Monday, August 16, 2010

Orlando - EPCOT Center World Showcase

World Showcase. In this ideal vision I went with the crazy notion that each World Showcase country should have at least one significant attraction. I positioned Mt Fuji and Matterhorn so as to balance out the view across the Lagoon – bookending the American showcase.

Canada has a river rapids ride, UK has a Thames boat ride and revolving Dickens AA show. France gets a French version of Soarin’ (still called ‘Impressions de France’) (Soarin’ is no longer at The Land). Morocco has a boat ride through the cool desert nights showcasing northern African/Berber folklore.

The journey to Mt Fuji begins in the existing but empty White Heron Castle. The queue/pre-show cover the history of Japan, then a high-speed transit system (Testtrack sled, which no longer exists in Future World) takes guests on a visceral tour of Japan (from samurai battles, fishing villages, ryokan to the modern economic and technological power of megalopolises like Tokyo).
Italy gets a dark ride (chariot vehicles) that retraces the Roman Empire, Switzerland brings an updated version of the Matterhorn (which no longer exists in my idealized Disneyland) and Germany has the canceled Rhine River Cruise.

Russia is based off the concept art featuring a show and a ride. China gets a traditional dragon coaster that travels atop the Great Wall, past various landmarks like the Dragon Teeth mountains and the Giant Buddha.

For the final Showcase lot, I first thought of equatorial Africa (represented in Animal Kingdom), India (heavily represented in AK’s Asia) and Brazil (represented in my AK’s Amazonia). With those off the table, I then considered Spain, with its rich pre-20th century history, but the lot is adjacent to Mexico and half of Mexico is dedicated to Spanish culture. Costa Rica overlaps with Mexico/Amazonia and UAE with the Arab-influenced Morocco.

I then thought about Greece as the final WS county and it seemed like the most logical choice. Greece was the foundational Western civilization and birthplace of democracy. Its classical period served to inspire Rome, which in turn influenced Europe, then Britain and finally the U.S.A. Classical Greece has been hugely influential for centuries, so here atop the Acropolis hill, sits the Parthenon. The lower areas feature the fanciful architecture of the Greek Islands. The ride is a stylized AA review of famous Greek myths.


Anonymous said...

i love this, i so wish they would do this. I wish they had all the Phase II attractions and unbuilt pavilions, (i.e. Israel, Switzerland)

Sam said...

Very nice ideas and layout!

One thing I'm missing is a Benelux-pavillion, because that's where i live ;-P

Anonymous said...

Hi! just a Quick Question: Is there any Elements from Westcot included in your Epcot(Besides the Dragon Coaster)?

Armchair Ashley said...

My plans for World Showcase include these nations:

South Africa
United Kingdom

Ludovic Lefort said...

You found the problem of EPCOT, not enough attractions

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, the map isn't working for me in this and many other posts of yours...

Jeff Curtis said...