Sunday, August 15, 2010

Orlando - Disney Studios

I've decided to use The Park Formerly Known As The Disney-MGM Studios as my inaugural piece.

This park was my favorite at one time (I was young; it was new), but as new areas were opened, it became a bit confusing to navigate - and many of the newer attractions didn't connect very well to each other or their wider environment.

Below, I've addressed these issues by applying the Disneyland formula to the park: distinctly-themed lands set in a hub-spoke-rim layout (click to enlarge).

There is the existing classic Hollywood area(Rock n Rollercoaster's G-Force Records is moved to the backlot) that blends easily into the classic 1930s New York area(with its Broadway Theater and Gangster shootout ride), which architecturally melds to the brickwork of Henson Studios.  The Hollywood area also transitions easily into the toonified Roger Rabbit Studios, which connects to the newer animated area, based on Pixar.  Each of these areas has a much needed mix of d-ticket family attractions (emphasis on rides) and E-ticket thrills.  

The Lucasfilm area features the Indy EMV ride system but in a new environment & story - the ruins of a cursed Scottish castle.  

A boulevard flanked by topiaries from the classic films,leads through an area dedicated to Walt Disney animation to the Fantasmic amphitheater.

In this re-imagined version, the Production Backlot is still a real, working studio (with A-list productions) - adding electricity and variation to the backlot tours.


I want to avoid getting too wordy in these Designer Notes, so I'll stop there.  If you have any comments about this Conceptual Site Plan, please post them.


Anonymous said...

great concept! love your work! wish you could detail more about your attractions!

"RandySavage" said...

Hey! Glad you enjoy it. If you want to know more about my thoughts on a specific attraction, just leave a comment and I'll address it.

Themeparkzone said...

Hey Great plans. I was wondering if you could do a plan for a second theme park at Universal Studios Hollywood thank you and keep up the amazing job you did with these plans.

'RandySavage' said...

^ Hey... thanks for checking out the site and leaving a comment.

I have done a second gate for USH. I'm pretty pleased with it and look forward to presenting it here in the near future.

Themeparkzone said...

Awesome thanks. And I am looking forward to seeing it in the hopefully near future.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a much improved design to the original DHS. Have you taken away the Lights.Camera.Action show? Cannot seem to see it on the map, and is the Xanadu hotel connected to the monorail that encompasses MK?

Also, will you create any original WDW parks or upgrades to the existing parks as I would love to see you work on a blank canvas ;)

'RandySavage' said...


Answering your questions

1. I did take out Lights Motors because I feel one stunt show is sufficient per park and Indy is in the Lucasfilm area.

2. I've imagined a reconfigured WDW resort with 3 monorail lines (and 3 hubs) connecting most of the resorts & parks. At some point in the future I will get to posting it. Xanadu would be on the MGM-EPCOT line (with a transfer at one of the hubs to get to MK or DAK).

3. I've finished idealized, expanded site plans for the four WDW parks. I plan on doing a 5th Gate at some point (which will be a blank canvas) as well as an expanded version of River Country that would put it in the same category as Blizzard Beach & Typhoon Lagoon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for replying, I hope to see your work soon :). Would be interesting to see the expanded monorail link as it could really improve the Guest experience rather than using the bus all the time, and River Country could succeed with some improvements.

Jeff said...

Disney-MGM Studios was originally built as a half day park, which was a mistake because it resulted in a half baked park. By the way it's set up now, it looks like it'd be hard to do much more with it than what's already done. The best plan would be to start from scratch. Your concept is wonderful and I fully support the idea of the park being a working studio. Doing this plan would be to completely start over and that, unfortunately, would be very expensive. If only Disney had gotten it right the first time.

clayton said...

wow, this is so amazing. you found a place for everything. i'm very impressed. please post details about specific attractions, i need to see them. thank you for posting this.

Armchair Ashley said...

Could you please expand of Rockin' Roller Coaster, the Egyptian carousel show, and the Disney Channel Backstage Pass?

Ludovic Lefort said...

It's a great idea to put by studios production, but it's impossible as to move all the existing attractions, to part if a new park builds up itself. I am surE that you can put half of the attractions which you have create without moving anything.

izza said...

That's a great idea! I will also experience Disney Vacation next month too.