Friday, November 12, 2010

WDW - Magic Kingdom Park

Beginning on Main Street: West Center Street is restored with its fresh flower market.  The Penny Arcade, Main St. Cinema and Magic Shop are all restored.  In the Exhibition Hall, I’ve added a version of America Sings (since Splash Mountain does not exist at this park, the AAs won’t be repeats).  

The plaza is filled with big shady trees (like the ones that were removed in the early 2000s), and Swan Boats silently ply the waters.

Moving into Adventureland: Jungle Cruise is gone because (i) it exists at DL, and (ii)WDW has an elaborate 20+minute jungle cruise with live animals in Tiger River Run at my version of Animal Kingdom.  In JC’s place is a version of the rumored Fire Mountain coaster.  The theme is a pulp 1920s archaeological exploration of the mysterious ruins found surrounding and within a volcano.  There are subtextual connections to the Atlantis mythos presented in several of my DisneySea parks.
View of Fire Mountain from Astro Orbitor

Tiki Room is a dining venue featuring intermittent musical numbers from the original show (no Under New Management traces).  While my Anaheim version of PotC is the pre-Jack Sparrow, pre-PC (1997) version (essentially the original with updated effects, AAs & audio), the Orlando version of Pirates has been expanded and contains scenes/characters from the film mythos.

Frontierland: The enormous Western River Expedition is here, retaining a Splash Mountain-like exterior splashdown into the Rivers of America.  There is a trail into the Mesa Verde-like Indian cliff dwellings.  

Liberty Square: The skybridge that separates LSQ from Fantasyland is pushed east in order to accommodate a new dark ride based on the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. 

 Fantasyland:  I believe every Disneyland-style park ought to have its own unique castle, so my conceptual site plans reflect that.  Since Tokyo Disneyland does a better job on their exterior paint package, Japan gets Cinderella Castle, and this park will have the morphed version of DL & TDL castles that is the current logo for Walt Disney Pictures (note the wider base):

I really like the idea of having separated Castle Court and Fantasy Forest sections, as is now underway, so I’ve incorporated that here.  The original dueling track Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is moved to the west side (in place of Philharmagic & Peter Pan).  Across from it, in place of Small World (which exists in Disneyland and elsewhere) is an original Mary Poppins dark ride.  The area currently dedicated to the Snow White dark ride is given over to an expanded Pooh ride and additional dining (although Pooh’s queue & fa├žade remain outside the castle walls).

With Fantasy Forest, I’ve tried to group attractions into “story clusters.”  An expanded Peter Pan dark ride follows an original, post-film storyline.  Opposite Pan lies the Pixie Hollow exploratory area.  Fantasyland’s biggest attraction is a PotC-scale indoor flume based on the Black Cauldron.

I’ve reversed the Little Mermaid and Beauty & Beast sections so as to accommodate a Mrs. Potts version of the teacup spinner.  Sleeping Beauty gets a dark ride and Snow White has a mountainous family coaster.

Tomorrowland: I’ve added quite of bit of landscaping to ease the transition & sight-lines between Fantasyland & Tomorrowland.  I like the “Deco Tech” overlay that was applied in 1995, but in this version, those design features are found throughout the land (e.g. fins on the entire Peoplemover track):

The arcade is removed and a new landmark entrance to Space Mountain: Mission 2 is built.  Space Mountain receives the big-budget re-do it should have had in 2009 – onboard audio, new tracks, new fx, AAs, storyline, etc.  The old speedway now uses hovercraft vehicles and features alien character rockwork and landscaping.

Alien Encounter still exists.  Timekeeper/MILF is replaced with an exploratory attraction similar to the old EPCOT ImageWorks, but with sci-fi gadgets & games.  In place of the Skyway station is a restaurant similar to the WDI-designed LAX Encounter:

Finally, a major E-ticket ride (with an original story & characters involving a combative alien race preparing to stage a takeover of the peaceful League of Planets - the secrets to stopping the invasion lie within a crashed vessel) is built over the parking lot.  I really like this crashed Alien Saucer model that was built for Dubailand, so I drew something similar into this Tomorrowland, to serve as the show-building (the rockwork would be similar to that found at the entrance to the land and on the Hovercraft speedway).

I use the Magic Kindom as my "theme park exemplar" - it's not too big, not too small, elegantly & efficiently laid-out, with a nice balance of ~45 attractions (20% of which are E-tickets).  It's sort of the standard I aim for when drawing new parks.

As always, comments are very much appreciated (and will result in more frequent updates).  What would you add to or delete from MK? 


stitch101 said...

I enjoy the changes you did here as well, my favorite change would have to be bringing Main Street U.S.A. back to its former glory. The only thing I'm not a fan of is removing "it's a small world", especially since you have it at all of your other ideal "Magic Kingdom" parks, except for Shanghai.

Lorenzo said...

Hy, i'm a great fan of your blog, i follow your update and your great analysis of the re-imagined theme parks that you propose. I'm an italian architecture student and i've appreciated almost all of your change and improvment, i'd like to design new amusement park too and i really liked your design languages, that is clear and incisive. Good job! (P.s. I especially like when you re-design the most famous theme park.)

Andrew said...

Really awesome upgrade :D It's A Small World has gone :( I love that ride but I suppose MK now has Fire Mountain :) which by the way looks cool.

Mark said...

I love your ideas. Though the one thing I will say is the lack of IASW would be sad. To me, I feel that's the only ride that should be cloned, just cause it represents a reality/fantasy together.

As for the splitting POTC (DL having the original pre-movie refurb), with the refurb one here... that's a great idea. It'd be nice not to capitalize on everything ;).

I do like the HoverCar Racers, since the Speedway is probably one of the worst "autopia-style" attractions ever (even though I've never been to WDW ;).

Omegadiz said...

I am amazed once again as I look foward to these designs. I especially like re-making the castle - not only will that reduce the amount of copy-castles and I figure that Walt Disney World's Magic Kindom is disney's most famouse (get it, faMOUSE) park and it would make sence to have the 2 signature castles combined there. However, I think it should just be Disney Castle or Castle of Wonder/Dreams, just not based on any single character

I also like the retheming of the speedway to something more futuristc and different. However, try not to focus too much on rocks. A few are fine but too many would probaly give the Tomorrowland 98 feeling to some people. Just a intersting suggestion, how about you make all types of terrains all throughout the track then have little tunnels that you drive through that connect you to eact different terrain by "warping you." again is only a thought, i still love the idea.

As for Space Mountain, I agree it needs a redo- to me a launch coaster makes the most sence, maybe and outdoor one like paris minus the cannon.

Mary Poppins - Im not completely sure but wouldnt she fit more into Main Street rather than fantasy?
Also, Theres just a little too much focus on BatB. And I belive Alice needs something maybe that maze or a restaurant.
Might i ask what exactly Peter Pan:Return to Neverland is? Is in the same ride with a different story? Anyway great job with incorperating the Lost boys. one thing i notice though is that 100arce wood (funny because the entire MK is only around 100acres) and Pixie Hollow are generally the same thing. I just wanted to point that out. I really do love how you are going back to some older movies though. that iim all for. Might i suggest keeping with that by adding a Robin Hood darkride and possibly Bambi (actually Bambi should be in AK)

Eveything else semm right. but just wondering, whay are the chances of seeing Fire mountain from Main Street?

Douglas said...

i just love your re-dos of the parks. funny that in a couple days i leave for Disney World and you post a WDW do-over.

i've got my own idea for a fictional Disney Resort that combines all of the parks so far with some new stuff thrown in for good measure. it totals up to three parks and a handfull of hotels so far. i've only got the first two parks completly figured out for looks in my head.

the first is just Disneyland with themeing that fits the lands. i've got Main Street with two sublands jutting off the center streets. east street takes you to the american forests with Bambi, Pocahontas, and Brother Bear. west street takes you to Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday park and Dumbo's Circus. Adventureland features Indiana Jones, Tarzan, Swiss Family Robinson, and the Jungle Book. i've renamed New Orleans Square to Bayou City since it's a combination of New Orleans and Passamaquady? from Pete's Dragon. Critter Country will have just the Country Bears and Splash but Splash will have a queue themed to a southern plantation house with Uncle Remus in the Loading area. Frontierland will be based off the tall tales of america like Pecos Bills, Johnney Appleseed, and Tom Sawyer while Thunder will be a ride featuring Woody, Jessie, and Bullseye. to connect CC and Frontierland i've got Marvel City. in place of Tom Sawyer Island i've put Neverland with a new version of Pirates. Tommorowland will be the spaceport city of Corsucant from Star Wars to help you figure out why you're going to Buzz's Training Academy, Tron, EO, and Stitch. tucked in their would be Tattoine with my F-Ticket Pod Racing Ride. still have Autopia but instead of taking a huge chunk of land, Pod Racing already does that, it's everywhere on platforms and even on top of the buildings. the biggest land i have is Fantasyland split into THREE AREAS. the first area would be Wonderland. it would be the castle and the whole courtyard and would feature Figment. the second area is Fantasyland Forest and it would be huge since you've got all the fairy tale characters living there. the third area is Villain's Valley where all our favorite baddies live. my final land is Toontown split between Residential and Downtown. Residential would be where Mickey and Friends plus Oswald would live while Downtown would be the Disney Afternoon characters. the area will have the House of Mouse as a E-Ticket Resturaunt and also have Fantasmic and WOC.

my other park is just a bigger version of World Showcase but expanding the idea while using as little Disney as possible and only when it makes scense like a Ratatouille resturaunt in France. i've put some favorites in this park like Matterhorn, Small World and Finding Nemo Subs.

the third park my only idea is it combines Hollywood Studioes, Future World, DCA(Paradise Pier), Disney Seas and Pixar.

if you want to sketch this i can give you a list of attractions later.

megatron_85 said...

Now, That is cool

p.s. sorry i'm late

'RandySavage' said...

Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

Addressing a few points that some of you brought up:

Stitch, I've now completed 11 Magic Kingdom-style park site plans (including expansions of the 5 existing parks). Of the existing parks, MK is the only one where I've removed IASW. Clearly, IASW has a lot of fans as indicated by a number of the comments above, but ride diversity - to me - trumps familiarity and gives another incentive to visit DL! None of my six original DLs (Australia, Shanghai, Mumbai, Rio, Jakarta, Dubai) have IASW - not because I don't think it worthy, but because there is so much original, unique stuff to put in rather than build clones or cousins.

'RandySavage' said...


I really like your idea of driving through caves on the raceway and warping from, say, desert to tropical jungle or cityscape.

Regarding Mary Poppins location. Even though Poppins is Victorian & turn of the century, the fact that it is a European story keeps it out of MS:USA.

Fantasyland has a pretty broad thematic umbrella:
1.Dark, high fantasy (Black Cauldron)
2. Tradition medieval fairy tales (Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White")
3. Turn-of-the-century European fables (Mr Toad, Peter Pan, Pooh, AristoCats)
4. American animated fable (Dumbo).

Since Poppins clearly falls under category 3, I think it fits in Fantasyland.

Some of your other points: my previously posted park had a dark ride and quick service restaurant based on Robin Hood - probably my favorite animated film growing up.

Fire Mountain would be enormous - but unless you were standing at the southeast corner of Town Square and looking across and above the Fire House, I think the narrow streetwalls of MSUSA would prevent visual intrusion of the mountain for 90% of Main Street.

RandySavage said...


Your park sounds very interesting. I can't really sketch from lists, though. If you check my posting on Texas Disneyland (in October), you'll see that I am able to draft from rudimentary site drawings, as long as they make sense layout-wise and the ride sizes are roughly accurate. I recommend you sketch your own plans - it's easy and a lot fun. Once you do and you want me to clean it up in AutoCAD, we can talk.

Hope you have good time in WDW.

megatron_85 said...

RandySavage: well, i've never saw your ideas for an Australian disneyland or an Jakartan disneyland

Douglas: either you know how to draw a sketch or not, i'm interested in your idea

thelastking said...

1. that model of the crashed U.F.O. in tomorrow land, did you make that?!?! because it looked fantastic!
2. i agree with not having IASW in the magic kingdom, however i still think the ride needs to be present in the resort, as the flag ship attraction of the Epcot world showcase.
you did a great job with this park, like you always do.

megatron_85 said...

well, what have you got next?

Anonymous said...

Again, FANTASTIC work on this magic kingdom, I love all the ideas and I cant wait to see MORE! although just two questions: 1. Does your Ideal WDW have Epcot the city as walt envisioned as well as the Epcot. 2, If no why? But Again great Job.

RandySavage said...


The model is part of the giant Dubailand placeholder model. You can google loads of photos of it. I didn't make it.

megatron, I'll try to keep it a surprise... friday should be the day.

Regarding Walt's EPCOT, the city... I do not have that included in my WDW. I could write an essay on why not, but I'll give you a brief explanation.

While I am all for smart, non-sprawl urban development, such as Walt's EPCOT, I think the place for it is in urban centers. I would like to have seen something like built in a waning city center like Detroit or within the boundaries of an established megalopolis, like NYC.

I am also a nature-lover - and I especially like large expanses of undeveloped, pristine lands. I would have WDW be a recreational oasis from developed urban & suburban residential and commercial areas and be mostly comprised of & surrounded by forests & wetlands.

I think the idea of wildlands is essential to the transportative aspects and virtual adventures presented at WDW. Whether at a resort, on the monorail or on the rising track of rollercoaster - an expanse of "endless" wilderness on the horizon is hugely powerful, as opposed to hearing/seeing a highway, hotel or built-up area through a thin strip of trees.

In short, I think Walt's vision would have made WDW a city-like area, and I would have it as a park-like area.

Sadly, every year it moves closer to a suburban sub-division-like area - the worst possible outcome.

Anonymous said...

Love your site. Am I going crazy or did you have a version of Animal Kingdom on your site at one point. I can't seem to find it now.

megatron_85 said...

what is taking so long?

Omegadiz said...

^anxious i see. But patients is a vertu.........nevermind that. The suspence is killing me

'RandySavage' said...

Glad to see the enthusiasm!

Anon, I think I had an Animal Kingdom on the site, but took it down to make refinements.

Sorry for not posting a new park on Friday. I will try to put one up soon (but probably will not get to it this weekend).

With the announcement about a new Pleasure Island replacement, I've been thinking "In the bluesky world, how would I improve Downtown Disney & PI?" The answer, of course, is convert the three areas into an original mega-park - WDW's Fifth Gate.

Stay tuned.

Pablo Munoz said...

Replace Stich's Great Escape and bring back Alien Encounter!!

Douglas said...


i've only so far made a rough sketch of Tommorowland and even then i didn't put in everything like Autopia since i thought of it afterwards and didn't find a good place for the train station but actually plan on maybe redoing it and sketching the other lands. sadly i don't have a scanner or anything like that so i can only talk about it.

had a good time in WDW. wasn't really thrilled with AK but liked EE and the two animal walk-through trails. EPCOT was decent. disapointed in almost all the rides especially the Showcase rides. Maelstrom just felt too short to the point i didn't even catch onto the story. DHS was better than i thought. not thrilled that if you ignore the shows you only have 6 rides one of which i'll never do again. MK had some dissapointments since i've already ridden the superior Disneyland versions but like Tiki Room and Space. didn't get to BTM, Barmstormer, or SGE. rode Space twice while there but the second time a couple days after i had gotten a headache so bad i had to go to first aid. but for an hour i was lieing on a bench right next to the speedway and am sick of the spiel from that ride now.

in terms of the food they give out way too much and i was on the Quick Service Dining Plan. had reservations at the 50's Prime Time Cafe and loved it. the 'cousions' were fantastic. between me and my parents i was the only good 'kid'. my dad kept getting reprimended for having his elbows on the table while my mom tattled on him for not passing out the silverware and got spanked. everyone around us kept having to get the plane and train treatment. one kid didn't eat any of his veggies so the waitress did the plane but he wouldn't open his mouth so she pinched his ear and got it in but he spit it back out and all she said was, your a brat.

Omegadiz said...

the brat thing is funny. Other than eating do you have any GOOD things to say?

Douglas said...

well i loved how energectic the CMs were and loved all the street entertainment that's not done in Disneyland. one of the days i went to MK there were CMs playing jump rope before the parade and the kids joined in. and on the last day the bus driver taking us back to the hotel was so funny like he took a second helping of pixie dust with his coffee. the rides i did enjoy some of them but the ones that were repeats i couldn't help but think about the disneyland version especially on classics like Pirates. repeats i loved there were Space, HM, Snow White, Fantasmic, and EO. stuff that's there just in WDW i liked were Everest, COP, Spaceship Earth, Living with the Land, Universe of Energy, GMR, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, Indy Stunt Show, Lights Motors Action, and Figment. there are a couple i'll need a reride just to see if i'll ride them everytime i go like Mission: Space since i did the tame version and not the vomitbag version. then there were some i know i'll not ride/watch again like Speedway and Sound's Dangorous.

Pablo Munoz said...

How about do Disneyland California next??

RandySavage said...

Pablo, check out my posts in August-October, Anaheim (Cali) Disneyland is in there somewhere.

Douglas, thanks for the trip report. I'll never forget one bus driver I had, many years ago, who was incredibly funny.

Next park should be up sometime in the next 24 hours.

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy! just a question, now that mary poppins has her own attraction what would in your personal opinion replace the MP scene in the Great Movie Ride? That and the Fantasia scene since Fantasia Gardens would probably be in Animal Kingdom. so just so I ask BYE!

RandySavage said...

^ Hi!

I agree. It is best to avoid rehashing the same film property in different forms at a single resort, particularly if that attraction is a simple retread, book-report of the film it is based on. WDW is guilty of this with Finding Nemo (ride at EPCOT, show at AK) Little Mermaid (soon to be ride at MK, show at Studios), etc.

So having AA Poppins/Fantasia rides at MK & AK could free up that space in Great Movie Ride.

Still, those scenes in GMR are only small segments (as is Raiders of the Lost Ark) in a much wider experience, I think it would be okay to let them stay. They also work nicely chronology wise.

As far as replacements: You'd want a 1960s musical film to replace Poppins. West Side Story? My Fair Lady? The Music Man? Poppins' dirty rooftops transitions very nicely into the Underworld, however.