Monday, August 16, 2010

Mumbai Disneyland

I code all my plans/projects by a different city name.  So this park is not tailored specifically for the Indian marketplace, although Mumbai (aka Bombay) is potentially a place Disney could set down after Shanghai, c. 2020.

This park was a lot of fun to draw.  I took some of my favorite themed areas from around the world and put them together in one park: 
1. Port of Entry from Islands of Adventure
2. Central Plaza from Magic Kingdom
3. Frontierland & Critter Country from Tokyo Disneyland
4. Adventureland & Fantasyland (including the castle) from Disneyland Paris
5. Fantasyland expansion from Magic Kingdom
6. Canceled New Tomorrowland (Sci-Fi City) from Tokyo Disneyland

I made various changes throughout (such as putting the fort at the entrance to Frontierland rather on Tom Sawyer Island).  Space Mountain is much larger thank Tokyo's - even bigger than Magic Kingdom's.   I also created my own land in the Northeast - a steampunkish place of mystery and menace.  The park's haunted mansion is here in the form of an abandoned, automated toy factory (thank you, Syberia).  

Adventureland is nicely expanded with a unique Indiana Jones Adventure and an E-ticket coaster themed to the Irian-Jaya tree villages (both were actually developed for Disneyland Paris by WDI).


Bill said...

very, very cool.

megatron_85 said...

great job on your website

"RandySavage" said...

Thanks Bill & megatron.

Magic Lamp said...

Loving the nod to Syberia. And excellent blog there, Randy. :D

"RandySavage" said...

@ Magic Lamp,

Thanks. I think that a darker, mystery-land would serve as a nice contrast the bright, animated cheeriness of Fantasyland. Syberia has some beautiful art direction for this sort of thing.

Magic Lamp said...

Would you think it to be appropriate to move Pinocchio there and have Geppetto's workshop be the basis of the toy factory? I mean the story itself is already dark so it should fit.

Otherwise, I cant think of anything to add. =/

"RandySavage" said...

Hah! There could be subtle nods that only a Pinocchio fan would get (like a steampunk, robot version of Gepetto's cat in the factory), but the animated film Pinocchio would definitely NOT have a presence in this land - nor would any Disney film. The land and haunted toy factory would be wholly original.

I like to strike a balance between 'franchise' attractions (particularly Disney) and original attractions in my parks. I think at least 60% should be original - not based on an existing film property (like Pinocchio or Indiana Jones).

Armchair Ashley said...

Where's It's A Small World?

Colin said...

I wish you had a name for the Steampunk area...