Sunday, August 22, 2010

Anaheim Disneyland

The front of the park sees the addition of the canceled Liberty Street (with a relocated Lincoln show) and Edison Square.  Edison Square has a smaller version (the show doesn’t need the capacity it had when it debuted)  of Carousel of Progress and an AA show of Hal Holbrook’s famous Mark Twain Tonight.  Holbrook would do his Twain impersonation for hours (he actually looked/sounded like the Twain AA from EPCOT’s American Adventure – check youtube), so this show cuts the performance up and randomizes it to enhance repeatability.  There is also an arcade to Liberty Street that allows guests to bypass the traffic on Main St during parades.

Adventureland hosts ‘Indiana Jones & the Lost Expedition’ – which has an indoor/outdoor EMV portion as well as a D-ticket mine car coaster.  The Jungle Cruise and Railroad convene with these attractions in a giant cavern, as seen in the famous Bryan Jowers artwork:

 In Frontierland, I moved the canoe and Tom Sawyer raft docks towards the old Nature's Wonderland area, away from NOSQ.  I moved the Haunted Mansion south to achieve better separation from Critter Country.  Critter Country gets the 'Country Bear 500' – a rickety go-cart version of Autopia.

 Discovery Bay is built mostly as planned – but without the Nautilus, which is across the promenade at Anaheim DisneySea.  

 Circusland also follows the model closely.  Toontown sees a 2nd dark ride themed to DuckTales - the showbuilding & queue are Scrooge Manor.  With Dumbo moved to Circusland, I’ve put Home Tree from Tinkerbell’s Pixie Hollow in its old location in Fantasyland.

Now things get controversial.  Matterhorn is a beloved ride and I appreciate that.  But with all these plans, my aim is attraction diversity among parks (particularly if they are in the same country).  My EPCOT’s World Showcase has a version of Matterhorn, so here the Matterhorn is transformed into the Lonely Mountain from The Hobbit.  The ride takes you through the dwarf caverns and past Smaug. 
artwork by David T. Wenzel
The monorail, submarines and Autopia are all removed to make way for a new land based on high fantasy – leaving fairy-tale, Disney-animated fantasy to Fantasyland.   This new land, marked by the Lonely Mountain, features a forest exploration zone (akin to Pirates Lair with many high-tech, interactive features), a mostly-indoor flume E-ticket (AA-heavy) and a kid-friendly dark ride.  I have added these types of high-fantasy lands to many of my magic-kingdom style parks, and what I envision is that they each form a piece of a grand mosaic – a world created for Disney theme parks but as broad and detailed as any of the major literary fantasy worlds.  And each of these high-fantasy lands and attractions inter-reference each other around the globe.   In essence, each of these lands would represent a book in a larger anthology.  The same would apply to my various Pirates of the Caribbean and other repeated attractions – rather than replicating each other from park to park, they build upon one another, creating ever-larger and more complex worlds. 

But I digress.

Tomorrowland features a shortened version of PeopleMover, the AstroOrbitor goes back on its pedestal (and loses the Discoveryland brass and widgets, but does not revert to the 1970 USA rockets – something closer to MK’s version).  

 The area in front of Space Mountain is broken up with landscaping and water to give it more life - the optimistic future presented in Tomorrowland combines high technology with preservation of nature (utopia vs. dystopia).  Tomorrowland's main new attraction is housed in a giant futuristic pyramid.  Called VenturePort it is Spaceship Earth meets Horizons (omnimover/simulator finale) built with the latest WDI technologies.  This is the Anaheim resort’s nod to WestCOT.
Art by John McCall


Magic Lamp said...

Wow, 13 lands/squares.

Excellent idealization and thank you for getting rid of the Fairy Princess Convention and replacing it with a more elaborate area to visit. That thing is an eyesore and needs to move out of the kingdom.

The additions to MS are brill and really needed. I still wonder how traffic is into and out of the park during a parade.

And what is Country Bear 500, a log race? lol

Discovery Bay, Yes, please, yes, yes and yes. We can always use more steampunk.

I'm unsure about Dragondale but then again, I admit to being a semi-purist. Maybe if you elaborated on its standing in the magic kingdom a bit more, I may buy it, since DB, LS, ES and even CL fit in seamlessly.

And finally, I see you added a DuckTales attraction in Toontown... would the facade be McDuck Manor and the queue a walkthrough? If so, Haunted Mansion would have to wait for once. :D

"RandySavage" said...

Hey. Country Bear 500 is autopia but in heavily themed 'Critter Cars' (an actual WDI concept, see here: It's also a way to bring back the Country Bears in a form other than the AA revue at WDW.

I've been wanting to ditch the Finding Nemo Submarines. For me, thematic coherency in a land trumps all (you'd never find something like Pirate's Lair in Frontierland or Monsters Inc in Tomorrowland in one of my park plans). Since Finding Nemo has nothing to do with my Tomorrowland's theme (optomistic techno-futurism), it goes away. The subs themselves aren't that futuristic anymore, nor is Autopia - and they (along with the motorboat cruise) occupy so much land.

So as to what goes in this large area: I think the high-fantasy genre (e.g., Middle Earth, Prydain, Narnia, etc.) is perfectly-suited for theme park treatment. Potterland shows it can be done well and be very popular. It melds nicely with the more cartoony Disney Fantasyland, but appeals to tweens & older who feel too mature for Fantasyland.

megatron_85 said...

Great job putting up what i wanted, now (if you have the time) can you please put both parks
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thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Hey RS. Great blog and great work. I always love it when someone has just as much passion for the Disney parks as I do and wants to see them the way they should be.

Keep up the creativity, it's genius.

Later. Peace.

Anonymous said...

nice work on this park! but just one question: why didnt you put Sam Towler's Red Cayon Ridge in this park? because that attraction deserves to be in this park! if you want a link, go to google and type Sam Towler Art

RandySavage said...

Thanks for the link - that's a very cool model/attraction.

I drew an original Asian Disneyland that has a version of Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland - similar to Red Ridge. I'll post it on the site at some point.

Jeff said...

I'll start with Main Street, USA. Bringing back some of the original shops and attractions is a wonderful idea instead of all the gift shops. I had always wanted to implement Liberty Street and Edison Square, but I could never think of a way. Your way is perfect and utilizes space very well. Moving the Carousel Theater to Edison Square was a bold move, but I support it. Fantasyland is neat, but I have some critique. Instead of Pixie Hollow, I would have a Peter Pan lagoon in its place. This would feature Captain Hook's Pirate Ship with a restaurant below deck and a play area above deck, a Skull Rock walk through exhibit, and a crocodile themed aquarium displaying tropical fish in the lagoon. I would move Pinocchio's Daring Journey to Circusland with a Marionette sideshow attraction on the facade in place of Mickey's Madhouse, which would replace DuckTales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp in Toontown with a new name. This would leave room in Fantasyland to relocate the Winnie the Pooh ride from Critter Country, and therefore, opening up space in Critter Country for Country Bear Jamboree. I'm not a fan of the Country Bear 500 considering my love for Autopia. Perhaps put a new land there. I would like to see an International land possibly in that area or, more likely, southwest of New Orleans Square. It would be easier to transition the theming in that area. Tomorrowland has had some pretty drastic changes in your concept, not all of which I approve. Your Dragondale concept doesn't thrill me since I'm a fan of Autopia, Matterhorn, Submarine Voyage and the Monorail. I would leave that area part of Tomorrowland. Your Tomorrowland concept featuring a balance of technology and nature is neat. Out in front of Space Mountain, I liked the deck with restaurants and outside theater that was there when it first opened, so I'd put that there in place of the pond. In my vision, the Flying Saucers area would have an attraction about future transportation. I liked Rocket Jets, so that'd be there up on the PeopleMover platform. The Home of the Future would be to the left of the CircleVision theater, giving it a more appropriate setting for a home. The PeopleMover would be a full sized version similar to the concept sketches that were to be used in Walt Disney's original vision of EPCOT. An attraction about future living, similar to your VenturePort, would sit in place of the original Carousel Theater location. It's my belief that non-Disney franchises don't belong in Disneyland, so Star Tours is out for some new attraction. Possibly relocate Star Tours to California Adventure. This also includes Indiana Jones in Adventureland. I like your ideas for the Indiana Jones area in Adventureland, so they'd stay the same minus Indiana Jones. Tarzan's Treehouse would still belong to Swiss Family Robinson, considering I don't recall Tarzan ever having a treehouse (Tarzan's parents had one, but it's different than the one in the park). I like Frontierland in your concept since it uses the land's full potential. Circusland and Discovery Bay are brilliant and in a prime location, so it's a wonder why that area hasn't been developed yet. Your ideal Disneyland is brilliant and uses the area's full potential. Please excuse my knit picking, but I'm just as enthusiastic about theme park design as you are and I love to share my ideas. I always look forward to your concepts and it astounds me how you sketch up these blueprints. I just write my ideas down, but it'd be great to learn how to do what you do. You're very talented, indeed. I'd love to see your take on California Adventure, and even a mock up of the entire resort!

Jeff said...

I'll start with Main Street, USA. I love how you brought back some original attractions and shops instead of all of the gift shops. Implementing Liberty Street and Edison Square has been done brilliantly. Relocating the Carousel Theater to Edison Square was a bold more, but one that I support.
In Fantasyland, instead of Pixie Hollow, I would have a Peter Pan lagoon, which would include Captain Hook's Pirate Ship with a restaurant below deck and a play area above deck, a Skull Rock walk through exhibit, and a crocodile themed aquarium revealing tropical fish in the lagoon. I would relocate Pinocchio's Daring Journey to Circusland with a marionette show outside the facade in place of Mickey's Madhouse, which would be relocated to Toontown in place of your DuckTales. This would leave room in Fantasyland for a Winnie the Pooh ride, opening up room in Critter Country for the Country Bear Jamboree. Instead of the Country Bear 500, possibly have a new land. I've always wanted to see an International land, but on second thought, maybe that'd work better southwest of New Orleans Square due to theming. Beside the Haunted Mansion, there would be a Museum of the Weird exhibit, similar to Ripley's Believe It or Not.
Now on to Tomorrowland. I'm not a fan of your Dragondale, considering I really like the Matterhorn, Submarine Voyage, Autopia and Monorail. I'd leave that area pretty much untouched. Your concept of Tomorrowland as a balance of technology and nature is neat. Your big addition is VenturePort, which I imagine as a showcase for future living. When Space Mountain first opened, it had a above ground deck with restaurants and an open theater. I would put that in place of the pond. I like CircleVision theater. Rocket Jets would be back up on the PeopleMover platform. The PeopleMover would be a full sized version like the ones to be used in Walt Disney's original vision of EPCOT. It would go through a lot of attractions, including VenturePort, which would feature a full sized scale replica of Walt Disney's original EPCOT. The Flying Saucers area would be an attraction for future transportation. The Home of the Future would be to the left of CircleVision theater. In my mind, non Disney franchises don't belong in Disneyland. Relocate Star Tours to California Adventure and put a new attraction in its place. This goes for Indiana Jones in Adventureland, as well. I like your concept of the Indiana Jones area, so I'd implement that, minus Indiana Jones. I like Frontierland because it utilizes the space the best. Discovery Bay and Circusland are in prime locations, so it's a wonder that that area hasn't been developed yet in real life. Finally, a larger waterway around the park's hub and creative entrances to the main lands.
Pardon my knit picking, but I'm as enthusiastic about theme park design as you are and I love sharing my ideas. You've managed to use the property to its full potential. Your very talented and I'd love to see your take on California Adventure, and even the entire Disneyland Resort!

Jeff said...

Sorry, I double posted. Please read the second comment cause I added some stuff.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Randy, Im Don't really think Star Tours should be Tomorrowland for two reasons: 1. While this Disneyland's Tomorrowland focus is the real world future, Star Wars on the otherhand is a bit more Science Fantasy/Fiction. 2. Despite it's Futuristic setting, this film's universe takes place: A LONG TIME AGO in a galaxy far far away... so I hope you take notice of my advice and hope to hear from you soon.

Randy aka SWW said...

Hey... I basically agree with you. In a perfect world, Tomorrowland should be based in reality (e.g. Horizons) or fantasy (anything with Aliens, intergalactic warfare, etc.). Mixing these two takes of the future muddies the thematic waters and weakens the impact of the land. In this version of DL, StarTours should be changed out for something more real-world based. Suggestions?

House of Blues Guy said...

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