Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nine Kingdoms

Hi.  I've put this Blog together to share the conceptual site plans that I've created.   Below is a sample of my work (I know it's small -  I will be showcasing each of my 20+ parks in later posts).

If this kind of thing interests you, please leave a comment (I will respond) and come back often.

In the coming days/weeks I will be posting more theme park plans that I've created and I would love to hear your comments, input, suggestions for new parks or requests. Thanks for stopping by.

And please don't link or use these copyrighted drawings without permission.


Denis said...

Hi there!

Wow... I absolutely love your blog. Although I just found it today I'm already totally addicted to your conceptional plans and ideas!!!
Please give us more to read - keep the great work up!!!
Say will you also create and upload detailed plans and descriptions of each themed land and/or the attractions, shops, restaurants and so on?
Feel free to contact me and tell me all about it!!! Here's my email address:

Can't wait to read your reply :)

Have a nice day!!!

All the best,

RandySavage said...

Hey Denis,

Glad you like the site. I will try to add one site plan/description per week.

There should be a new one up later this evening.


Anonymous said...

AMAZING! With what program do you create does maps?!

Ludovic Lefort said...

Hi, as promised, I leave comment on your blog. That has of the being a long work to redo parks, you have them directly to trace?