetime Lagoon at my park, and is given a 1950’s theme, a time when Television was in its prime, cars were absolutely perfect, and America found its one and only King. “The Rock’n’RollerCoaster with Elvis” updates the DHS classic with a more theme-appropriate attraction for this land. The exterior of the attraction is based on the Sun Recording Studios in Memphis:

“Great TV Moments” brings your favorite TV shows to life through the magic of an AA stage show (American Adventure meets The Great Movie Ride).

Roger Rabbit’s Hollywood-
The entrance to the land is the Maroon Studios Gate, with the Acme Warehouse being the showbuilding for the “ToonTown Trolley Tours”. “Baby Herman’s Runaway Buggies” is a soundstage with a toonified Hollywood Hospital Set attached to it. Everything else in the land after the Studio Gate appears to be ToonTown.

The Western & Route 66 Lots-
“The Very Wild, Wild, Wild, (Wild) Wild West Stunt Show” is a comedy stuntshow complete with Cowboys, Indian Sidekicks, Bandits, and a grand finale featuring a Damsel in Distress tied to a railroad track complete with a moving train!  “Radiator Springs Racers” is not the new attraction being built in Disney’s California Adventure, but rather a dueling family coaster very similar to “Crush’s Coaster” in Paris (the attraction should probably be renamed).

Animation Ave-
“The Magic of Disney Animation” is a grand, EPCOT Center-like dark ride that takes you on a tour through the animation process that’s unlike any you’ve ever seen. “How To Be A Villain” is a 3-D show featuring the Magic Mirror as host. 

 Marvel Studios Lot-
Marking the entrance of the land is a Stainless Steel, futuristic arch. The exterior of “The Uncanny Xmen” attraction features the X-Mansion as the exterior with it’s grounds as the queue. “Marvel Origins” is housed in a show building designed to look like a futuristic comic book city, and “The Invincible Iron Man” features an exterior very similar to the one seen in concept art for the unbuilt Dubai attraction.

 SciFi Ctyd-
“Alien Encounter” features the creatures of the “Alien” franchise, with a reimagined story in order to go along with its new theme.

The Adventure Backlot-
The facades in the front of this land represent the city of Casablanca, which extends to the Indy Theatre, although it is made to look more like a dig site. The POTC coaster is very comparible to The Mummy coaster found at Uni. It would include several elaborate sets along with a thrilling rollercoaster ride. The Special FX show is a combination of the Monster Make-up Show at Uni and the DHS Backlot Tour Pearl Harbor Preshow, but themed to POTC. The Up fa├žade represents the Tepuis and their waterfalls along with an airship hanger and the partially-exposed “Spirit of Adventure”. 

Production Ctyd-
“The Studio Tram Tour” has been completely transformed and turned into one of the most ambitious attractions ever built at a Disney theme park. Passing through the Streets of New York (a 1920’s recreation of NYC), guests will be taken to the European Set, where your vehicle will stop for several minutes as a brief (and constantly changing) demonstration of car stunts is conducted. It’s then through the bone yard and onto The Western Set you go, where you’ll encounter a scene from the legendary Western River Expedition. Moving through Catastrophe Canyon, The grand finale will then take guests right into the heart of the Battle of Hoth, where you’ll encounter moving AT-ATs, an Ion Canyon, and lots of actors portraying Rebel and Empire forces. 

Well there you have it. The park is far from perfect, but I feel it does the movie theme justice, which is more than any other movie themed park in the world does. I’d like to thank RandySavage for taking the time to turn my rough sketch into a map, he did a great job! Also, for further explanations, revisions, edits, and additions to this park, and also for new and exciting parks, please visit my blog, Sparks of Inspiration"


"RandySavage" said...

Thanks, Cody and nice work on the aerial perspectives sketches - I look forward to you posting some more original concept art on your blog.

If done right, this park would be a multi-billion dollar project with several days worth of adventures to experience. I think it would sit nicely on the reclaimed land opposite Hong Kong Disneyland that is reserved for its second gate.

comics101 said...

Thank you sooooo much Randy! I really love the map, it's exactly as I imagined it! As for a location to the park, I never really thought much about that, though I think you're right about Hong Kong.

I did wanna make sure everyone knew that my Star Tours would feature both the ST2 and the original ST remastered with the latest effects and converted into 3D (you choose you adventure based on which terminal you enter).
I also wanna mention that I completely forgot to include an outdoor theatre for my verion of "Fantasmic", which would take place on a recreation of the Hollywood Hills, and would feature a musical adventure that pays tribute to classic films (by genre)using fireworks, actors, music, and waterscreens. I suppose it's Fantasmic meets The Great Movie Ride.

megatron_85 said...

thanks a lot you guys

Alwax said...

Cool, cool park. I think this is gonna make one anonymous reader very happy indeed :P I love your sketches, Cody. I think the Adventure Backlot sounds fantastic. Watercoaster would be a great way to Update Pirates and I love the Up facade. I also like the nods to never built attractions like Mel Brooks' Haunted Hotel (now Motel). And that Backlot tour would be tremendous especially the Hoth battle. If such a park did exist, it'd be truly awesome.

Andrew said...

This is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Recently I've been hungry for more Wild West attractions within any Disney park as I feel that it has a lot of things going for it (JUst got Red Dead Redemption for the PS3 and loving the Wild West scenery). Therefore your whole area dedicated to the theme is great. Also the backlot tour sounds amazing and offer something that would delight audiences for years to come.

I have visited your site and cannot wait to see the three parks around the lake idea. There was someone here on IdealBuildout that gave in a fairly brilliant idea of a fully inclusive resort by a lake.

stitch101 said...

Great job here, Cody. The only thing I'm not a fan of is not having the park as a real working studio, but that's just me. I also think a attraction based off of The Rocketeer would fit in this park nicely, as the movie/comic does a nice job at capturing the Golden Hollywood feel. Aside from those, I love everything else, especially the more elaborate Backlot Tour and the Route 66 area.

comics101 said...

Thanks so much for all of the nice comments guys! I really appreciate it!

@Andrew, be sure and visit the site sometime soon as I plan on updating the Resort rather soon (as in this weekendish)

@stitch101, I can understand being disapointed by the lack of a working studio, but I feel if there's one thing MGM taught us, it's that a theme park is sooooo much easier to operate when a working studio is not attached to it, and vise versa. I know that in an idealized world it can be possible, but I wanted to have the park rooted in some reality.
As for "The Rocketeer" attraction, I did seriously consider, but I decided that with the movie being rather unknown, and IronMan being essentially the same thing (at least the ride vehicles/technology, that it just didn't make much sense to include it (though I may decide otherwish, as I do believe the Hollywood area could use another attraction or two...)

RandySavage said...


I hope that the Anonymous Reader indeed appreciates Roger Rabbit's generous treatment here...

Douglas said...

this park is just perfect Cody. love how you put just about every genre in the park. and yes i agree with the whole no working studio in the park thing since Universal Studios Hollywood is a good example of that since they want to destroy most of the backlot for rides.

megatron_85 said...

i got two questions for you RS,
1. which theme park are gonna put up next?
2. how many theme parks have you done so far?

RandySavage said...


1. Not sure yet... possibly Tokyo Disneyland or DCA, maybe around March 20th-23rd.

2. I've lost count, but upwards of 40. About half of those are original/new theme park concepts (3 of which I've showcased here (Worlds of Wonder, Dark Kingdom & Alterniverse)) and half are expanded takes on existing or proposed parks.

I haven't completed any illustrated maps (as opposed to conceptual site plans) yet, but when that happens, this will be the place to see them.

Hope this answers all your questions.

comics101 said...

Thanks Douglas!
And Randy, I personally would love to see your take on DCA...though I suppose what I really wanna see is how you'd have changed it without the billion dollar refurb. In other words, if Disney had given you a billion smackaroonies to do with DCA as you please, how would you have improved the park?

Alwax said...

Ooh, I like the sound of the maps.

megatron_85 said...

i'll be looking forward for your visions of tokyo disneyland and/or disney's california adventure
as well as disneysea paris, port disney Long Beach & the disney nyc park

Anonymous said...

Hey, Randy. There's supposed to have a roller coaster based on RollerCoaster Rabbit on Roger Rabbit cartoon short in this Roger Rabbit's Hollywood at Walt Disney Studios.
Toontown Tower Hotel will be added too like parody of TOT.

comics101 said...

When designing the park, I wanted to come up with as many original ideas as I possibly could, not just put in the ideas that everyone uses (although many of them may be great). That's the main reason Rollercoaster Rabbit and the ToonTown Tower attractions weren't included.

megatron_85 said...

RS, i see by the castle diversity aricle that you done shanghi disneyland, based on disney's announcement to 2 more gates to SDL resort can you add an epcot-like park and/or an animal kingdom park for that resort to your blog?

i'm also hoping for carins disneyland

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