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WDW - Animal Kingdom

The Oasis. The only major change here is the removal of the Rainforest Cafe: The area is needed for Beastlie Kingdomme backstage areas and these themed restaurants have become fairly commonplace around the U.S.  I think the experience here should be one-of-a-kind.

Discovery Island.  At the base of the Tree of Life, winding paths through the roots lead you to the subterranean theater – and its multi-media “Wonders of Nature” show – in the same vein as the American Adventure.  The show gives an overarching sense of the animal world and the mission of the park.  The post-show is Conservation Station and contains exhibits to educate about the state of wildlife on Earth.  As much as I agree with its message, the actual execution of Conservation Station (aka PlanetWatch) never made it a compelling reason to take a boring (IMO) train ride to the top of the park.

Discovery Riverboats are back, but with an increased number of special effects and events along the journey (like the submerged kraken).  

Beastlie Kingdomme is an area that I believe should have been there from Day 1.  Here, I have approximated its original design from the concept art. 

You can read the fascinating and wonderful details of this land, including its signature attractions, on MousePlanet, which has four articles by the creators of Beastlie Kingdomme.  If you have not read these, you will want to do so:

I’ve padded Beastlie Kingdomme with three additional attractions: a dark ride of fantastic forest creatures, a spinner and effects-heavy theatrical experience hosted by Merlin:

Africa.   The changes in Africa include a Harambe Village Theatre – similar to that in Hong Kong Disneyland – which hosts the Lion King or any other show. 

At the northern end of the Safari, the flood-control canal has been re-shaped to resemble the Masai River.  Beyond the river is a huge paddock that will give the widest, most wildlife filled vista outside of the real thing – imagine scores of wildebeest, giraffe, zebra, elephant, etc. moving about in the far distance.
photo by
I don’t believe in ‘breaking the third wall’ with respect to backstage views as is currently the case with the Wildlife Express.  Instead there would be heavy landscaping, distant savanna/tropical forest views and theme-appropriate narration. 

And Wildlife Express has a worthwhile destination: Amazonia, a new land featuring a chilling dark ride adventure that will touch on the general fear of snakes and large, furry South American spiders.  While my ideal WDW already has one Soarin’ simulator (Impressions de France), here there is a second: Soarin’ over the Amazon.  While the former shows us human endeavors like skiing the French Alps, ballooning over Loire Valley chateaux, or circling the Eiffel Tower, the latter focuses on natural wonders such as the Amazon Rainforest, IguaƧu Falls and the Tepuis.

In Asia, as originally planned, Tiger River Run is a 20+minute boat ride that feature live Asian animals including Asian elephants, Indian rhinos, orangutans, leopards, peacocks, sambar and gaur.  I’ve utilized the exiting Kali River Rapids queue, which is long and beautifully designed.  For the final thrill element, the bifurcated rafts detach and descend through clearcut-caused rapids.

The mythos of Dinoland is that it is 1950s America – a golden age for paleontology.  The institute is not some generic structure but built to resemble the famed, gothic Yale-Peabody Museum – the eastern academic headquarters for paleontological activity.  It houses Countdown to Extinction, with a completely different storyline and cast of characters.  It still involves a time machine (more thoughtfully explained) and travelling back to the K-T Divide (in a larger indoor/outdoor thrill ride with some slower elements).

Cretaceous Trail is more fleshed out, like its fantastic sister trails in Africa & Asia, with living prehistoric animal exhibits including crocodiles and turtles.

Out ‘West’, in the Badlands, things are going awry at the dig site, where The Excavator (a family coaster) has mine carts speeding past excavation equipment that seems to have been possessed with the animal spirits of the long-dead dinosaur fossils.

The exterior of Mammoth Falls is a boulder-strewn, soggy pine forest landscape representing North America 10,000 years ago.  In the pre-show, Lescaux-like cave paintings come to life to illustrate the types of megafauna we may experience.  The flume ride features encounters with giant sloths, glyptodonts, sabre tooth cats, mastodons, mammoths and their primitive human hunters.

In my ideal vision of the Disney parks, California Adventure was never built (Disneyland’s second gate is Disneysea) – anything worthwhile in that park exists elsewhere in my vision (e.g., EPCOT Canada’s Yukon Rapids or Paris DisneySea’s Coney Island Mania).  In order to represent invertebrates, which make up the vast majority of the animal kingdom, I have imported the Bug’s Land from DCA.  

A Bug’s Land is part of a larger Disney character section which fills the role of Camp Minnie-Mickey and allows families with very small children have some more to do.  Pagoo’s Adventure is something that was in the early plans for DAK… I believe it involved an original, cartoon panda (could have stolen the thunder from Kung-fu Panda, Disney!) in a dark ride setting.  Here Pagoo exists, perhaps gaining the popularity of other theme park original characters like Figment and Duffy the Bear.

Finally, I’ve added the subsurface fountains to the lagoon for a night-time show in what is now a multi-day park.


Here's is a relative size comparison with my built-out Magic Kingdom

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megatron_85 said...


Stitch101 said...

Nice ideas! So would the Merlin's Menagerie show have anything in common with Dragondale? Because I recall that in your ideal Dubai Disneyland you had an attraction of the same name in Dragondale. Also, would A Bug's Land have actual insect exhibits? I think something like that would make the area even more interesting. Finally, would the Caravan Stage host a new show, not Flights of Wonder?

Douglas said...

good move with Amazonia. didn't go on the train when i was there.

comics101 said...

I'm not sure if there's one thing I'd change about this park. I kinda feel it's perfect. Love Amazonia, but is the only way to get up there the train? Because that could kinda be a pain...
Beastlie Kingdomme sounds awesome, and I love the Merlin show! Ahahaha actually, believe it when I designed my version of BK I included something similar.
Dinoland is absolutly positivly PERFECT! I love the new desigin of the CTX building, and the Mammoth Falls!!! Hahahaha why isn't this real!?!?! Gaaah hahaha awesome job!

Alwax said...

Really great tweaking of the park, hits all the right notes and, my favourite thing, it all seems so doable. SORT IT OUT DISNEY! Great ideas for new attractions too. I wonder, how do you feel about the rumoured Australia area, and was it a conscious choice not to include it? I know that you already included Journey to the Centre of the Earth in your Port Disney park on the site of Downtown Disney (which I'd really love to see as WDW's fifth gate), but do you think in reality there would be a place for it in AK? Seems the most appropriate park somehow....

Again, great, great work.

Lorenzo T said...

In my opinion this is really a great job, you had recreate a perfect balance between theme park and animal exbition. I enjoyed the new Amazonia area and i think that the land you designed is great to replace the actual useless conservation station building. Of course i appreciated the existence of beastlie kingdom and the change in dinoland, u.s.a. in this plan and all of improvements that you put in the project. Can't wait for Epcot's futur world re-built plan, to complete the walt disney world series! Bye, from Italy!

RandySavage said...

Thanks to all of you who took the time to comment.

Stitch101, I hadn't thought of it, but I think putting insect exhibits in a Bug's land is a great idea and good a way to tie it in to the more serious, reality-based nature of much of the park. There are definite connections between DragonDale & Beastlie Kingdomme, although with its Fantasia's Pastoral-themed boat ride, Beastlie Kingdomme is more loose in its thematic umbrella.

Regarding Flights of Wonder, I notice that a number of the birds in the show are not native to Asia (like bald eagles, macaws), so I think it might be time for the show to end its run for a more setting appropriate replacement.

RandySavage said...

Comics101, I agree that having Amazonia be only accessible by train is not ideal. If you get a chance to see Geomorph's South America proposal on MiceChat,

he pretty brilliantly presents a South America expansion that is accessible both on foot and by train. However, I wanted the full Asian boat ride experience, as presented in the tantalizing early artwork, so all of that walking distance real estate was taken.

I often find myself wondering/wishing that Disney had axed Camp Minnie Mickey, Wildlife Express & Conservation Station from the original plans, and put that money towards Beastlie Kingdomme (leaving the very expensive Dragon's Tower to open a few years later) - it would have been a much better use of their limited $, IMO.

'RandySavage' said...


Not including Australia was more a matter of room than anything else. If Disney does go with Australia next, and it is done well, I'd embrace it. That means no more Nemo tie-ins. Ideally, reality-based attractions on Australia's marine megafauna (great white sharks, sea turtles, saltwater crocs) or recently extinct giants (

Of course there could be a Dreamtime walking exhibit through the aboriginal landscapes with kangaroos and koalas.


I also read rumors of JttCotE. That attraction, while great, seems to be focused on Captain Nemo and his exploration of geological phenomena (and power sources) below the Earth's crust. While there are animal encounters (a very dramatic one), animals don't seem to be the point of the ride.

If JttCotE comes to DAK, I would hope it is the ride system only with a new, more animal-centric theme overlayed on it.

I still feel the next addition to the park needs to finally address the biota that Beaslie Kingdomme would have: Euro-mythic dragons, unicorns, silver stags, etc. These imaginary animals have been part of DAK's identity since pre-opening (and remain part of its logo). To me, the park will not feel complete until these animals are included. To attach these mythic animals to JttCotE E-ticket ride system would be a fine solution.

Anonymous said...

You know Sometimes Randy, I wish your parks were actually build. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST FAN MADE PARKS EVER MADE!!!! ...although there is a Question I want to ask though. Since Fantasia now has its own attraction, what would the Fantasia scene in the Great movie ride be replaced by in your Own opinion. But anyway thank you for uploading one of my park requests. BYE!

Anonymous said...

Great, as always, but one problem: that building, magnificent as it is, is not the Peabody Museum. That building is a beautiful piece of Gothic architecture, while the Peabody Museum is a clearly modern (1925) structure disguised in the Gothic Revival style so prevalent on Yale's campus.

RandySavage said...

^ You're right. The building pictured is at Harvard.

The idea behind the exterior of my version of CTX is that the Dino Institute is fashioned in those same revivalist styles (like neo-gothic) prevalent in universities, as would befit the 1950s theme of the land.

Anonymous said...

^ Yea, those institutional, boring Collegiate Gothic buildings would be great for your CTX!

Those buildings were usually built by conservative institutions who (at that time, by the 50s they had moved to daring modern architecture) had a lack of imagination in their architecture; the term "stuffy" can come to mind. Perfect for the Dino Institute.

I like the Peabody especially; I grew up around there and always laughed at the fact that they tried to hide what was clearly a steel structure, and did a pretty terrible job at it.

Anonymous said...

Disney's Hollywoodland:

15 sections of Hollywoodland.

Hollywood Blvd
Muppet Studios
Sunset Blvd
Pixar Place
Hollywood Pictures Backlot
Buena Vista Street
Disney Channel Backlot
Echo Lake
Maroon Studios
New York
Animation Courtyard
Toon Studio

Hollywood Blvd:
The Great Movie Ride
Red Car Line Trolley (Stops at Sunset Blvd, Hollywood Blvd, Buena Vista Street, Hollywood Backlot Pictures and Maroon Studios)
Hollywood Taxis Spin
Hollywood Airlines (Stops at Buena Vista Street, Hollywood Blvd, Pixar Place, New York, Marvelropolis, and Sunset Blvd)

Sunset Blvd:
The Twlight Zone: Tower of Terror
Rock N' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
Hollywood Hills Amphitheater: Walt Disney's World of Color
Hollywood Autopia

Hollywood Backlot Pictures:
Superstar Limo
Behind the Special Effects
Backlot Studio Tour
Dick Tracy's Diamond Quest Show
Wild Wild West Stunt Show
NEW Superstar Television
The Adventures of Roger Rabbit

Buena Vista Street:
The History of Walt Disney
One Man's Dream
Mickey's Movieland
Oswald's Cartoon Journey Ride
Mickey's Madhouse

Muppet Studios:
Jim Henson's Muppet Vision 3-D
The Muppet Movie Ride
Miss Piggy's Hollywood Ride
Pigs In Space Simulator Ride
Frozie Bear's Comedy Club
Muppet Motor Mania

Pixar Place / Carsland:
Monsters, Inc. Coaster
Toy Story Midway Mania
UP Ride
Finding Nemo submarine ride
It's Tough To Be A Bug
A Bugs Life's Playground
Radiator Springs Racers
Tow Mater's Junkyard Jamboree
Luigi's Roamin' Tires
Crush's Coaster

Disney Channel Backlot:
The Proud Family Ride
Phieras and Ferb 4D
Kim Possible: Hollywood Chase
High School Musical Show
Disney Channel Productions
Lilo and Stitch's Journey Into Space
Fish Hooks Puppet Show
Penny Proud's Hollywood
Mickey's Magic Carpet Ride
Disney Junior - Live on Stage!

Echo Lake:
Indiana Jones Stunt Show
Indiana Jones Adventure
Lucasfilm Cafe
Star Wars 4-D Show
Monster Sound Show

New York:
Dick Tracy's Crimestoppers
New York Musical: The Princess and the Frog
Subway Test
The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man
Police Chase Coaster
Ghostbusters Ride
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles LIVE!

Incredible Hulk Coaster
Doctor Doom's Fearfall
Storm Force Accelatron
Fantasic Four Ride
Marvel 4-D Show

Animation Courtyard / Toon Studio:
Disney's Aladdin, the Musical
The Magic of Disney Animation
Roger Rabbit's Toontown Spin Coaster
The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Voyage
Mickey's PhillarMagic 3D
Donald Duck's Boat Spin
A Goofy Movie Ride

Maroon Studios / Toontown:
Baby Herman's Runaway Baby Buggy Ride
Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin
The Toontown Transit
RollerCoaster Rabbit
Toontown Tower Hotel
Jolly Trolley (Downtown Toontown, tunnel to Toon Studio, and Mickey's Neighborhood)
Goofy's Sky School
Tom and Jerry Coaster
ACME Warehouse
Looney Tunes Adventure
Toon Motor Mania
Woody Woodpecker's Wacky Coaster
Popeye and Bluto's Rapid Adventure
DuckTales Ride
Dudley Do Right's Ripside Falls
Rocky and Bullwinkle Ride
Toontown Express Coaster
Mickey's House
Minnie's House
Goofy's House
Donald's Boat
Roger Rabbit's House
Daisy's House
The Ink and Paint Club

Anonymous said...

Resturants & Shops (Disney's Hollywoodland):

Hollywood Blvd:
The Brown Derby
Planet Hollywood
MGM Store
Oswald's Gas Service
Movie Time Shop
Airport Gift Shop
Hollywood Taxi Cafe
David Copperfield's Underground
Hollywood Tours Shop
Red Car Line Trolley Gift Shop

Sunset Blvd:
Terminal Bar & Grill
Hollywood Hotel Gift Shop
G-Force Records Shop
Walt Disney's World of Color Snack Bar
ACME Warehouse

Buena Vista Street:
Disney Cafe
Mickey's Magic Shop
Black and White Club
Walt Disney Land

Hollywood Backlot Pictures:
Gangster Club
Movie Backlot Store
Hollywood All Stars Cafe
Backlot Studio Tour Gift Shop
John Wayne's Gift Shop
Roger Rabbit's Hollywood
The Television Cafe

Muppet Studios:
The Muppet Shop
Kermit's Swamp Cafe
Miss Piggy's Beauty Shop
Gonzo's Pandemonium Pizza Parlor
Swedish Chef's Candy Shop

Pixar Place / Carsland:
Drive In Theater
Cozy Cone Motel
Al's Toy Barn
and more

Disney Channel Backlot:
Wizard Kelly's Basketball Cafe
Perry's Spy Lab Shop
Aquaium Stadium
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cafe & Shop
and more

Echo Lake:
Sci-Fi Drive In Theater
Lucasfilm Cafe
Universal Monsters Store
Star Wars Shop
Dino's Ice Cream

Animation Courtyard / Toon Studio:
Mickey's Popcorn Mania
The Animation Resturant
The Mermaid Lagoon
Aladdin's Ice Cream Palace
Toon Movie Store
Donald Duck's Cartoon Cafe
Roger Rabbit's Candy Factory

Maroon Studios / Toontown:
Toontown Depot
ACME Warehouse
The Toon Shop
Clarabelle Cow's Phone Company
Bugs Bunny's Carrot Place
Horace Horsecollar's Gym
Maroon Cartoon Productions
Toontown Cab Company
Toontown Natornal Bank
Bullwinkle's Corner
The Weasels's Hideout
The Ink and Paint Club
Porky's Eat & Out
Goofy's Gas Service
Maroon Studios Gift Shop
WACKY Radio Toontown
Mickey Mouse's Film Barn
Droopy's Hotel Shop
Toontown Cafe
Jessica Rabbit's Beauty Palace
Baby Herman's Rattle Shop
Roger Rabbit's Studio Store
House of Mouse

Anonymous said...

Also, Mickey's Car Lessons ride will located in downtown Toontown in Disney's Hollywoodland.
Also, maybe Batman dark ride at New York and The Wizard of OZ ride at Hollywood Pictures Backlot
and a train tour around of Hollywoodland called Movie Express.
There would be boat stunt show at the huge lake of Echo Lake.
Earthquake ride will be part of New York too. More Marvel rides will be added in Marvelropolis.
Backlot Studio Tour will be like 45 minutes long.
New fireworks show called Hollywood In The Sky: It will have movie music from: Disney, Warner Bros, MGM, Universal Studios, and others.
But it will be more rides and shows to catch!

Anonymous said...

Hi! just another quick question: is Animal Kingdom Lodge a part of your ideal WDW? Just asking and BTW im not that guy posted the Disney Hollywood park above ^ so BYE!

'RandySavage' said...

^ Yes, it is - but with a few 'fixes'.

First, the chain link fence that is currently visible running along the back of the savanna would be themed as a natural earth barrier (can't understand why this wasn't done from the start).

The AK Lodge would be located closer (similar to Contemporary to Magic Kingdom) with special access (walking or boat) to the park. It would also be on the Animal Kingdom monorail loop.

stitch101 said...

So since you sort of mentioned it, how would the transportation around the resort be reworked? I know you mentioned a while back that there would be separate monorail lines going to and from the parks, but what other forms of transportation would be available throughout the resort? Also, what would the hotel set-up be like? What I mean by that is what hotels would you remove, what hotels you would add, and what hotels you would change around. Just something I was interested in.

Anonymous said...

I have a idea. RandySavage, you can do Roger Rabbit's Toontown theme park in Hong Kong Disneyland resort or Walt Disney World resort or Disneyland Paris resort.

megatron_85 said...

are you or are you not planning to do westcot center?

& when are you posting an disneypark in new york city?
(Cowboys: New York City?)

RandySavage said...

Anon, Do you mean a park entirely dedicated to Disney animated characters (with a Toon Adventureland, Toon Tomorrowland, etc?) or a RR's Toontown land within a park? If the latter, see my Disney MGM Studios entry - it has a Roger Rabbit's Toontown; if the former I believe the guest entry had a park that was dedicated almost entirely to Disney properties.


Stitch, at some point I will post a plan for my idealized WDW property. For reasons stated before, I would have preferred that the majority (60%+) of WDW be natural, undeveloped forests & wetlands.

So the following would never have come into being:
- Celebration, the town (no selling of that land).
-Eagle Pines & Osprey Ridge Golf Course
-Golden Oaks
-Flamingo Crossings
-Official Hotels at Disney Village
-All-Star Resorts
-Pop Century Resorts
-Art of Animation Resorts
-AK Lodge DVC Villas
-Wilderness Lodge DVC Villas
-Bay Lake Tower
-Disney Speedway
-Waldorf Astoria & Reedy Creek (buy the land)
-Disney Inn/Shades of Green

Virtually every premium resort would be no more than 1 monorail transfer away (e.g, Grand Floridian to EPCOT = 1 Transfer) from the 4 or 5 major theme parks.

Boats (but not the roaring, headache-inducing Friendships used on Crescent Lake) and shuttle buses (far fewer) would be employed as well.

RandySavage said...


I am planning on elaborating on the existing site plan for WESTCot. 3/4 of the NYC park is indoors, so I'm in the process of developing the best way to present such a park in the same 4-color style I've used since the beginning.

Anonymous said...

You should make new ideas for Disney's California Adventure like

Toontown Transit
Baby Herman's Runaway Baby Buggy Ride
The Great Movie Ride
New MuppetVision 2 3D
Muppet Movie Ride
NEW Superstar Television
Disney Junior - Live on Stage!
ACME Warehouse
Maroon Studios
Toy Story the Musical
Gonzo's Pandemonium Pizza Parlor
Tinseltown Limo (no resemblance to DCA's awful Superstar Limo; a hybrid of Mulholland Madness and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride)
Flight of the Rocketeer (flying coaster E-Ticket; the show building contains the ride and a real-life version of the South Seas Club)

Condor Flats:
Soarin' Over California (1) and Soarin' Over the World (2)

Paradise Pier:
Mickey's Music Express (Replace Maliboomer)
Goofy's Sky School
The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure

Buena Vista Street:
Mickey's Movieland
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Ride
One Man's Dream
Walt Disney Theatre ( With Mickey Mouse 3D Film)

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add Dick Tracy's Crimestoppers Ride in Hollywoodland (Disney California Adventure)

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy, I was sort of wondering, whats your opinion on Disney Cruise Lines(especially the NEW Disney Dream ship)? So hoping to see some new parks in the future BYE!

megatron_85 said...

Randysavage, the guest feature also has an full listing of attractions, shops, & resturants

when will you do something like that?

RandySavage said...

Regarding my opinion on the Cruise Line: Never been on a cruise before, but my view on the DCL is pretty positive. I like how the first two ships were sleek throwbacks to the classic transatlantic ocean liners.

The two new ships are taller and bulkier and so give up some of that old fashioned sleekness, but I appreciate the art deco detailing, moving paintings, aqua duck, etc.

The cruise line packages are often built around a WDW vacation (4 days at WDW, 3 days cruising), so I feel that core of the entire experience remain the theme parks. On this site, I try to showcase what I consider to be outstanding theme parks at their full potential. Excellent cruise ships coupled less-than-excellent theme parks is like being served delicious icing on poor-tasting cake.

RandySavage said...

Megatron, I won't be listing shops & restaurants. I leave room for dining and retail in all the parks I've drawn, and I often will label special restaurants, but to list every eatery and shop would clutter the conceptual site plan.

You may assume that there is a good balance of sit-down & quick service eateries, as well as carts. Shops are all named/themed to their land and sell unique merchandise that continues the story of that environment (no Hannah Montana DVDs sold outside Pirates).

J. said...

Officially my favorite blog. Best execution for beastly kingdom i've seen

SWW said...

Thanks J, the program is AutoCAD.

Cartoon Chase said...

So Mr. Wilson, The Avatar Land had been suprisingly announced. Whats your Opinion on it?

SWW said...

^ Hey! Appreciate the question.

Like anything, it will come down to the quality of execution (as everything in life does). A great Intellectual Property poorly executed will always be trumped by a weaker IP that is beautifully executed.

When I saw Avatar in the theater (my first Imax 3-D experience), I really enjoyed it. I remember distinctly predicting that it would be a record-breaking blockbuster film because it felt like a theme park ride that you wanted to get on again right after riding - a visceral experience. The visceral-ness has been lost somewhat when re-watching the film on a home tv. The big 3-D screen was a big part of what made the whole effective (and Cameron, as a director, is a master of the big, epic film beats).

So I have positive feelings about the movie. But I am also a stickler for cohesive theme-ing. So even if they build a great land/attraction but neglect to fundamentally tie it into DAK's overarching theme (e.g. Animals/Nature), I will be disappointed.

For example, Monsters Inc Laugh Floor may be a considered a great, popular attraction, and a winning business decision (short term) by Disney, but it will never sit well with me because its shoe-horning is a poison to the coherency and over-arching theme of Tomorrowland, and - to me - makes the MK a slightly less compelling environment. The old rivets in an airplane analogy: how many can you pop out before the plane falls from the sky.

So, in the current theme park environment, I'd always prefer an original concept first (e.g., an original fantasy or sci-fi animal land), but from a realist's perspective, if Avatar is well-executed and mindful of the park's theme, then I'll probably be pleased with it.

Cartoon Chase said...

Hi! it's been a while since i've posted a comment. But I noticed that since you modified the website's name, i've seen that inside the title display,it includes a ride layout and concept art for Mammoth Falls. So are you going to be posting that anytime soon?

Anonymous said...

I didn't really like Dino-rama, so I'm glad you got rid of it.