Thursday, January 27, 2011

WDW - Magic Kingdom 2025

When something noteworthy stirs up the theme park design world, I get motivated to draw a plan around it (like the Hyperion Wharf announcement).  As most readers here know, Disney recently released the artwork for the latest version of the New Fantasyland.  There have also been hints of a Tron E-ticket being considered for the MK’s Tomorrowland, post 2014.

With these things in mind, I drew my second idealized version of the planet’s most popular theme park – one a little closer to reality than my first (which had an original castle and a Black Cauldron indoor flume, among other things that will never happen).

Fantasyland will have two new meet & greets in “Story Time with Belle” and one attached to The Little Mermaid building.  Rather than convert a ride system to another, elaborate m&g, this park sees the old Snow White dark ride converted to a Tangled (or any other Disney fantasy) dark ride.  Since there is apparently an unquenchable thirst for Princess m&gs, I’ve converted the unused and rotting, but nicely designed, Skyway station into a chalet-themed m&g.

I drew Circusland (aka Storybook Circus) from the artwork, with tents and central Casey Jr. water feature.  The two northernmost tents become the fa├žade for a circus-themed dark ride starring the Disney characters (something similar was planned for Anaheim in the 1970s).

Adventureland sees the much-missed Adventures Club taking over the unused Adventureland Veranda.  The Aladdin spinner and Arabian bazaar is removed from the plaza in front of the Tropical Serenade (a new show created in the spirit of the original).

Tomorrowland sees the Deco-Tech theme of the Avenue of Planets implemented throughout the land.  I’ve added some curves and helixes to the speedway for what will be OrbDrive Cruisers – free-roaming, futuristic, electric-powered vehicles of tomorrow, inspired by the concept art of Mark Nicoll.

To add some greenery and another hidden corner, I put a futuristic arboretum with dancing fountains in place of the old skyway station/bathrooms.

Tron: The Ride is the major addition in Tomorrowland.   Some reports about the attraction currently under development at WDI incorporates some kind of indoor lightcycle launch coaster similar to the Vekoma model, with heavy visual/screen elements to simulate the Grid.  I’ve read that the planned queue is an attraction in itself – using stunning SFX to transport guests into the Grid world.   I have mixed feelings about adding Tron to Tomorrowland, since outside the Grid, Tron takes place in the near present.  This would have to be thematically reconciled with the mythos of Tomorrowland.

Frontierland gets an enormous E+ attraction that combines Indiana Jones Adventure & Western River Expedition with a shooter.  Themed in a grittier style than the rest of Frontierland (think Red Dead Redemption), the attraction begins in the town jail, where the villainous Boss has been busted free by his men.  Guests are deputized and sent off in Stage Coaches (with rifles attached) to bring the gang to justice.  Along the fast-paced, thrilling journey, riders are nearly curshed by stampeding buffalo, dynamited by wicked outlaws, meet hostile & friendly Indians, banditos, and many other wonders of the old west.  In a number of scenes rider will be able to exchange gunfire with the bad guys - setting off hundreds of individual squibs.


Comments?  What are your predictions for the state of the Magic Kingdom in 2025?


megatron_85 said...


Magic Lamp said...

I very much like this version, not only because it's closer to the real thing but the expansions you added are actually possible.

I like your revamp of Tomorrowland, which is in desperate need of an overhaul. But instead of basing the overal style on googie, they should aim for dieselpunk as illustrated here with details such as this and that. This would make it even more so unique, and could possibly rival with Discoveryland in both theme and originality.

And yes, Tron, like many other attraction, don't really fit into Tomorrowland unless they start giving it an actual theme we can relate to seeing that many things featured originally are not so futuristic anymore.

stitch101 said...

I really like what you did here, especially with the Outlaw Ridge attraction. I do prefer the other Ideal MK, though.

Also, is the pattern for new releases going to be every two weeks now? Or is it three blog entrys a month? I'm just a little confused on how it works now.

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Alwax said...

Great thoughts. Frontierland needs something certainly. I couldn't get over how underwhelmed I was by Frontierland in MK after visiting DLP. But I guess that goes for the majority of the park in comparison. Everything is so awesome in the Paris park.

Re: Tron; while I think it would make a fantastic ride I agree that it would add to the further convoluted nature of Tomorrowland. But is Tomorrowland beyond saving? I'd like to think not. Failing the addition of a fifth gate, where such a land could exist, I think TL needs a complete makeover in the Discoveryland style. I personally would love to see Captain Nemo return to WDW. Space permitting they could even build Mount Prometheus and we all know what comes with that....;)

But considering the bigger picture and something to draw the crowds away from Harry Potter, I really think Disney need to breathe new life into the bigger franchises they have the rights to turn into rides. Now, obviously as long as Marvel exist in IOA, we won't be seeing any of that in Disney parks. Star Tours 2 will be great hopefully, but it'd be great to see more Star Wars attractions (in fact a Lucasfilm lot of DHS like you proposed). However, I think what MK really needs is a new Pirates of the Caribbean thrill ride. Not to replace the original, but to complement it. Adventureland is probably MK's most lacking area, and a big ol' new E-ticket is just what the doctor ordered. MK probably has the least fancy version of POTC and while I wouldn't change it, it'd be lovely to see WDI bring to life some of the fantastic settings and set pieces we've seen in the film franchises so far.

Sorry for rabbiting on a bit...

Charlie Dowden said...

I always look forward to your posts and once again this is amazing! Although your other MK was far more exciting, the realism of this park makes it all the better- I think we would all be very happy to wait 14 years for something like this to happen to MK. Thank you!

sam said...

Very very cool!!!

If that was real I would straight buy a ticket Amsterdam-Orlando and be right on my way!

(I really have to visit WDW someday xD)

Anonymous said...

Toontown & Toon Studios / Maroon Studios would be great idea for new future of Disney's Hollywood Studios:

Rides: 15
Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin
Toontown Transit
Baby Herman's Runaway Baby Buggies (Maroon Studios)
Goofy's Sky School
Toontown Tower Hotel
Rollercoaster Rabbit
Mickey's Madhouse Ride
Donald's Boat Coaster
Goofy's Motor Mania
Jolly Trolley
The Adventures of Roger Rabbit (Based on Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
Benny the Cab Ride
The Princess and the Frog Ride
Aladdin Ride
Lion King Ride

Lights, Toons, Action!
Roger Rabbit's Toontown Hour
Toontown Parade
Mickey's Toon Circus
Maroon Cartoon Theater

The Ink and Paint Club
Daisy's Ice Cream Palace
Disney's House of Mouse
Toon Studio Cafe
Donald's Boat
and more

Mickey's House
Minnie's House
Goofy's House
Roger Rabbit's House
Donald's Boat
Daisy's Boat

ACME Warehouse
Toontown Depot
Minnie's Candy Shop
Toontown Post Office
Mickey's Movie Barn
Toon Studio Gift Shop
Maroon Studios Shop
Goofy's Airport Shop
and more

Ron Vance said...

Love your blog. Big fan!
I really like the addition of Adventurer's Club in Adventureland. Not a fan of taking out Country Bear Jamboree for Diamond Horseshoe Revue—maybe combine the two ideas where the Country Bears perform in the day, with a versatile stage setup for the Diamond Horseshoe to perform a few nightly performances. Just a thought! Keep 'em coming!

'RandySavage' said...

Magic Lamp, thanks for those links. I like that dieselpunk style and I think what Disney built in 1994 was pretty close to it (whereas HKDL TL is more on the googie side). I agree that a strong & consistent DecoTech/DieselPunk style needs to be applied throughout the land (like the fins on the Peoplemover track), not just strongly on the opening street and limply everywhere else.

Stitch101, there is no set schedule for new posts - but I aim for one about every 10 or so days.

RandySavage said...

Alwax, we differ in our opinions a bit here.

I think Frontierland is among the strongest of MK's areas - it's very well-designed architecturally (and landscape-wise), it houses some great attractions (but all have significant maintenance issues), is mostly Disney character-free (a big plus in my book). Shuttered restaurants (Aunt Polly's) and attractions (Diamond Horseshoe) ought to be re-opened and the impromptu atmosphere shoot-outs re-introduced to the street, but I think Tomorrowland is in need of attention first.

Which brings me to your 2nd point - I really love the Nemo/Vernes/steampunk motif that Paris enjoyed prior to Toy Story & Mission: 2 invading Discoveryland. I certainly wouldn't complain if TL were leveled for a highly detailed Discoveryland with Prometheus, etc... BUT I don't think such a remodel is necessary in the MK. Like I alluded to in my response to Magic Lamp, I think the DecoTech (or DieselPunk) style can work really well as the land's aesthetic (and would keep it unique), but it needs to carry over to all the attraction facades (excluding maybe the upper portion of the iconic Space Mountain). Being a such mishmash of styles/franchises(Monsters, Inc??) is what really hurts the land as a whole,as is.

Regarding your third point. I'm a big fan of the PotC film franchise, and so I agree that the world the film series has create (which is half-fantasy, half-historical) is ripe for a major theme park treatment. From what I've read, something very exciting along these lines is in the plans for Shanghai - which is why I eagerly anticipate some official news & concept art for that park.

'RandySavage' said...


I don't know if you saw my Studios entry in August or September (you can go back & find it), but there is indeed a Toontown there. It's not as big as the one listed (which might overwhelm the park), but there is some overlap.


The Country Bear Jamboree (Playhouse) is still there (C1), as is the Diamond Horseshoe (maybe I switched the labels on the map?). I'd even return the AA bison, elk, & moose heads to the Mile Long Bar that management saw fit to remove.

Anonymous said...

I love this for its realism

Anonymous said...

You should make Disney-MGM Studios Tokyo to be along with Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySEA.
Here's the lands are:
Hollywood Blvd
Sunset Blvd
Pixar Place
Muppet Studios
Disney Channel Backlot
Maroon Studios
Hollywood Pictures Backlot
Buena Vista Street
Animation Courtyard
Toon Studios
New York
Marvel SuperHero Island
Mickey's Movieland

And if you could add alot rides in this new Disney theme park "Disney-MGM Studios Tokyo" at Tokyo Disneyland Resort.

Ron Vance said...

Oh, I see now. "C2" is where Country Bears are presently, "C1" is currently the Trading Post shop, or whatever it's called now. I didn't notice that you still had it in the list for Frontierland. Sorry about that.
Thanks again for my new favorite blog! Keep 'em coming!

Michael said...

I really love it. Perhaps your ideas here might hopefully come to reality.

Alwax said...

Don't get me wrong, I do love MK Frontierland as well, I just think it feels so small in comparison to DLP one. And I also love the consistant Thunder Mesa theme that runs through Big Thunder and Phantom Manor.

I really like the Dieselpunk idea, it'd give the MK TL a great bit of individuality, much like Fantasyland will soon have. I think a Discoveryland/Mysterious Island would be something to best implement in a fifth gate, which I really hope we get in this decade.

It'll be really interesting to see what they plan for Shanghai. Feels like we've been waiting forever for some artwork. But hopefully it's version of MK be a truly original feeling park while feeling like classic Disney in the all the right ways. I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed by the fact that HKDL has the same castle as California. Though the park itself looks lovely.

Magic Lamp said...

I agree with Alwax about MK's Frontierland being small but that's due to the theme being stretched out thin in an odd pattern against the spokes-wheel setup of the park itself.

In DL and DLP you can quickly move from Main Street through AL and FL right into Fantasyland whereas in the MK you have this loopway off-center.

If you opened up the passage between the Country Bear Playhouse and the Adventurer's Club and moved Thunder Mountain where Tom Sawyer's Island is, the FL theme would be more compact.

And in place of TM you could put the Outlaw Ridge Expeditions. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Randy, I know this Magic Kingdom needs new Toontown or Disney's Hollywood Studios will get it.
Roger Rabbit 2 is coming soon in next year or 2013. It will be great to have Roger Rabbit's Toontown at DHS or MK. I bet DHS will build it along with Maroon Studios. Toontown Tower Hotel, Benny the Cab AKA Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin, Toontown Transit, Rollercoaster Rabbit and Baby Herman's Runaway Baby Buggy Ride in the new land of Roger Rabbit's Toontown and Maroon Studios.
This new land will be based on Who Framed Roger Rabbit with resturants like The Ink and Paint Club, Terminal Grill & Bar for Sunset Blvd, and more.

Rus Wornom said...

Randy, your ideas and maps are great! Please tell me: what software do you use to create the maps?

'RandySavage' said...

Ron, thanks for the correction - I mislabeled the location. Country Bears would stay - maybe with seasonal shows for variation, (and high maintenance standards, of course).

Alwax, I really like both MK's and DLP's Frontierlands - and they nicely illustrate "strict" and "loose" theme design and how both can work well in a theme park. DLP's Frontierland (on opening (pre-Pochohontas, Woody and other character invasions))) was a beautiful thing, nary an animated character in sight, tons of details, and an original cohesive backstory that connected the entire land from Thunder Mesa to Cottonwood Creek. It was awesome.

Magic Kingdom's FL was more loosely themed from the outset - with talking animals of the North Woods (Country Bears), Mark Twain's literary characters (Missouri) and a Gold Rush/Old West zone. Because of this loose application of the 'Frontier' theme, Splash Mountain was able to work in Frontierland - the talking animal and random geography barriers have never been very strict. Whereas if Country Bears or Splash Mountain were introduced to Thunder Mesa in Paris, something would seem ajar (as Woody from Toy Story does).


I use AutoCAD.

Alwax said...

Agreed. It's a shame that the character integration in MK's TL isn't as streamlined. Maybe one day...

Anonymous said...

Here's new Downtown Disney resturants & others, Randy.
1.Chuck E. Cheese's (Replace Disney Quest)
2.Burger King
4.Planet Hollywood
5.Red Lobster
6.AMC Theaters
7.Disney Store
8.Lego Store
9.Nintendo World
10.SEGA World
11.Rainforest Cafe
12.TGIF Fridays
13.World of Disney
14.M&Ms World
15.Star Wars Store
16.Hollywood of Stars
17.Mickey's Christmas Shop
19.Dunkin Donuts
22.Charlie Brown's
and more!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the AC inclusion to adventureland. It would never happen, because half the point of PI was to escape the parks and go to a kid-free zone, but it's a fun idea.

Colin said...

love the idea

I like to see the casey junior kiddie coaster in storybook circus. I think that now that they have the area they should use it more often but already love it now.